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The Tata Safari Storme was initially introduced back in 2012 during the 11th Auto Expo. The car was then launched in the following October of 2012. The Tata Safari Storme was built based on the Tata X2 platform, with a modified rear five-arm multi-link suspension. And since its initial release, the car had successfully engraved its name in the car market in India. The production of the Tata Safari Storme has been discontinued but you can easily secure one from a second-hand car dealership.

Tata Safari Storme Features

The Tata Safari Storme was offered in 6 variants, namely the Safari Storme LX, Safari Storme EX, Safari Storme VX, Safari Storme VX Varicor 400, Safari Storme VX 4WD 400, and the Safari Storme VX 4WD. All of these variants were offered with diesel-based, 2179 cc engines paired with manual transmission. As for its features, the Tata Safari Storme comes with power steering, front power windows, air conditioning, ventilated front disc brake, rear drum disc brake, electronic multi-trip meter, glove compartment, projector headlights, tubeless tyres, and a few more the necessities. 

Tata Safari Storme Specifications

ARAI Mileage14.1 km/l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Engine Displacement2179 cc
Total Cylinders4
Maximum Power Output (bhp@rpm)147.94bhp@4000rpm
Maximum Torque Output (nm@rpm)320Nm@1500-3000rpm
Total Seating5
Transmission TypeManual
Fuel Tank Capacity63 litres
Boot Space981 litres
Body TypeSUV
Available Ground Clearance200 mm
Wheel Base2650 mm

Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance

You are going to need a proper Tata Safari Storme insurance policy for your vehicle, otherwise you won’t be able to operate your suv legally on the Indian road. Motor insurance for vehicles is mandatory in India, which means, you are required to have valid car insurance coverage for your car, be it a new or a second-hand purchase. So if your old policy has expired, you should consider getting the Tata Safari Storme car insurance renewal done, or you can always opt for a new Tata Safari Storme car insurance with ease.

Types of Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance

As for the choices of coverage type, when you go purchase a new Tata Safari Storme car insurance, you will be offered these two;

  •  Third-party car insurance coverage, which will compensate for losses or damages received by the third-party, in an event of an accident caused by the insured vehicle. 
  • Comprehensive car insurance coverage, which offers both personal and third-party damage and loss coverage, along with other important damage coverage choices. 

You can opt between these two at the time of your Tata Safari Storme car insurance renewal too.

What is Covered Under Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance Policy?

These are the types of cases where your new Tata car insurance policy for Safari Storme will provide coverage for;

  • Car theft, arson, riot or any other man-caused disasters like riots, strikes, etc
  • Third-party legal liability coverage in case of damage or loss
  • Personal coverage of damage or loss
  • Damages caused due to natural disasters as earthquakes, storms, etc.
  • Other accidental damages beyond your fault

What is not Covered Under Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance Policy?

Your new Tata Safari Storme car insurance policy will not accept insurance claims in case of;

  • Damages received/caused while using the car in a way it is not built for
  • Damages received/caused while operating the car under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Damages received/caused participating in some kind of illicit activities
  • Standard wear and tear
  • Damages received/caused during driving the car without the necessary documentations
  • Purposefully inflicted damages

These are some of the examples of damage coverage options that the comprehensive type Tata Safari Storme car insurance is going to accept and deny claims for. The Tata Safari Storme insurance price is relatively more for this type of coverage, however, this is recommended for users for its extra security.

How to Buy/Renew Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance?

Getting your Tata Safari Storme car insurance renewal and purchase of a new Tata Safari Storme car insurance online, have been made easier thanks to the internet. If you are wondering about the procedure of getting the Tata Safari Storme car insurance online, look no further but here!

An easy step-by-step guide for getting a new Tata Safari Storme car insurance online;

  1. Visit the online website of the insurer
  2. Fill in the form with the required details of the car
  3. Go with the coverage type you want
  4. Then proceed further to get quotes on the Tata Safari Storme insurance price
  5. Once you recheck and verify all the policy terms, benefits and overall Tata Safari Storme car insurance cost, you can pay the premium

With this, the procedure of getting your Tata Safari Storme car insurance policy is completed. We always recommend that the users must go through and compare the offered Tata Safari Storme car insurance cost before settling on it. We also recommend users to opt for the comprehensive type of coverage as it is better in every way. The Tata Safari Storme insurance price for this type of policy will cost more but it has much more to offer in terms of damage coverage.

Tata Safari Storme Review

The Tata Safari Storme is one of the most iconic car models from the house of Tata Motors. The Tata Safari Storme has a large boot space, seating capacity, great mileage, powerful engine and lots more to offer. Just don’t forget to pair it with a Tata Safari Storme insurance before setting out with it on the road.

Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How to raise a claim for my Tata Safari Storme insurance?

    There are two ways you can claim for your Tata Safari Storme insurance policy, one is the cashless method that you can do by opting for a network garage. Or, you can go with the reimbursement in case you want to repair it from a non-network garage.

  • 2. Third-party or comprehensive type Tata Safari Storme insurance- Which one should I go for?

    The comprehensive type Tata Safari Storme insurance policy is always the better choice in this scenario, for its extensive coverage.

  • 3. Can I transfer my Tata Safari Storme insurance to a new insurer?

    Yes, you can transfer your Tata Safari Storme insurance to a new insurer, along with the continued benefits from the previous policy. 

  • 4. Can I transfer my old car’s no claim bonus to my new Tata Safari Storme insurance policy?

    Yes, you can do so, as the NCB bonus is given to the driver and not the car. So, you can transfer it to your new Tata Safari Storme car insurance policy, by providing an NCB certificate as proof.

  • 5. Can I cancel my insurance policy if I sell my Tata Safari Storme car?

    Yes, you can either cancel your existing policy or transfer it to the new buyer, in case you sell your car. You will need the NOC and Form 29/30 as supporting documents.

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