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How to Apply Online for an RTO Vehicle Fitness Certificate?

By Admin
29 June 2022, 5:06 PM

A vehicle fitness certificate is an important document that all commercial vehicle owners must have. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that the registration of the vehicle is deemed valid only if there is a valid vehicle fitness certificate for it. 

Such a certificate can be easily obtained from the RTO through a simple process and most of the steps can be completed online.

What is a vehicle fitness certificate?

Simply put, an RTO vehicle fitness certificate is a roadworthiness certificate of a commercial vehicle. This certificate which is issued after thorough inspection by the RTO is a guarantee to the passengers or the good owner that the commercial vehicle is in good shape and fit to ply on Indian roads.

Is it mandatory to have a vehicle fitness certificate?

The vehicle fitness certificate is mandatory and is rightly so for the following reasons –

  • The vehicle can be screened for technical faults, mechanical problems, emissions made, etc through the process of inspection.
  • Issues detected can be rectified at an early stage to prevent any huge mishap at a later point in time.
  • Increases the confidence and trust levels of the passengers and goods owner.
  • The registration certificate of the vehicle will be deemed invalid in the absence of a proper fitness certificate.

What is the online application process for the vehicle fitness certificate?

The manner in which one can proceed with the online application of a vehicle fitness certificate is as follows –

  • Open the browser from any internet-enabled device.
  • Visit Parivahan Sewa, the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH).
  • Click on the online services option and then select vehicle-related services.
  • You will then have to choose the state that you reside in. You will be redirected accordingly.
  • Create an account and then enter the registration number of your vehicle accordingly.
  • Next select Application for Fitness Certificate > Enter Chassis number > Enter Mobile Number > Click Generate OTP.
  • Use the OTP and then opt-in for the ‘show details’ options to check if the details are correct and then confirm payment, by selecting the desired payment gateway.
  • Once this is complete, make note of the application number and visit the nearest RTO to fix a date for your vehicle inspection.
  • Appear at the time and place given by the RTO to get your vehicle inspected.
  • In case of defects or technical faults, the inspector will suggest repairs that are needed to be performed on the vehicle. Once it is rectified, the vehicle will be reinspected and the fitness certificate will be issued thereafter.

What is the cost of getting the certificate?

                                                    Conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual: INR 600
Automated: INR 1,000
Three-wheeled or quadricycle or light motor vehicleManual: INR 400
Automated: INR 600
BikeManual: INR 200
Automated: INR 400
Grant or renewal of letter of authorityINR 15,000
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicleINR 200 additional fees.
An appeal under rule 70INR 3,000
Issue of duplicate letter of authorityINR 7,500
Any application not covered under entries at Serial Nos. 1 to 14 aboveINR 200

Please note: This table is as shown in the Parivahan website and may differ from RTO in specific circumstances.

What is the process of renewing the vehicle fitness certificate online?

The process of renewing the vehicle fitness certificate online is as follows –

  • Fill the application form after downloading it from the official website.
  • Make the requisite payment and submit the filled form along with the documents sought.
  • Once this is processed, the applicant will receive an intimation of the venue, time, and place where he or she must take the car for an inspection.
  • As soon as the inspection is complete on the said date, the authorities will issue the certificate. It will be sent in the form of a laminated copy to the vehicle owner.

What are the documents and forms required for this?

The following documents are required for a fitness certificate along with the RTO fitness form:

  • Application in Form-CFA for a new Fitness Certificate.
  • Application in Form-CFRA for the renewal of Fitness Certificate.
  • Registration Certificate.
  • A valid Insurance Policy.
  • Valid Emission Certificate.
  • Valid Tax Details.
  • Fitment of Speed Control Device if applicable.
  • Roadworthiness certificate if applicable.
  • Fare meter calibration certificate for Auto rickshaw.

The documents required for renewal are:

  • Registration certificate.
  • Tax token.
  • The insurance policy of the vehicle.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Permit of the vehicle.

How to download the certificate?

The following procedure must be followed to download the certificate –

  • Visit the official website and enter the registration number.
  • Click on “Online Services” and select “Duplicate Fitness Certificate” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the requisite details. Receive the OTP after submitting your mobile number.
  • Make the payment thereafter.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that then continue on to generate the application letter.

How to check the eligibility and validity of a certificate?

  • Only commercial vehicle owners are given the fitness certificate for their vehicles.
  • The validity of the certificate is 2 years if a vehicle is less than 8 years old.
  • The validity of the certificate is 1 year if the vehicle is more than 8 years old.
  • Please note that a fitness certificate can be renewed 30 days before expiry.


Having a vehicle fitness certificate is a mandate of law and cannot be done away with. Not having a valid certificate will make one liable to pay fines. Also, it is one’s moral responsibility towards the environment and the society at large to not pose any harm to them knowingly. A vehicle fitness certificate is only a means of fulfilling this responsibility.

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