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The Tata Safari is a classic car in India, coming from the house of Indian automobile manufacturer Tata Motors. The initial production of this Mid-size SUV first began in 1998 and continued till 2019. The car has now been reintroduced to the market as a Mid-size crossover SUV from 2021 and it continues to date. The Tata Safari comes in a 5-door SUV body style and has a front-engine layout with Front-Wheel Drive (FWD).

Tata Safari Features

The all-new Tata Safari is offered in a total of 30 variants, and all of them are diesel-based. You also get the option of going with either Manual or Automatic transmissions. The base model of Tata Safari is the Safari XE and the top variant offered is the new Tata Safari XZA Plus Gold 6 Str AT. The new Tata Safari has a lot to offer in terms of modern features, including a SkyDome Styled Sunroof, a JBL Sound System with 9 Speakers, 1st & 2nd Row Ventilated Seats, Power Steering, Power Windows, ABS, Air Conditioning, Driver & Passenger Side Airbags, Automatic Climate Control, Alloy Wheels, Turbocharger, Cruise Control, Rear Parking Sensors and much more.

Tata Safari Specifications

ARAI Mileage14.08 km/l
Fuel TypeDiesel
Engine Displacement1956 cc
Total Cylinders
Maximum Power Output (bhp@rpm)170PS@3750rpm
Maximum Torque Output (nm@rpm)350Nm@1750-2500rpm
Total Seating6/7
Transmission TypeManual / Transmission 
Drive TypeFront-Wheel Drive (FWD) 
Fuel Tank Capacity50 litres
Boot Space73 litres
Body TypeSUV
Available Ground Clearance205 mm
Wheel Base2741 mm

Tata Safari Car Insurance

While you are considering buying this new SUV, you should also check on the Tata Safari insurance options available to you. You are required to have car insurance, without this, you won’t be able to legally drive your car on the road. Motor insurance was made mandatory for vehicles with the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. So, if you are thinking about getting your Tata Safari car insurance renewal done, then it is the right time. Otherwise, you can always go and look for the new Tata Safari car insurance policy options available to you.

Types of Tata Safari Car Insurance

These are the types of coverage options you will get while getting your new Tata Safari car insurance;

  • The first option is the third-party car insurance option. This is a cheaper alternative which provides the third-party legal liability cover.
  • The other option is the comprehensive car insurance option. This costs more but includes a lot more damage coverage options.

You will be able to switch between these two coverage types at the time of your Tata Safari car insurance renewal.

What is Covered Under Tata Safari Car Insurance Policy?

Your new Tata Safari car insurance policy is going to cover damages like; 

  1. In an event where your car gets stolen
  2. Damages occurred in an event of natural/man-caused disasters such as arson, riot, earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, etc
  3. Coverage for the third-party’s damages and losses
  4. Coverage for the owner’s damages and losses
  5. Other accidental mishaps that are caused beyond your fault

Your new Tata car insurance policy might have a few more of these clauses so make sure to carefully go through all of them.

What is not Covered Under Tata Safari Car Insurance Policy?

However, your new Tata Safari insurance policy will not cover damages such as;

  1. Normal deterioration caused by general usage of the vehicle
  2. Damages inflicted due to carelessness of the owner
  3. Damages caused while driving under the state of being intoxicated
  4. Damages caused intentionally
  5. Damages caused during performing an illegal/criminal act
  6. Damages caused while using the car in a way it is not made for

When you select the comprehensive type for your new Tata Safari car insurance policy, the overall benefits offered will be more. This is why the Tata Safari insurance price for the comprehensive type policy is more, however, it is always wiser to go with this one. 

How to Renew/Buy Your Tata Safari Car Insurance Policy?

The process of getting your Tata Safari car insurance renewal requires just a few easy steps. The procedure for buying a new Tata Safari car insurance online can also be done by following this procedure.

Steps to get your new Tata Safari car insurance online;

  1. Search for the Tata Safari car insurance online
  2. Provide the details required to
  3. Select the coverage type
  4. Now proceed further to get quiet on the Tata Safari car insurance cost
  5. If you are happy with the offered Tata Safari insurance price and included benefits, then pay the premium

The types and amount of different add-ons you select will up your final Tata Safari insurance price. The Tata Safari car insurance cost might be more for the add-ons but it will surely help you in the bigger picture when the time deems necessary.

Tata Safari Review

The all-new edition of the classic Tata Safari is a great deal even now. You get the same category car but with better specs and features. It looks steller and along with its fuel capacity and total seating, it just makes sense as a family/tour car.  So, pair it with the Tata Safari insurance policy and you will be covered in case of accidents that may happen on the road.

Tata Safari Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How is the premium of my Tata Safari car insurance calculated?

    The premium for the Tata Safari car insurance is calculated while taking a lot of things under consideration, like the age of the vehicle, location, car variant, add-ons selected, and a few other factors.

  • 2. Will the zero depreciation add-on cover all the parts of my Tata Safari?

    With the zero depreciation add-on, all your Tata Safari car parts will be covered, except for the tubes and tyres.

  • 3. Is service tax applicable for my Tata Safari car insurance policy?

    Yes, service tax is applicable for your Tata Safari car insurance policy. As for how much it will cost, you have to refer to the current value that the rule of law states.

  • 4. Do I need to carry my Tata Safari car insurance certificate on my car?

    Yes, as the law requires, you have to carry your Tata Safari car insurance certificate along with a PUC certificate, a copy of the RC and your driving licence.

  • 5. What happens to my Tata Safari insurance when I sell my car?

    When you sell your car, you can either choose to transfer the policy to the buyer or cancel the existing one. To transfer it to the buyer, you will need to bypass an endorsement and you will need the following paperwork, like the sale’s deed, Form 29/30, NCB recovery document and the NOC of the seller. And if you wish to cancel your policy, you will only need the sale deed and the form 29/30 as your supporting documents.

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