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Is it Right to Raise a Claim for Bike Scratches?

By Vikas Chandra Das
25 November 2022, 3:42 PM

Your two-wheeler is your best companion, and keeping it in good condition is one of your top lookouts. No one likes to see even minor scratches or dents in their bikes, and you are no exception. But the truth is, even after all the efforts you put into keeping your bike safe and spotless, some scratches are almost inevitable. Irrespective of how cautious you are, sometimes some situations can make that unwanted scratch in your bike.

Also, it is essential to note that if you have a bike, you also have sound bike insurance, as it is mandatory in India. Now, suppose your bike has recently been scratched, and you hate that mark on your prized bike. So, is it ok to repair it yourself, or should you claim to get the same done? Will it be worth making an insurance claim in the first place, or will it be a loss to claim for such a minor reason? Read on to find these answers and more in this article.

Is Raising Claim for Bike Scratches Wise?

In India, you are allowed to raise your two-wheeler insurance claim for scratches. Please make sure to check the nature of your bike insurance before raising the claim. So, if you are planning to raise the claim for the scratches in your bike, you need to analyze whether it will be worth it or not, and secondly, the decision will depend on your bike insurance policy.

  1. Check the bike insurance type: If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy and the damages' expenses are more than the claim amount, you can surely go for the claim. You can get your comprehensive bike insurance from one of the reputed insurance providers, and it is worth the entire amount you pay for the premium. It is the best type of insurance solution for your bike as it provides comprehensive coverage against risks. But, if you have third-party bike insurance, the question of raising the claim for repair of any damage caused to your bike will not arise at all. So, first, make sure that you have comprehensive bike insurance.
  2. Judge the situation carefully - And secondly, you will have to analyze the situation carefully and then decide. If you think that only small repair work will be required to make your bike free of scratches, it is better to get it done and save the claim for the future. You never know; you might encounter severe circumstances when raising the claim will be compulsory. So, if not much expense is involved in revamping your bike, it will be wiser to save the bike insurance claim later.

Why is It Better to Not Raise Claims for Minor Scratches?

It is your bike, your insurance, and you are paying the premium. So, whether you should or should not raise the claim for bike insurance for small, ignorable scratches will also depend on your decision. But here are some crucial points you should consider before making up your mind.

  • Do Not Disturb NCB – You must be aware of the no-claim bonus benefit that your comprehensive bike insurance policy assures you. It works on the principle that you are given a discount by the insurance company in case of no claims are raised by you during the policy tenure. And the amount of this NCB discount keeps going up for every claim-free year. So, now think that raising the claim for minor scratches will take away this benefit, and you will not get the discount for a claim made for minor reasons. So, it is always better to raise a claim only in case of significant damages or theft, i,e, when it is unavoidable.
  • Low Premium – Remember that your decisions will also impact your reputation with the insurance company, which will impact the premium you are paying for the bike insurance. Raising claims for minor damages will significantly raise the premium, which can hit you financially. On the other hand, you can enjoy a low premium from the insurance provider due to your exemplary record by not raising claims.

So, from the above discussion, it is clear that you can raise claims for repairing scratches in your bike with your bike insurance provider. But, it is recommended not to raise the claims for minor incidents as that will impact the benefits like NCB that your insurance provider will be giving you in the long run. Always remember, for any insurance, to avoid making too-quick claims as that will affect the long-term benefits. And this is also true for your bike insurance.


1. Can you raise a claim for bike insurance for scratches?

Yes, you can raise a claim for bike insurance for scratches sustained. But make sure you have comprehensive bike insurance and not third-party bike insurance.

2. Is it worth raising a claim for scratches for bike insurance?

The decision will depend upon how much you will have to spend on your own and how much the insurance claim will pay for the damage. Judging the scenario is very crucial before taking the final decision.

3. How many claims can you make for bike scratches?

There is no limit to the number of insurance claims you can raise for your insured bike. You can raise the claim as and when needed. But, raising too many claims within a short period will result in the loss of essential benefits like NCB and will also raise the premium amount.

4. How to raise a bike insurance claim for scratches?

The process is similar to what you do to raise any claim for bike insurance with your insurance provider. The claim has to be registered with the insurer, and the reference number should be noted for future requirements. And the claim will be settled post the evaluation done by the insurer.


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