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The 2015 Maruti Suzuki Ritz was introduced with new trim. This variant of the Ritz is based on the exact technical engine specifications of its predecessor. A 5MT (Manual Transmission) or a 4AT (Automatic Transmission) variant of the Ritz is available.

The body side molding, an integrated rear spoiler, and boomerang tail lamps are all present on the exteriors. Waterfall console design, driver seat height adjuster, 60/40 split rear seat, and other features are included in the beautiful dual-tone interiors.

Superior White, Silky Silver, Baker's Chocolate, New Mystique Red, New Breeze Blue, and New Granite Grey are some of the colors offered for the Maruti Suzuki Ritz.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Features

There are two engines available for the Maruti Ritz- diesel and petrol. The diesel engine has a displacement of 1248 cubic centimeters, while the petrol engine has a displacement of 1197 cubic centimeters. The Ritz gets 17.16 to 23.2 kmpl depending on the variation and fuel type and has a 170mm ground clearance. The car has a length of 3775mm, a width of 1680mm, and a wheelbase of 2360mm. It is a five-seater four-cylinder car.

The gearshift knob is ergonomically formed and positioned relatively high in the central console to reduce the distance between the steering wheel and maximize storage space. The steering wheel may be changed to the driver's preference, thanks to the flexible steering column. The Ritz LXi's comfort is further increased by the lateral mobility and adjustable seats.

Key Specifications of Maruti Suzuki Ritz

Length (mm)3775
Width (mm)1680
Height (mm)1620
Wheelbase (mm)2360 
Boot space (l)236 litres
 Engine Specifications
VariantsPower (bhp @ rpm)Torque (Nm @ rpm)Power/Weight (bhp/ton)Torque/weight (Nm/ton)Kerb weight (kg)
Ritz LXi85.80bhp@6000rpm114Nm@4000rpm--1005
Ritz Genus VXi85 PS at 6000rpm113Nm at 4500rpm-- 
Ritz Elate Edition VXi85.80bhp@6000rpm114Nm@4000rpm--1125
Ritz VXi85.80bhp@6000rpm114Nm@4000rpm--1015
Ritz VXi (ABS)85.80bhp@6000rpm114Nm@4000rpm--1015
Ritz Genus VDi75bhp at 4000rmp190 Nm at 2000rpm--1110
Ritz ZXi85.80bhp@6000rpm114Nm@4000rpm--1030
Ritz LDi73.94bhp@4000rpm190Nm@2000rpm--1110
Ritz Elate Edition VDi73.97bhp@4000rpm190Nm@2000rpm--1125
Ritz VDi73.94bhp@4000rpm190Nm@2000rpm--1110
Ritz AT85.80bhp@6000rpm 114Nm@4000rpm--1035
Ritz VDI (ABS)73.94bhp@4000rpm190Nm@2000rpm--1110
Ritz ZDi73.94bhp@4000rpm190Nm@2000rpm--1125

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car Insurance

Accidents, theft, and other associated dangers, not only to one's vehicle and/or person but also to third-party vehicles, require Maruti Suzuki Ritz owners to insure against damages and/or loss.

The Maruti Suzuki Ritz insurance policy is typically part of the on-road price for the first year. When the policy's expiration date approaches, the option of renewing or purchasing a new Maruti Suzuki Ritz insurance policy becomes available.

Types of Car Insurance for Maruti Suzuki Ritz

  • Third-party car insurance protects the insured against any expenses incurred by reimbursement for vehicular damage or bodily injuries inflicted on a third-party in the event of an accident involving the covered vehicle. Third-party insurance is required by law in India. Because the insured may or may not have the financial means to cover these expenses, this is the case.
  • Under a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insured is covered against third-party compensation payments as well as from the situations in which damage or loss to the vehicle is because of an accident, theft, fire, or other natural catastrophe.

What is Covered Under Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car Insurance Policy?

The following items are commonly covered by a Maruti Suzuki Ritz car insurance policy:

  • Strikes, riots, malevolent acts, and other man-made calamities.
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, and other natural disasters.
  • Accidents, explosions and fire.
  • if the car was stolen.
  • If the car was damaged while in transportation.
  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Own damages

What is not Covered Under Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car Insurance Policy?

A Maruti Suzuki Ritz car insurance coverage will not cover the following:

  • Electrical and mechanical breakdowns
  • Loss or damage caused by war
  • Any non-accidental damage to the tyres Damages arising from driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Damages arising from driving without a valid licence/policy
  • Damages due to regular wear and tear
  • Loss or damage to the car outside of the country's geographical boundaries

How to Purchase/Renew Your Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car Insurance Policy?

It is typical for buyers to renew/ purchase their Maruti Suzuki car insurance policy online for Ritz . Renewals can be completed directly through an car insurance company's web portal or an integrator service. The following are the procedures for purchasing a Maruti Suzuki Ritz car insurance policy:

1. Go to the website where you wish to get Maruti Suzuki insurance online.

2. From the drop-down option, choose "Buy Car Insurance."

3. Enter the necessary information about your Ritz vehicle, such as the RTO, registration year, model variant, fuel type, etc.

4. Decide on the level of coverage you want for your Ritz vehicle.

5. Fill up your contact information, including your email address.

6. Choose the policy you want to purchase/ renew and pay for it. 

7. Maruti Ritz car insurance quotes are available online.

8. Your car will be insured by the motor insurer.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Review

The Maruti Suzuki Ritz has an automatic transmission and luxurious dual-tone interiors that provide you with a sense of comfort every time you sit inside. The Maruti Suzuki Ritz gives you the most enjoyable driving experience. It delivers thrilling performance while maintaining world-class fuel efficiency.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What happens if I give incorrect information for my Maruti Suzuki Ritz car insurance policy?

    If you have given your Maruti Suzuki insurance policy incorrect information on your Ritz car, you should notify your insurer as soon as possible. You will be required to apply to your insurer, along with proof, requesting that the information be updated. Following that, the insurer will update the information and issue an endorsement.

  • 2. Is it feasible to file an insurance claim online for Maruti Suzuki Ritz insurance?

    Yes, you can file an insurance claim online. More information on filing a claim can be found on your insurance provider's website.

  • 3. Is it legal to drive a Maruti Suzuki Ritz without insurance in India?

    According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every vehicle on an Indian road must be insured.

  • 4. Will my car insurance cover the cost of replacing my Ritz's windshield if it is shattered in an accident?

    If you have an own-damage/comprehensive policy, your automobile insurance will only cover the cost of a damaged windshield.

  • 5. What is the Ritz car insurance's zero depreciation coverage?

    You can add zero depreciation to your own-damage/comprehensive policy as an extra coverage. This add-on helps in saving the depreciated cost of your car’s parts at the time of claim settlement. 

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