Driving Licence in Kerala

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In today’s age of motor transport, driving skill is the only solution to keep pace with motion. A driving licence is not just a piece of paper but the absolute validation of your driving ability. As per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, you have to have a driving licence first to get the right to drive without any supervision. Kerala is a state that is quite blooming in road transportation. If you are a Keralan and looking for authentic information on acquiring a driving licence (Saarthi) in Kerala, this post will bring you the completeness of detail on this.

Different Types of Driving Licence (Saarthi) in Kerala

The different types of driving licences that are issued in Kerala are broadly categorised as:

  • Licence of Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) like small cars or taxis
  • Licence for a medium motor vehicle which are transport purposes like minibuses, tempos
  • Licence for a heavy motor vehicle such as large vans, buses, commercial trucks
  • Licence for commercial vehicles, which are used for transport purposes such as trucks, trailers
  • Licence for motorcycle with gears
  • Licence for a motorcycle without gears like scooters and mopeds

Eligibility Criteria to Get Driving Licence in Kerala

If you are wondering whether you can obtain a DL (Saarthi) in Kerala, this segment will help you. It discusses the primary standards you must fulfill before applying for a DL (Saarthi) to RTO Office.

  • To avail of a learning licence in Kerala, you must be at least 16 years of age.
  • For a non-transport and a transport driving licence, you must be above 18 and 20, respectively.
  • Before applying for a permanent DL, you should already have a learner’s licence.
  • You must be acquainted with all the traffic rules of the state.

Documents Required for a Driving Licence in Kerala

These are the documents needed for a DL (Saarthi) asked in the state of Kerala:

  • Form 2
  • Form 1
  • If applying for a commercial DL, Form 5
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of address
  • Valid learning licence
  • Passport-sized photos

How to Apply for DL (Saarthi) in Kerala?

In Kerala, you have the advantage of online and offline methods regarding the application procedure. Driving licence online in Kerala is undoubtedly very popular, particularly after the pandemic. 

  • Online process: Collect the application form from kerala.gov.in/transport-department, fill in all the details and upload all the documents. Now, pay the fees and book a time slot for your driving test. Your DL will be delivered to you by post in 2-3 weeks upon completing all the steps.
  • Offline process: Here, you have to collect and submit the form with supporting documents at the Zonal office of the Regional Transport Authority in the state. Though slightly different in the initial process in both cases, you have a similar experience that is not complicated.

Duplicate Driving Licence (Saarthi) in Kerala

If you have mistakenly damaged your DL or stolen or lost it, you should avail a duplicate driving licence from the Kerala RTO. This can be done online or offline. The documents you would need for the application process are listed below:

  • Application Form 1
  • Form LLD (used for lost or destroyed DL)
  • Your previous DL
  • If your DL is stolen, you will need the FIR copy
  • If it is a commercial vehicle, try to provide the report of challan clearance
  • Proof of age and residence

Renewed Driving Licence (Saarthi) in Kerala

In Kerala, a driving licence renewal application should be made within 30 days of the expiry of the original DL. This can be done online or offline.

For driving licence renewal online, you will need the same supporting documents as in offline application. 

  • Self-attested photocopies of address and age proof
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Photocopy of the previous invalid DL
  • Form 1A

International Driving Licence in Kerala

As a Kerala resident, you have to possess all of the following documents if you wish to drive across borders:

  • Proof of nationality
  • Passport-sized photos (5 copies)
  • Photocopies of visa, passport, and your original DL
  • Declaration of fitness or Form 1 A
  • Attested copy of your address proof

You can avail an international driving licence in Kerala through the online or offline process.

Commercial Driving Licence (Saarthi) in Kerala

You can apply for a commercial driving licence in Kerala through either the online or offline method as per your choice. You need the below-mentioned documents before applying for it:

  • ID and address proof
  • Form 1 A
  • Photographs (passport-sized)

How to Track Your Driving Licence (Saarthi) Status in Kerala?

Online DL in Kerala brings you the opportunity of a status check, and it can be done in this manner:

  1. Go to parivahan.gov.in
  2. Navigate through ‘Driving licence-related services’
  3. Select the state name
  4. Click on the ‘Verify Status’
  5. Fill out the details
  6. Type the captcha code and submit
  7. Finally, the status of your DL is on screen

Driving Licence (Saarthi) Test Procedure in Kerala

A driving licence test is one of the most crucial parts of the entire process of your application. You need to remember that the test is invigilated by a Motor Vehicle Inspector appointed by the regional transport authority. You need to bring your vehicle for the test, including all its legal documents. Also, you need to answer the questions related to traffic rules asked by the invigilator correctly.

FAQs on How to Get a Driving Licence in Kerala

  • 1. Which website should I visit for an online two-wheeler licence in Kerala?

    The concerned website for this would be kerala.gov.in/transport-department.

  • 2. What is the cost for Kerala driving licence renewal?

    If you apply within the grace period, the cost for the renewal form will be INR 250.

  • 3. When can’t a driving licence be renewed again?

    If the DL (Saarthi) has already expired for over five years or more, it is not eligible for a renewal anymore. 

  • 4. Can I get a smart card DL in Kerala?

    You can easily get a smart card driving licence (Saarthi) in Kerala. 

  • 5. What is the primary difference between a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler driving test in Kerala?

    The main difference is that you have to ride perfectly in an ‘8 pattern’ in the two-wheeler driving test. In contrast, you have to drive in an ‘H pattern’ in the four-wheeler test.

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