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Vehicles Number Plate Rules in India

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

There has been an increase in the number of fake RCs and the number plates off late. Therefore, following the number plate rules strictly should be of top priority to ensure that you do not fall prey to this counterfeit racket.

What does the MV Act Specify?

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 read along with Rule 50 and 51 of the Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, states that –

  • Registration letters and numbers –
    • in black on white background for 2 wheelers / LMV Cars.
    • in black on yellow background for commercial vehicles.
  • The letters and numerals must be as follows -
Class of Vehicle and SpecificationHeightThicknessSpace
Motorcycles with engine capacity less than 70 ccFront letters and numerals152.52.5
All motorcycles and three wheeled invalid carriagesRear letters3575
Rear numerals4075
Front letters & numerals3055
Three-wheelers with engine capacity below 500ccFront and rear numerals & letters3575
Three-wheelers with engine capacity above 500ccFront and rear numerals & letters4075
All other motor vehiclesFront and rear numerals & letters651010

Where Should Registration Numbers be Displayed on the Motor Vehicles?

It must be displayed in the front and the rear of the vehicle.  It must be clear and visible.

How to Display Registration Marks on Motor Vehicles?

  • The letters must be in English and the numerals shall be Arabic numerals.
  • The registration number shall be exhibited in two lines - the state code and registering authority code on the first line and the remaining number below the first line.
  • There is also a third registration plate in the form of a sticker that is affixed to your vehicle’s windscreen. Previously, this sticker was transparent but now it is required to be colour-coded. Blue colour stickers are mandatory for petrol cars while orange colour stickers are required for diesel cars. BS6 cars are to be fitted with a green colour sticker on their third registration plate.

What Should be the Size of the Number Plates?

The sizes of the Number Plate must be as follows –

For two and three-wheelers200 x 100mm
For light motor vehicles/passenger cars340x 200mm or 500 x 120mm
For medium / heavy commercial vehicles340 x 200mm

What is not Allowed on a Number Plate?

  • Fancy lettering is not permitted.
  • Names, pictures, art, beyond those permitted, cannot be displayed.

What is HSRP?

The central government notification dated December 6, 2018, has mandated that vehicle manufacturers and dealers must affix High-Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) on vehicles manufactured on or after April 1, 2019.

  • An HSRP is aluminium made registration plate that is fixed on the vehicle using two non-reusable blocks.
  • It comes with a non-removable snap-on lock which cannot be replaced easily.
  • It also contains a chromium-based hologram of the Ashoka Chakra sized 20 mm x 20 mm which is placed on the top left-hand corner of both the front and the rear plate. It is applied by hot stamping.
  • The permanent identification number (PIN) of a minimum of 10 digits is laser branded into the reflective sheeting on the bottom left-hand side of the registration plate with a letter size of 5 mm.
  • It will also have a blue IND acronym.
  • The said plate will also have alpha numerals embossed with ‘INDIA’.
  • The HSRP is linked electronically to the vehicle and is made a part of a centralised database.

What are the Benefits of HSRP?

The following benefits can be enjoyed by the owner of an HSRP plate –

  • It is more difficult to tamper with and cannot be misused by car thieves.
  • The data stored on the central database helps one track and identify the stolen car with ease.
  • This protects the vehicle plate from being counterfeited.

Where can You Get HSRP?

The HSRP can be purchased from an authorised government portal bookmyhsrp.com or from the RTO or from an authorised auto dealer. The process of application of the same has been given below –

  • Go to the government authorised web portal--bookmyhsrp.com and fill in all the details asked such as vehicle number, chassis number, etc.
  • In case it is your personal vehicle then click on "non-transport" under the vehicle's class option.
  • Submit a username and password. The requisite details will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • One must log in again after the submission to make the payment. A receipt will be generated on completion of the payment.
  • As soon as the HSRP number gets ready, the customer will receive the message on their registered mobile number.
  • The process is complete.

The official sites/ places where one can get HSRP are as follows –

StateWhere to Apply
DelhiBook My HSRP
HaryanaLink Utsav
MaharashtraMaharashtra Transport Department
TelanganaLink AutoTech
KarnatakaKarnataka Transport Department

Are There any Fines for not Having HSRP?

The amended Motor Vehicles Act says that a vehicle without HSRP can be slapped a fine of a maximum of INR 10,000 and a minimum of INR 5,000.


Do be vigilant and follow the rules meticulously for your own benefit. Stay updated and learn about all the changes that need to be made to your vehicle number plate steer clear from legal hassles and hefty fines.

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