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The Hyundai Grandeur traces its roots back to 1986; the original model was a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi Debonair. Since its inception, a long ten years, the model of Grandeur was the flagship car of the originator -- Hyundai's South Korean range of vehicles – a predecessor to the Hyundai Dynasty. This vehicle range has grown through a lot of modifications. Reigning its sixth generation now, Hyundai Grandeur has still not lost its charm of the retros of the '80s. Grandeur's name has been synonymous with the Hyundai Azera. Hyundai celebrated Grandeur's 35th birthday this year. 

Features of Hyundai Grandeur 

The car's appearance emits a classy look with diamonds-patterned parametric jewels embellished on a widened grille. The car's insides are illuminated with a 64-color ambient mood lamp. The car has exclusive sputtering 19" alloy wheels with LED rear combination lamps. 

Additionally, a carbon rear spoiler adds to the certified sportiness. The Hyundai Grandeur comes with an infotainment system encased in a complete LCD cluster. The car-monitoring systems and the parking-assist systems bring a sense of efficiency in these modern times. 

Key Specifications of Hyundai Grandeur 

ClassificationSmartstream Gasoline 2.5Gasoline 3.3LPi 3.0Gasoline 2.4 Hybrid
Overall Length (mm) 4,990<-<-<-
Overall Width (mm)1,875<-<-<-
Overall Height (mm)1,470<-<-<-
Wheel Base (mm)2,885<-<-<-
Front Wheel Tread 1,612 (17 ̋) 1,607 (18 ̋) 1,602 (19 ̋)

1,607 (18 ̋)

1,602 (19 ̋)

1,612 (17 ̋) 1,607 (18 ̋) 1,602 (19 ̋)

1,612 (17 ̋)

1,607 (18 ̋)

Rear Wheel Tread1,620 (17 ̋) 1,615 (18 ̋) 1,610 (19 ̋)

1,610 (19 ̋)

1,615 (18 ̋)

1,620 (17 ̋) 1,615 (18 ̋) 1,610 (19 ̋)

1,615 (18 ̋)

1,615 (18 ̋)

Engine TypeSmartstream G2.5GDiLPiThetaII2.4 MPi Hybrid
Displacement (cc)2,4973,3422,9992,359
Max. Power (PS/rpm)198/6,100290/6,400235/6,000159/5,500
Max Torque (kgf-m/rpm)25.3/4,00035.0/5,20028.6/4,50021.0/4,500
Fuel Tank70<-64 (when filled to 80% capacity)65
Max Motor Power---38
Max Motor Torque---205
Max System Output---200/5,500
Trunk Volume515515360426

Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance 

The Hyundai car insurance aims to provide the best services to every owner of this dream car model. Driving this luxury car comes with many wary cautions. With misalignments or traffic rules and horrifying accidents, the Hyundai Grandeur car insurance policy helps utilize your car's benefits to the maximum. The money spent on the Hyundai Grandeur insurance is a blessing in disguise. The necessity of car insurance is the need of the hour in the present scenario of cities' landscapes. 

Types of Car Insurance for Hyundai Grandeur 

The following types of car insurances are available for the Hyundai Grandeur car insurance policy : 

Third-party Liability Coverage 

  • Covers any physical injury and/ or the death of the involved third-party.
  • Any property damage incurred to the third party.

Comprehensive Coverage 

  • Includes every point of the third-party liability coverage.
  • Any injuries or destruction to the car caused by theft, accident, or natural disaster.
  • Owm damages

Standalone Own-damage Cover 

  • Covers damages and/ or losses to own car due to accident, fire, and theft.
  • Accidental injuries to own vehicle.

What is Covered Under Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance Policy? 

Following bonuses are covered under the Hyundai Grandeur insurance – 

  • Third-party liabilities, including bodily injuries, death and/or property damage
  • Damages occured through natural/man-made disasters such as earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, riots, strikes, etc
  • Car theft and fire
  • Own damages

What is not Covered Under Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance Policy? 

The following are the exempted from the Hyundai Grandeur insurance – 

  • Loss or damages seem intentional or have proved to be a deliberate attempt.
  • Accidental loss or damages caused while driving under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Accidental damages incurred while driving beyond the geographical limits of the country.
  • A claim arising due to normal consequential loss, mechanical, wear and tear, and an electrical breakdown of the vehicle.
  • Damages resulting due to nuclear radiation.
  • Damages resulting due to the conditions of war and other related activities.

How to Buy/ Renew Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance Policy? 

To purchase or renew Hyundai Grandeur car insurance online, simply follow a few simple steps.

Following are the steps to buy the Hyundai Grandeur car insurance : 

  • Visit the sought-after motor insurance page. Do quick research as per your suitability to see which site offers the best package.
  • Present all the required details.
  • Select a viable quote from the list of the insurers available.
  • Proceed further to make the payment.
  • The Hyundai Grandeur insurance package details will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • You can print or download the details at your convenience.

Following are the Steps to the Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance Renewal 

If one has previously bought the car insurance and needs to renew the services, simply a few details are to be provided. A representative of the insurance company will further get in touch with you to complete your renewal process. 

Following details are to be filled in – 

  • Insured name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Landline number
  • Car manufacturer
  • Car model
  • City where the car was registered
  • Year of registration
  • Previous policy expiration date
  • The type of the Hyundai Grandeur insurance policy

Review of Hyundai Grandeur 

The Hyundai Grandeur sports a Newtro look, as the franchise suggests. A 'Neutro' is a portmanteau of New plus Retro – which the manufacturer aims to achieve with its superb appearance, high delivering technology, and grounded sophistication. The displays are eye-catching and a beautiful combination of the past and the present. Its guiding lights and monitor collections guide the rider and purviews and sustain a whole new perception of the skill of driving. 

Hyundai Grandeur Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are the discounts applicable to a Hyundai Grandeur car insurance policy?

    Following are the discounts to be availed of the Hyundai Grandeur insurance – 

    • Discount on Automobile Association Membership. 
    • Installation of a premium anti-theft device in the owned vehicle (as approved by the Automobile Research Association of India) 
    • No claim discount 
    • Voluntary deductible
  • 2. What benefits does the zero depreciation cover offer in the Hyundai Grandeur car insurance?

    If one has zero depreciation cover, one will get the entire amount of damage repair from the availed car insurance company. One can help of the benefit while purchasing the Hyundai Grandeur insurance or while renewing the same. However, the Hyundai Grandeur auto insurance policy's zero depreciation coverage is only available with the comprehensive package.

  • 3. How to calculate an estimated value of the premium of the Hyundai Grandeur insurance?

    The Hyundai Grandeur car insurance's premium can be calculated while taking into consideration of the following factors – 

    • Age of the vehicle owned 
    • Engine's cubic capacity 
    • Depreciation value 
    • The gross weight of the vehicle 
    • Insured declared value 
    • Place of car registration 
  • 4. What are the documents required for the Hyundai car insurance policy claims?

    The following documents are required for claims – 

    • Claim form 
    • RC Copy 
    • Driving license copy 
    • Police FIR copy 
    • Repair estimate 
    • Load Challan (commercial vehicle only) 
    • Permit (commercial vehicle only) 

    All of the aforementioned documents must be delivered to the insurance company's nearest branch.

  • 5. What is the key replacement cover which comes under the Hyundai Grandeur insurance?

    The key replacement cover, as offered by the Hyundai Grandeur car insurance policy, promises to recompense a duplicate ignition key, given the condition that the original keys are lost accidentally. 

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