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Madhya Pradesh is among the largest states of Central India. It is generally recognized as the heart of India. The relevance of Madhya Pradesh can be found in various historical events. Home to various landmarks and famous historical sites, this state has successfully preserved its ancient heritage.

The state is highly concerned about its traffic rules. A Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh provides the right to citizens to drive vehicles legally on the road. After attaining the age of 18, anyone can apply for a driving Licence at RTO Madhya Pradesh. Here, one can apply for a learner’s Licence, driving Licence, commercial Licence, etc.

Different Types of Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh

One can apply for different types of Driving Licence (Sarathi) in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV): Includes vehicles like rickshaws, jeeps, and cars
  • Medium Goods Vehicle: Includes vehicles like minivans and tempos
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle: Includes vehicles like trucks and vehicles for transportation
  • Heavy Passenger Vehicle: Includes vehicles like buses
  • Road Roller: Includes vehicles used in constructions
  • Motorcycle with Gear: Includes vehicles like general motorcycles
  • Motor Cycle without gear: Includes vehicles like scooters and mopeds

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Avail Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

There is general eligibility criteria for Madhya Pradesh state motor driving Licence and this includes:

  • Applicant must be above 18 years
  • Applicant must have a learner’s Licence
  • Applicants can apply for a permanent Licence within 30 days of the learner's Licence and the time period must not exceed more than 180 days as per the issue date of the learner's Licence.

What are the Documents Required To Apply For Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

To apply for a driving Licence, some documents are essential. The documents required for Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh are:

  • Valid age proof document
  • Valid address proof document
  • Application form no. 4 duly filled
  • Photographs

How to Apply For Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

Applicants can apply for a driving Licence online or offline after getting a Learning Licence Madhya Pradesh. The process is as below:


  1. Get to transport website
  2. On the homepage, select the Licence appointment tab
  3. Enter the learning Licence details here
  4. Fill the form with all required information
  5. Attach all the necessary documents
  6. Select the driving test date
  7. Reach the RTO office on the driving test date
  8. After passing the test, the Licence will be sent to you


  1. Visit the RTO of the respective district
  2. Fill the Form no. 4 and submit it with the necessary documents
  3. Select the date of the driving test
  4. After passing the test, the Sarathi Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh will be sent to the respective address.

How to Get a Duplicate Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

Due to any reason, if your Licence is torn or misplaced, you can apply for Duplicate Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh. For this, the applicant must first file a missing complaint at the police station. You can then apply for a duplicate driving Licence in RTO with essential documents including the FIR copy, age proof, address proof, etc.

How to Get a Driving Licence Renewed in Madhya Pradesh?

It is compulsory to renew your Licence on expiry. This is after 20 years of issue of Licence or once the applicant reaches the age of 50.  For Madhya Pradesh Licence renewal, an applicant can get to the RTO office and there submit form no. 9 with documents including original driving Licence, age proof, address proof, etc. This can also be done online.

How to Apply for an International Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

For driving a vehicle overseas, an applicant can apply for an international driving Licence. For this one can apply for an Online Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh with documents including a permanent driving Licence, nationality proof, copy of the address, and age proof.

How to Get a Commercial Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

Applicants can apply for Commercial Driving Licence Madhya Pradesh online as well as offline. For a commercial driving Licence, the applicant needs to submit duly filled form no. 8 with other documents such as a valid certificate of training from a government driving school, driving Licence, etc. The applicant needs to pass a driving test conducted at the RTO office. One can also apply at the Madhya Pradesh state portal.

How to Check a Driving Licence in Madhya Pradesh?

It is easy to check the status of a driving Licence. For this, one can get to the same portal where the Madhya Pradesh RTO application was done. This is the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department website. Here get to the driving Licence status tab. Here you need to enter details such as application no., verification code and date of birth, etc. Now click on the status check option. Reaching here, you can check the status of your driving Licence and other required information.

Driving Licence Test Procedure in Madhya Pradesh

While applying for a permanent Licence, you need to pass the Madhya Pradesh learning Licence test conducted at the RTO office under the supervision of the assigned inspector. The test includes a check over the driving skills and driving knowledge of the applicant. Tests for two-wheelers and four-wheelers are conducted separately. Once the test is cleared, the driving Licence is sent to the mentioned address.

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