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Off-road Bike Insurance: All You Need to Know

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 1:12 PM

Taking your bike for off-road riding is always a thrilling experience. We all know that adventure bikes are costlier than regular bikes in India. Off-road bikes need extra care compared to regular two-wheelers. Off-road bike riders mostly use their vehicles to ride on rocks, mud, and ups and downs.

Dirt bikes are also used for racing purposes. However, more and more people have started enjoying riding these bikes over the past few years. If you are a bike lover who gets an extra adrenaline rush when you ride an adventure bike, you need to take off your vehicle.

With bike insurance, you can cover damages to your dirt bikes, trail bikes, scramblers, motocross bikes, etc. Other than youngsters, others also like to do off-road riding on off days to experience adventure and excitement.

The chances of damaging your bike enhance if you consider riding it off-road. For extra protection and extra damage coverage, choose enhanced policy insurance coverage. Off-road bike riding means riding on rocks, mud, and other rough paths.

In this article, you will know about the needs, legal requirements, factors, and types of bike insurance for off-road bike riding.

What Does Off-road Riding Refer to?

Riding a bike on complex, unusual paths for adventure is known as off-road bike riding. In simple words, it means taking your bike off-road for riding. Generally, a off-road bike is for racing and other sports-related activities. 

What Does Off-road Bike Insurance Refer to?

Due to the rough and challenging use of off-ride bikes, these are more vulnerable to losses and damages. It can sometimes cause damage to other properties and third parties. To protect riders from any kind of possible losses, a bike insurance policy is something you need to consider seriously. 

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every bike rider must buy third-party bike insurance coverage to protect themselves and others. For getting a wide range of benefits, considers buying comprehensive bike insurance. 

Essential Factors to Consider While Choosing Off-road Bike Insurance

Your bike insurance must have the following features:

Cover for Accidental Damages

Your bike insurance must provide complete coverage of damages that may occur during off-road bike riding.  

Third-party Damages Cover

Injury or damage to any third-party that happened due to accidents during off-road bike riding must be covered by your insurance company. 

Cover for Legal Assistance

Your motor insurance should also cover the possible legal expenses if a third person sues you for an accident. 

Cover for Collisions

Your bike insurance policy must cover the repair or replacement costs arising out of damages caused by the collision of your bike with another bike or any objects accidentally. 

Theft and Natural Calamities Cover

Theft is common in India. Your bike insurance policy must cover losses in case your bike gets stolen. The company must assure you to pay Insured Declared Value (IDV) in such cases. 

Your motor insurance policy must cover the damages or heavy repair costs that may happen due to natural calamities like floods, fire, lightning, earthquakes, etc. Some insurance policy also covers damage from human-made disasters like riots, strikes, etc. 

In Transit Insurance Covers

Your motor insurance policy must cover the damages that may happen during the transportation of your bike in any other vehicle.

Add-ons You Can Buy for Your Off-road Bikes or Adventure Bikes

Engine Protection Covers

Standard bike insurance cover does not cover the damages cost of an engine. For this, you can buy one add-on cover, which is an engine protection cover, to recover all your repair costs from bike insurance companies. 

Zero-depreciation Cover

Regular use depreciates the value of the bike. Without Zero-depreciation two-wheeler insurance cover, you will not be able to claim the repair and replacement cost of your adventure bike fully. A person with an add-on cover like a Zero-depreciation insurance cover can claim the benefit of a high claim settlement amount. 

Roadside Assistance Cover

This add-on cover provides immediate assistance like minor repairs, fuel fill in case of emergency, breakdown services, etc. 

Personal Belonging Cover

This add-on cover will bear any damage or theft to your personal belongings. For example- The repair and replacement cost of a helmet. 

Key Protect Cover

This add-on cover will bear all the repair and replacement costs of your adventure bike's lockset with the key.

Consumables Cover

This add-on cover will bear the costs of your bike's consumable items—bolts, gearbox oil, nuts, etc.


If you need financial protection, then bike insurance is the best solution. While buying a bike insurance policy, you must ensure that you have understood every clause properly.


1. Are add-on covers essential for off-road bikes?

Add-on covers are the best in the case of adventure bikes, providing extra financial security by covering additional damages. It is not mandatory. You can purchase add-on covers voluntarily. You have to pay some extra charges to buy additional covers. Off-road bike riding is riskier, so add-on cover is highly recommendary.  

2. Is any separate bike insurance policy available for off-road or adventure bikes in India?

India has no separate bike insurance policies for off-road or adventure bikes. You must buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy with add-on covers by paying additional charges to protect yourself and your adventure bikes. 

3. What do you mean by fully comprehensive insurance cover for adventure bikes?

In case of an accident during off-road bike riding, if the scrambler of the bike gets damaged, then comprehensive bike insurance cover will bear all the repair and replacement costs related to that. 

4. What is the information needed to get an off-road bike insurance quote online?

To get an off-road bike insurance quote online, you need to give details of RC, the bike's estimated value, date of purchase, security measures, modifications made to the bike, category of license, the purpose of use, expected miles coverage, and other riders' details if any.  




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