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Steps to Claim Bike Insurance at HDFC Ergo

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 1:16 PM

When it comes to choosing the best insurance companies, we generally consider the company's efficiency in paying claims to the claimant. A company with a high settlement ratio enhances the policyholders' confidence and trust in that bike insurance company. So all the policyholders should check the insurance company's claim settlement ratio before considering buying two-wheeler insurance

HDFC Ergo is one of the best bike insurance companies, with the best claim settlement ratio record. Most people are not aware of the insurance claim process, for which they face difficulties and delays. In this article, you will be provided with all the requisite information that will help you understand the complete process of filling out a bike insurance claim with HDFC Ergo.

 HDFC Ergo bike insurance will cover your bike damages due to accidents, loss due to fire and natural calamities, third-party liability, if any, theft, major and minor repairs, and all kinds of legal and injury expenses. In HDFC Ergo, you can claim your damages in two ways- 1. Cashless insurance claim 2. Reimbursement insurance claim. On the other hand, there are different types of claims for other damages or losses. 

Types of Two-wheeler Insurance Offered by HDFC Ergo:

HDFC Ergo offers 4 types of bike insurance policy options to choose from according to your convenience.

These policies are:

1. Comprehensive bike insurance policy

2. Third-party bike insurance policy

3. Standalone own damage cover policy

4. Brand new bikes cover policy

If you want extra protection, you can buy add-on covers by paying an additional premium. If you need complete round coverage, consider buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy. The best thing about HDFC Ergo is that under its damage cover policy, both natural and man-made calamities will get covered. 

Key Highlights of HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance Plans

1. It will take you less than three minutes to buy an insurance plan.

2. You will get doorstep repair services.

3. It has 8500+ garage networks all over India. 

4. The best among all these is that 50% of your claim amount gets settled on the same day.

5. The bike instance premium is affordable, starting at INR 538. Any middle-class policyholder can quickly pay this premium amount. 

How to Claim Bike Insurance with HDFC Ergo?

Here's how you can easily claim bike insurance with HDFC Ergo-

Register Online after Contacting Your Insurance Company

To inform your insurance company and also for online claim registration, contact HDFC Ergo via a toll-free number or visit the official website. Don't worry about submitting the documents by visiting the insurance company. Everything can be done online. Share required documents like accident location and personal details with the registration number. 

Get Your Survey Done

You can do self-inspection or opt for digital inspection through an app. After that, the company will send a surveyor to check the genuineness of the claim application. 

Process for a Cashless Claim

You can get your bike repaired at any garage and then make payment yourself, but make sure you collect all the bills. By submitting the bills with HDFC Ergo, you will have to wait for less time to get your payment released. 

Track Your Records

Now is the time for you to relax and track your status through the claim tracker. Your claim will be approved and cleared faster as HDFC Ergo has 8500+ garage networks. You will also be informed on time.

These processes are simple, less time-consuming, and don't require more effort at the end of the policyholder. Just follow these processes mentioned above to get your claim without any hassle. 

Things You Should Avoid:

Below mentioned things that you must avoid otherwise, your claim will get rejected:

1. Negligence from the end of the policyholder

2. Fraud claim registration

3. Fact misinterpretation

4. Not providing enough details

5. Not informing the insurance company about the mishap sooner


As per the latest two-wheeler insurance policy of the government, policyholders will get penalized and imprisoned if they breach the insurance policy laws. With the HDFC Ergo bike insurance plan, it was easier for all the policyholders to claim their policy amount faster with less effort. Always renew your insurance on time to keep your NCB; otherwise, your reward will be void. 

Your claim will be approved based on the claim settlement ratio. Please make sure you read the policy details before applying for one to avoid complexities during the procedure.


1. What are the documents needed to claim bike insurance from HDFC Ergo in case of accidental damages?

You will have to submit proof of insurance, RC, certification tax receipts, FIR from a police station, driving license, estimates for repair or bills, receipts of payment, etc. 

2. What covers will you get under the comprehensive bike insurance policy from HDFC Ergo?

Under the comprehensive bike insurance policy from HDFC Ergo, you will get covers for damages due to natural calamities, theft, fire, third-party vehicle and property damage, injuries, optional personal accidental covers, etc. 

3. What are the losses not covered under the HDFC Ergo two-wheeler insurance policy?

HDFC Ergo two-wheeler insurance policy will not cover the depreciation of your bike, breakdown of electrical and mechanical nature, or loss that happened to your bike due to drug and alcohol consumption while driving. No loss or damage will be covered if you don't have a valid DL. Riding your bike beyond limitation will also not get covered under this policy.

4. What is an 'emergency roadside assistance facility' under the HDFC Ergo bike insurance policy?

Under HDFC Ergo's "emergency roadside assistance facility", if you face any emergency on the way, notify your HDFC Ergo insurance company to get urgent help from the insurance company itself. 

5. How to use HDFC Ergo, two wheeler insurance premium calculator?

You can use the HDFC Ergo bike insurance calculator to determine insurance premiums under different policies. You must enter your vehicle's details, registration city, and model, select add-ons per your wish, and NCB if applicable. Click on the 'Get a price' option to know your premium amount.

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