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The French multinational automobile manufacturer, Renault, started the production of their Duster car model back in 2010. The Renault Duster falls under the class category of a ‘Compact Crossover SUV’ within the C-segment. It comes with the 5-door SUV body style and has a front-engine layout, along with Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drivetrains.

Renault Duster Features

The Renault Duster was offered in 17 variants, namely the petrol-based Duster RXE BSIV, Duster RXE, Duster RXS BSIV, Duster RXS, Duster RXZ, Duster RXS Option CVT BSIV, Duster RXE Turbo, Duster RXS Turbo, Duster RXZ Turbo, Duster RXS Turbo CVT and the Duster RXZ Turbo CVT. And in the diesel-based category, the options available were Duster RXE 85PS BSIV, Duster RXS 85PS BSIV, Duster RXS 110PS BSIV, Duster RXS Option 11-PS AWD BSIV, Duster RXZ 110PS BSIV and the Duster RXZ 110PS AMT BSIV. Even though the Duster has been discontinued for the Indian market, going with one from the used-car section is still a sweet deal. The Renault Duster has Power Steering, Power Windows, ABS, Air Conditioning, Driver and Passenger Side Airbags, Keyless Entry, Radial tyres, and a few other cool features.

Renault Duster Specifications

ARAI Mileage16.5 km/l
Fuel TypeDiesel / Petrol
Engine Displacement1330 cc / 1498 cc
Total Cylinders4
Maximum Power Output (bhp@rpm)105bhp@5600rpm
Maximum Torque Output (nm@rpm)142Nm@4000rpm
Total Seating5
Transmission TypeManual / Automatic
Drive TypeFront-Wheel Drive (FWD) / All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Fuel Tank Capacity50 litres
Boot Space475 litres
Body TypeSUV
Available Ground Clearance205 mm
Wheel Base2673 mm

Renault Duster Car Insurance

To drive your car on the road in India, you must have car insurance coverage for it. As the Indian Motor Vehicle Act states, vehicle owners need to have motor insurance coverage for their vehicles. Thus, you will be needing a good Renault Duster insurance policy while considering its purchase. In today’s online world, getting your Renault Duster car insurance renewal or buying a new Renault Duster car insurance are rather simple jobs.

Here’s what you need to know while looking for a new Renault Duster car insurance policy.

Types of Renault Duster Car Insurance

Here are the two types of Renault Duster car insurance policy coverage that you will be offered;

When you go with the Renault Duster car insurance renewal, these two options will also be offered to you.

What is Covered Under Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy?

As for the things that will be covered by your new Renault Duster insurance policy, here are a few examples:

  1. Arson
  2. The car gets stolen
  3. Damages received during any man-caused occurrence such as a riot, terror attack
  4. Legal liability covers the third party
  5. Personal cover for any damage and loss caused
  6. Cyclones, storms, landslides, or any other natural disaster inflicted damages

What is not Covered Under Renault Duster Car Insurance Policy?

Here are a few examples of damages that your new Renault Duster car insurance policy will not cover;

  1. Wear and tear
  2. Usage of the vehicle in any way that it is not built for
  3. Damages occurred while performing any kind of illegal action
  4. Damage caused/received on purpose
  5. While driving drunk
  6. While driving without a valid driver’s licence/policy papers

You should know that the Renault Duster insurance price is different for the two types of coverage options. The third-party only has minimal coverage options but is cheaper, whereas the comprehensive one costs more but includes vast coverage. This is why we always recommend users to go with the comprehensive type Renault Duster car insurance policy for its better protection.

How to Renew/Buy Your Renault Duster Car Insurance online?

Get your Renault car insurance online for Duster with minimal hassle and check out the other available insurance policy options in the market. You can buy your new Renault Duster car insurance online by following a few easy steps. This process is identical in case you are planning on getting your Renault Duster car insurance renewal done. 

Steps to getting the new Renault Duster car insurance online;

  1. Search for the specific car insurance you are looking for
  2. Place in all the details that are required
  3. Now, go on with the type of coverage you are planning on getting
  4. After that, get quotes on the possible Renault Duster car insurance cost
  5. Now go through the policy carefully, understand the terms, settle in on the final Renault Duster insurance price and pay the premium

By following these above-mentioned easy steps, your new Renault Duster car insurance policy buying process will be done. The Renault Duster insurance price for third-party only and comprehensive type coverage is different. But even though the Renault Duster car insurance cost is more, it is the better option to go with. 

Renault Duster Review

The Renault Duster is one of the most famous and well-known SUVs that has ever entered the Indian car market. It has optimal power, looks stylish, and has all the modern features you would require from a car of this range. Just tag a good Renault Duster insurance policy with your new car and you will be ready for the street.

Renault Duster Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is the third party type Renault Duster car insurance mandatory?

    As the law states, you must own at least the third-party only type of insurance coverage for your car. However, going with the comprehensive type is always advised.

  • 2. Can I get add-ons with my third-party-only type Renault Duster car insurance policy?

    No, you can’t opt for any add-ons with the third-party only type Renault Duster car insurance policy. You will need to have a comprehensive type coverage policy in order to go with add-ons and earn other benefits.

  • 3. What happens If I forget to renew my Renault Duster car insurance on time?

    In the event that you fail to renew your Renault Duster car insurance on time, your policy will lapse. This will cause you to lose continuity benefits that you normally enjoy, such as the no claim bonus and such. And that’s not it, when you wish to get your car insured again, you will have to get a surveyor to inspect your car. Only after this procedure, your new Renault Duster insurance policy will be issued.

  • 4. What documents do I need to raise an insurance claim for my Renault Duster car insurance policy?

    If you go with the cashless option, you will need the documents like your driver’s licence, RC of the car and a copy of the police FIR. And if you opt for the reimbursement choice, you will need to provide all of the original receipts and bills, along with the approval of your claim by the surveyor and your bank account details for the NEFT transfer.

  • 5. What is the IDV of my Renault Duster insurance policy?

    The IDV or Insured Declared Value of your Renault Duster is its total coverage value. All your insurance claims will be made proportionate to this total sum insured value.

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