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The Mahindra E2o, formerly the Reva NXR, is a 2013–2017 Mahindra Reva or Reva Electric Vehicles urban electric car hatchback. The E2o is the successor to the REVAi. The Mahindra E2o is a two-door electric vehicle featuring a three-phase induction motor as its power source. Outside, the car is appealing, with a radiator grille that gives the front of the car an aggressive appearance. 

The car's bumper is the same colour as the car itself. The vehicle can accommodate a minimum of four people with plenty of legroom. As a result, the car's occupants will have a wonderful and comfortable drive. It has a reverse parking camera, a driver information system, and power-assisted steering, among other features. Lithium-ion batteries are used in the most recent version of this vehicle. These batteries are smaller and use less energy.

Mahindra E2o Car Features

A revive battery charging technology is included in the Mahindra E2o. The company's support centre can detect the battery condition and grant access to a little reserve charge using telematic remote access to the car on-board Energy Management System. Mahindra E2o is produced in India's first Platinum-certified vehicle plant using non-polluting techniques from the design stage onwards.

The facility is said to be 60-70 percent more efficient than a normal facility since it is naturally illuminated and ventilated, employs LED lighting, recycles, and gets 35 percent of its power from solar panels. The Mahindra E2o, like a modern smartphone, offers functions that can be powered remotely.

Remote diagnostics via telematics checks the E2o on a regular basis, providing real-time diagnosis of any current or impending issues. The car status of charge is displayed on a smartphone app, serving as a reminder for the car's numerous tasks. The smartphone app may be used to lock and unlock the car, start and stop charging, turn the car on and off, turn the air conditioning on and off, and even create a timetable. Other innovative technologies, including as Sun2Car and regenerative braking, have been integrated into the e2o, extending the car's range even further.

 Key Specifications of Mahindra E2o Car

Name of the CarMahindra E2o
Battery typeLithium-Ion battery
Displacement (cc)48
Battery fully Charging time5 hours
Max Kilometres after full charge120km
Top speed81
Additional Specifications

● smartphone-controlled features,

● a GPS navigation system with a dashboard-mounted touchscreen

● keyless entry

● a start or stop button

● regenerative braking


Mahindra E2o Car Insurance

Mahindra E2o car owners need to insure their car against damages and/or loss that can be caused by theft, accidents, and other possible risks, not only to one's vehicle and/or person but also to a third-party vehicle.

The on-road price usually includes the Mahindra E2o car insurance policy for the first year. As the expiry date of the policy approaches, one may opt for a Mahindra E2o car insurance renewal or purchase a policy.

Types of Car Insurance for Mahindra E2o

Third-party insurance protects the insured against any expenses incurred by compensation for physical harm or vehicular damage caused to a third-party in an accident involving the insured vehicle. Third-party insurance is enforced by law in India. This is because the insured might not personally have the financial wherewithal to meet the expenses.

Comprehensive insurance protects the insured against expenses incurred through compensation to third-parties and also against loss or damage of the insured vehicle caused due to theft, accident, fire, or other naturally occurring disasters.

What is Covered Under Mahindra E2o Car Insurance Policy?

A Mahindra E2o car insurance policy would typically cover the following:

  • Own damages
  • Third-party liabilities
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, etc.
  • Man-Made disasters such as arson, riots, terror attacks,etc.

What is not Covered Under Mahindra E2o Car Insurance Policy?

The following would not be covered under a Mahindra E2o car insurance policy:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Driving without a valid driving licence
  • Damage that has been intentionally inflicted on the vehicle
  • Damage that has been caused due to negligence
  • Damage incurred after lapse of insurance policy
  • Damage caused by causes that are excluded in the policy’s terms and conditions

How to Buy/Renew Your Mahindra E2o Car Insurance Policy?

Renewing the Mahindra car insurance policy online is a common practice amongst buyers. Renewals can be done directly through an insurance company’s online portal, or through an integrator service. They can compare Mahindra E2o car insurance costs, benefits, and terms offered by multiple insurers before choosing the one most suitable for them with the following process:

1. Provide personal details and the Mahindra E2o car model, variant, and registration.

2. Provide the details of the previous insurance policy.

3. Choose the type of insurance you require and click ‘get quotes.’

4. Select the preferred quote.

5. Make the payment.

Mahindra E2o Car Review

Mahindra E2o is an offering from the brand which is suitable for almost every type of buyer. Information regarding the car insurance from the dealer depends on your preference. You can choose between buying comprehensive car insurance or third-party car insurance. One can also apply for car insurance online through the website of an insurance provider of your choice.

Mahindra E2o Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Specify where one can get Mahindra E2o car insurance?

    For insurance purchasing and other details regarding that call 1800 209 9930 and leave the rest to IRDAI-certified counsellor.

  • 2. How long will it take for my Mahindra E2o to be insured?

    Depends on the insurer delivery, generally the process in online is quick after submitting the application.

  • 3. What is the procedure for renewing Mahindra E2o car insurance?

    An insurer may renew Mahindra E2o car insurance online. Here are the steps to follow in order to achieve the same result:

    •  To begin, go to your insurer website.
    • Then use your registered user ID, password, and policy number to log in.
    • Choose the option to renew/pay for the premium.
    • Submit the required documents
    • Make the payment via the internet.
    • Your policy will be automatically renewed.
  • 4. Do I need any documents to renew my Mahindra E2o car insurance?

    To renew Mahindra E2o car insurance online, one will need the following documents:

    • Policy number from the previous year
    •  Policy expiry date from the previous year
    • Registration number of the vehicle

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