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Consider These Points Before You Buy Bike Insurance from Oriental Insurance Company

By Vikas Chandra Das
25 November 2022, 1:38 PM

Two-wheelers are a necessary part of daily life for most Indian families. Two-wheelers have effectively filled the necessity for a personal means of transportation. However, a misfortune can lead to financial issues. This is when bike insurance might come to your aid.

Oriental two-wheeler insurance is a complete motorcycle insurance plan made to protect your vehicle completely. An Indian public sector general insurance firm called Oriental Insurance Business provides various insurance products, including third-party liability and comprehensive insurance coverage. For additional coverage, you can purchase add-ons and a comprehensive insurance plan.

High Claim Settlement - Your Peace of Mind

For 2018–19, Oriental bike insurance experienced a high claim ratio. It offers a package plan that protects the bike from damage and third-party liability.

Additionally, you can purchase certain covers to increase the policy's coverage and receive discounts on your insurance premium. Additionally, it's simple to renew your insurance online. Consider purchasing bike insurance from Oriental if you want the finest possible protection for your motorcycle at the lowest cost.

Renewing Your Bike Insurance at Oriental Insurance

It's incredibly simple to renew an Oriental bike insurance online. Oriental Insurance has simplified the online bike insurance renewal process into three simple steps.

With the requirements, you can now renew your policies online. All Oriental Insurance plans can now be renewed online. The company now offers renewal services for roughly 120 products in addition to the opportunity to buy personal items listed as currently offered on the web. You may renew most of your protection coverage online without additional work.

The following conditions must be met to renew an Oriental two-wheeler policy:

  • The insurance coverage should be in perfect working order.
  • The insurance policies for other companies will be replaced with new ones for Oriental.

Insurance Coverage Offered by Oriental Bike Insurance

The Oriental two wheeler insurance policy covers the following situations:

  • Two-wheeler loss: Oriental Insurance Company will reimburse the insured if a two-wheeler is unintentionally lost while covered.
  • Theft, burglary, or home invasion; terrorism; flooding; malicious actions; strikes; transit by rail, inland waterways, lift, road, or air; lightning; explosion; fire or self-ignition; storm; earthquake; etc. This insurance covers damage to a two-wheeler.
  • Personal accident coverage: The two-wheeler owner will be provided with personal accident coverage if a person perishes or suffers an injury when boarding or disembarking from the vehicle or while driving.
  • Coverage for third-party legal responsibilities: The Oriental two-wheeler insurance policy offers third-party legal responsibility protection.
  • For an additional cost, extension coverings are offered in return for more security.
  • Accessories, whether electrical or not, are lost or harmed.
  • The insurance covers batteries, tubes, tyres, and plastic, rubber, or nylon parts.

Exclusions from the Oriental Two- wheeler Insurance Policy

The following scenarios are those in which Oriental two-wheeler insurance will not pay out:

  • If the bike is damaged or stolen while not inside the geographic coverage area of the plan.
  • If any claims arise from purposes other than those expressly mentioned or mutually agreed upon.
  • If you are injured operating a two-wheeler when you are not eligible for a licence.
  • If a rider's drug or alcohol consumption causes harm or loss.
  • If the two-wheeler is damaged or lost due to someone other than the driver using it, as specified in the policy's driver's clause.
  • If a nuclear or chemical attack occurs,
  • If an accident destroys tubes or tyres but does not damage the insured two-wheeler.
  • When someone attempts suicide, intentionally injures them, or dies as a result.
  • If any liabilities result from or are caused by contamination, ionization, or radiation caused by radiation from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste.


The Oriental Insurance Company provides four-wheeler insurance plans, two-wheeler insurance, personal accident plans, and other products as part of its product line. The company's two-wheeler insurance coverage covers your financial losses in the event of vehicle damage, accident, or theft.

Oriental two-wheeler insurance plan renewal effectively shields customers from traffic dangers at affordable prices. The bike insurance coverage has an expiration date, similar to other insurance policies. Policyholders need to renew their policies to keep getting protection when their policies expire.

It has simplified the renewal process for its clients by digitizing the Oriental two-wheeler insurance program. However, policyholders can renew their plans through the standard offline method. Insurers can also contact the company's active helpdesk to assist with any problem.


1. Is it good to buy my bike insurance from Oriental Insurance?

Yes, Oriental bike insurance is reliable for insurance purchases, claims, and add-ons, among other things. With a claim resolution ratio of 101.61%, the company does well. The settlement of claims is straightforward, rapid, and hassle-free. 

2. How to download the online receipt for Oriental bike insurance premium payment?

It is straightforward to download the Oriental bike insurance premium payment online receipt. Visit Paytm Insurance and enter the necessary information, such as the bike's make and model, RTO locations, etc.

  • Click "START SAVING MONEY" after filling out the necessary information. Choose "Oriental," edit your policy details if necessary, and add the necessary coverages to your motorcycle insurance policy. Premiums with top leading insurers will then be displayed.
  • When you click "BUY NOW," a proposal form will appear. After you make a payment, the online receipt for the payment of the bike insurance premium will show up for you to download.

3. Can my contact information be changed when my Oriental bike insurance is renewed?

Yes, under the section for personal policyholder information, you may change your contact information at renewal.


4. Can I transfer my no-claims bonus from my previous insurer to Oriental bike insurance?

You can save money on your renewal price by transferring your no-claim bonus from your previous insurer to your Oriental bike insurance policy.


5. Is it possible to upgrade my coverage at the renewal time from one year to two or three years?

Yes, you can change your insurance length at renewal time from one year to two or three years.

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