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Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Claim and Renewal Process

By Juhi Walia
21 July 2022, 4:28 PM

Bharti AXA bike insurance coverage has a remarkable claim settlement process. Through its streamlined claim settlement method, it has successfully satisfied the claims of thousands of its policyholders. It has two claim settlement types - cashless and reimbursement for its customers. While the company's claim settlement ratio is remarkable, Bharti AXA bike insurance renewal process further makes its customers happy. A couple of steps, and you are done! The company intimates customers about renewal in advance, helping them pay the premium on time and get their policy benefits, such as NCB, intact.

Let's understand the company's claim and renewal process in detail. 

Documents Needed During Claim Settlement

In the event of an accident or theft, the following papers are necessary when filing a claim for a Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policy:

During an Accident-

  1. Copy of the insurance policy.
  2. Copy/original registration certificate (RC).
  3. Copy/original driving license.
  4. Copy of first information report (FIR).
  5. Original tax receipts.
  6. An estimation of the vehicle's repair cost.
  7. Payment receipts and bills of the repairs made.
  8. Claim discharge voucher.

During Theft-

  1. Original policy documents.
  2. Original registration certificate (RC).
  3. Tax payment receipts.
  4. Theft declaration from the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  5. All policy details.
  6. Warranty card, duplicate keys, and other accessories.
  7. First Information Report (FIR).
  8. Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC).
  9. Final police report.
  10. Claim discharge voucher.
  11. Letter of subrogation.
  12. Duly signed forms 28, 29, 30, and 35.
  13. Claim form duly filled and signed.

How Do I File a Cashless Bike Insurance Claim with Bharti AXA?

If the policyholder follows the steps listed below, the claim settlement process becomes simple:

Step 1

Call the insurer to file a claim and provide all pertinent information, including the place and time of the accident, witnesses, etc.

Step 2

After receiving a claim, the insurer will send a surveyor to the location of the accident to determine the extent of the bike's damage. After completing the examination, you can take your bike for repair.

Step 3

After the examination, tow your bike to the closest garage approved by Bharti AXA General Insurance. In addition, you can also request that your insurer set up a towing service.

Step 4

The insurance company will cover the cost of repairing the bike. Then, ride your bike home after paying your necessary and optional deductibles to the insurance company.

How do I File a Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Reimbursement Claim?

If you take your bike to a garage that Bharti AXA doesn't approve for cashless repairs, you will have to pay for them yourself. You can then request compensation from your insurance. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Call the insurer and file the claim by giving all facts such as the accident's time, location, witnesses, etc. 

 Step 2

A surveyor then goes to inspect the condition of the vehicle. You are also required to provide the surveyor with the necessary documentation.

 Step 3

Bring your bike to your preferred garage and pay for the repairs. Begin the refund procedure with the insurance company. The insurance company must be provided with the repair invoices, receipts, and documentation. The insurer examines all the facts and determines the reimbursement amount, considering all deductibles and depreciation. 

Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Renewal Online

With its website, Bharti AXA enables policyholders to renew their policies online. You can do so by following the instructions below:

1. Go to the official website of Bharti AXA motor insurance.

2. You will need to provide information on the page. Complete all fields and submit.

3. The company needs extra details about your vehicle and current coverage. In some instances, you may also need to submit personal information.

4. Following an analysis of all the information, the website will display several renewal quotes. Select one that complies with your insurance requirements. 

6. You can pick an add-on from the available options. Of course, the add-on you select also depends on your insurance.

7. Send in all the paperwork needed for the renewal.

8. Use debit/credit cards, net banking, or any digital payment mechanism to pay the renewal premium.

9. Your registered email address will get information about the Bharti AXA bike insurance policy renewal. 

Renewal of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Policy - Offline Process

You may also renew your Bharti AXA motorcycle insurance offline. You won't have any issues going offline if you reside near a Bharti AXA office.

To renew your Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance offline, follow these instructions:

1. Meet with the customer service agent at the Bharti AXA insurance office closest to you.

2. Take the customer service representative's renewal form, and fill it out with all the pertinent information about your current policy.

3. In some situations, you must additionally include your personal information.

4. The customer service agent would then offer you renewal quotes.

5. Pick the quote you like the best.

6. Depending on the existing policy you have in place, you may also purchase add-ons to boost your level of protection.

7. Make your payments via cheque.

8. Gather the renewal information in the form of paper records.


Bharti AXA offers several additional benefits for policyholders who desire hassle-free services regarding bike insurance renewals and the claims process. It is quick and easy and can be completed from the comfort of your home. It also doesn't require a lot of paperwork. 

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1. What is the toll-free number to report a Bharti AXA motorcycle insurance claim?

The toll-free number to report  Bharti AXA motorcycle insurance claim is 1800-103-2292. 

2. How many claims are permitted under a bike policy?

There are limitations on how many claims you may submit annually if you acquired a zero depreciation bike insurance add-on cover to your comprehensive bike insurance plan. Many insurance providers typically permit two claims.

3. After it expires, can bike insurance be renewed online?

If your bike insurance coverage is renewed within the break-in time, you may be able to extend it through the expiration date. The policyholder can renew their insurance during this 90-day grace period to continue receiving advantages like the no-claim bonus.

4. What is Bharti AXA's claim settlement percentage?

Bharti AXA bike insurance coverage has a claim resolution percentage of 87.99% for FY 2019-20. 

5. Can Bharti AXA insurance policy be renewed offline?

Yes, you can visit the nearest Bharti AXA office, and the customer service agent will help you renew your policy. 


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