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Policy Renewal Steps for Expired Bike Insurance at TATA AIG

By Vikas Chandra Das
25 November 2022, 1:09 PM

Do you want to renew your bike insurance plan at Tata AIG? Are you confused about the procedure to take in this regard? Well, if you are facing any difficulty in this regard, then you are at the right place. Here, in this article, we are going to give you all the information you require to know to renew your bike's insurance plan at Tata AIG. 

When you purchase a new bike and get it insured, its policy comes with an expiry date; after which the insurance becomes void, and you need to renew the policy to continue your bike's insurance coverage.

Renewing your bike insurance plan at Tata AIG is easy and quick, especially if you go to their website or call them and complete the process of renewing your insurance online. TATA AIG provides insurance products that help manage the risks of running a successful business. They offer various services, including auto, life, health and other protection plans. Read the article below for more information about their bike insurance plan or to renew your bike's policy. This article will cover how to renew bike insurance at Tata AIG and why it is essential in the long run. 

What are the Consequences of not Renewing Bike Insurance Plan at TATA AIG?

Bikes are a relatively inexpensive way to travel and maintain your health, but if you have an accident, the repair cost can be astronomical. Each day your bike insurance is not renewed, the risk of accidents increases.

If you're going to buy a bike or are thinking about getting one, do it with the knowledge that not renewing your bike insurance will leave you without coverage if something goes wrong.

Fines and Penalties: If you neglect to renew your expired bike insurance plan at Tata AIG and cause an accident, there could be repercussions. You have to pay a fine of INR 2000 and/or be in jail for up to 3 months. In many cases, the owner of the damaged property has the right to seek damages from those who negligently caused harm through failure to maintain their vehicle in good working order. 

Losing Insurance Privileges: If you fail to pay your policy on time, this usually results in having your two-wheeler insurance cancelled. Once this happens, any rider will lose their rights to claim when they experience an accident while riding. For this reason alone, renewal should be undertaken on time to avoid such disastrous consequences. 

Ending Up Paying the Damage Cost by Yourself: If you don't renew your two-wheeler insurance plan and cause an accident, you'll pay for the repairs yourself. Therefore, always remember how much this could cost when purchasing a bike or deciding to renew yours.

Having to Buy a New Policy Altogether: Oftentimes, people forget about their bike insurance plan at TATA AIG because they are only driving it once or twice a month. However, if you were to get into an accident and did not have any coverage for your bike, you would either have to buy a new policy altogether, which can be very expensive-or deal with the legal ramifications, which might lead to higher fines. Furthermore, drivers often think bikes won't need as much protection under these policies because they are smaller than cars.

Renewal of Tata AIG Bike Insurance- Online Process

Bike insurance is a must for all bikers. And, when it expires, you need to take action and get a renewal plan in place. Without an insurance policy on your bike, you'll face hefty penalties in case of an accident, or if the vehicle is stolen from you. With two simple steps, renewing your bike insurance at Tata AIG is easy and straightforward.

Visit the Website: The very first step of the process is to visit the website of TATA AIG and navigate the website to find the renew existing TATA AIG Policy, if you already have a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Fill in the Details: As soon as you click on the button, a form will appear where you will have to enter all the details concerned with your policy, such as your policy number, first name, last name, vehicle details, etc. If applicable, select the No Claim Bonus. 

Update Your Policy: If you are willing to, you can also add covers or change your policy during this process step. 

Pay Your Renewal Fees: At the end, just click on 'Pay Now and enter your personal details to pay. Enter your payment details and select the prefered payment option. 

Renewal of Tata AIG Bike Insurance- Offline Process

Renewal of the Tata AIG bike insurance plan can be done either offline or online. The online process is more convenient and easy to follow, but if you are more comfortable doing it offline, you can do so in a few easy steps. First, you need to visit the nearest brand of TATA AIG and keep all your important documents ready; now, you need to submit the documents, verify your details, make the payment and you are done. Another way to do this is by calling your insurance agent, who will guide you through the process. 


Renewing your bike insurance plan with Tata AIG is an easy process. Simply fill out the form on this page, and a representative will be in contact to get you on track for the rest of the renewal process. Always have up-to-date bike insurance, so it can easily be replaced if it gets stolen or vandalised.


1. How to check bike insurance expiry date online at Tata AIG?

You can check your bike insurance plan expiry date at any point in time from your insurer’s portal. You can also call your insurer and provide them with your policy details to know the expiration date of your policy.

2. Should I renew my bike insurance online or offline from TATA AIG?

You can renew your bike insurance policy at any point in time, which means you do not need to wait until it is about to expire. Online policy renewal saves time and effort as you can complete it with just a few clicks. However, if you are an offline person, there is nothing wrong with that as well. Offline vehicle insurance renewals require only a few documents, but they will take more time than the online process.

3. Will I still be able to avail my NCB benefits at TATA AIG if my existing two-wheeler policy expires?

Yes, you will still be able to avail your NCB benefits with your expired policy if you renew it within 90 days.

4. What if I do not renew my bike insurance policy within 90 days at TATA AIG after it expires?

After this grace period is over, your policy will be lapsed.  Hence, your policy will not be in effect anymore and you and your bike will be uninsured. Your policy coverage will be lost and you have to buy a new/fresh policy to enjoy the coverage benefits. 

5. Does my existing two-wheeler policy expire at TATA AIG when I moved to another city or state?

No, irrespective of where you reside, the validity period of your new bike insurance plan is based on the day when it was purchased and not on the location.


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