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Why is PA Cover Mandatory for Bike Insurance?

By Vikas Chandra Das
25 November 2022, 3:19 PM

It is true and proven that bike accidents tend to be fatal and inflict more severe injuries to riders than cars. Hence, one can hardly debate the importance of proper bike insurance from reputed insurance providers. 

Also, bike insurance is a must for every two-wheeler owner in India. But do you know that PA cover has also been made mandatory in India by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988? 

Yes, along with your two-wheeler insurance, whether third-party or comprehensive, you will also have to buy an additional PA cover to ensure no loose ends regarding your and your family’s financial security. 

It is a cover that can compensate the vehicle owner for any unpredictable road accident resulting in severe injury, permanent disability or even death. We will try to understand everything related to the Personal Accident Cover in this article and analyze its importance and benefits.

What Does PA Cover Refer to?

Personal Accident (PA) Cover is of utmost importance regarding bike insurance in India. IRDAI has put the limit for PA coverage at INR 15 Lakhs. From January 2019, the Motor Vehicle Act has made it compulsory for every bike rider to buy a PA cover and the mandatory third-party insurance cover.

Thus, in India, buying a PA cover for bike insurance is mandatory. So, if you have existing two-wheeler insurance, you can add PA cover to protect you in case of injury.

You will have to pay an additional premium for this add-on, but it is worth every penny. The personal accident cover is issued in the name of the bike owner only if they have a valid driving licence in their name. The percentage of compensation that is paid under varying circumstances is given in table-

CircumstancePercentage of Compensation
Death100% (The entire sum insured is paid to the nominee)
Loss of eyes or limbs or loss of one eye and one limb100%
Total permanent disability100%
Loss of one eye or one limb50%

Benefits of Having a PA Cover - What Makes a PA Cover Mandatory for Bike Insurance?

The personal accident cover comes with some essential benefits for the policyholder, raising the protection limits of bike insurance. The benefits are listed hereby-

  1. Financial Support in Loss of Income– The PA cover is designed to provide adequate financial coverage to the policyholder in case of irreversible physical disability. In case of an accident that results in permanent disability, the PA cover ensures a 100% premium paid to the policyholder.
  2. Medical Expenditure Financial Support to the Policyholder – Road accidents can be traumatic. It calls for immediate medical assistance. But, meeting the fat medical bills can cause stress for the policyholder's family members. This is where PA cover will come to your assistance. It will cover all the medical expenses involved in getting the required medical treatment for the injured. The entire cost of hospitalization, treatment, and medicines will be covered under it.
  3. Financial Support for the Policyholder’s Family Members - The PA cover also benefits the dependent members of the policyholder in case of the latter's accidental death. The entire insured amount is paid to the legal heir or the nominee.

So, given these many meaningful and compelling benefits of personal accidents, it is good that in India it is mandatory to have a PA cover. It is in the interest of the two-wheeler owner that this has been made owing to the increasing number of road accidents involving two-wheelers. 

How to Claim PA Cover?

You will have to file the claim to get the benefits of a PA cover for your bike insurance. The claim can be filed by the owner, the driver, or the nominee. In case of accidental death, the claim is filed by the nominee. The following steps can file the claim –

  1. The insurer first has to be informed about the incident or occurrence
  2. Get FIR and eye witness to confirm the occurrence
  3. Fill up the claim form
  4. Attach all necessary documents and photographs with the claim form
  5. Submit the set of documents and await approval


However, there are situations when the insurance company may find that the cause of the incident is not valid enough and may thus deny the benefits of the PA cover. The exclusion involves the below-listed situations and conditions-

  1. Intentional injury to self or suicide attempt
  2. If the injury or death has taken place under the influence of intoxicating substances such as liquor or drugs
  3. If any unlawful act is involved that has caused injury or death.

Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that getting a PA cover is mandatory not only because of its legal implications but also for the well-being of you and your dear ones. Two-wheelers are the most convenient transportation mode, which explains the ever-growing number of two-wheelers on the road.

But they are also very susceptible to accidents, so getting every possible protection to safeguard against unforeseen and unpleasant incidents is the call of the hour. And so, PA cover is a must for every bike owner cum rider. The PA cover may vary from insurer to insurer, but the core objective is safeguarding against unforeseen financial liabilities.


1. Is it required to buy two PA covers if someone owns two bikes?

The PA cover is for the individual and not for the vehicle. So, one individual will have to buy only one PA cover for bike insurance, even if he has two vehicles.

2. What are the documents for buying PA cover in two-wheeler insurance?

There is no separate requirement of documents for purchasing PA cover for bike insurance. You can visit the insurance company’s website and buy PA cover during buying new bike insurance or renewing an existing one.

3. Is PA a part of bike insurance?

No, PA cover has to be bought separately from your third-party liability or comprehensive bike insurance by paying an additional premium.

4. Is the pillion rider also covered in PA cover?

No, PA cover provides accidental coverage for the owner-rider and not the pillion rider.

5. Is it mandatory to buy a personal accident cover for bike insurance?

As per the mandate of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for every bike owner cum rider to buy a separate PA cover with the bike insurance.

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