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Different Types of Bike Insurance and Its Variants

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 12:43 PM

When you buy a bike, you must always insure it. And to do that, it is essential to know the different variants of bike insurance available in the market. A bike insurance policy is mandatory for anyone with a bike or a scooter. However, it is equally essential to be aware of the types of motor insurance available for your two-wheeler. This is because this information will help you acquire the best bike insurance. 

Bike insurance in India is a type of insurance that protects against financial losses in case of a bike accident. It covers third-party financial liabilities and own vehicle damages. There are several types of two-wheeler insurance, which you can choose from when you register your bike. Furthermore, the premium for motor insurance also depends on the variant of insurance you choose, in addition to factors such as the bike's make and model, the bike's age, the bike, location of the bike, and the rider's history.

To begin with, having a bike insurance policy in place will help you drive without stress. It will also provide financial protection in the event of an accident or theft. It can also help cover the cost of repairs or replacement parts and third-party liability arising from injury or death caused by the insured bike. It is essential to know the differences so that you can make an informed decision as to which insurance you should apply for to protect your bike financially.

What are the Variants in Bike Insurance?

There are three main variants of the two-wheeler insurance policy. These include:

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan

Comprehensive bike insurance is a policy that provides financial protection against physical damage to your bike caused by an accident, theft, natural or man-made disaster. It also covers third-party liability such as injuries, death and property damage.

Some of the features of comprehensive bike insurance include:

  • It offers protection for your two-wheeler against any damages caused by accidents, theft, fire, natural and man-made disasters.
  • It covers third-party liability in case of accidents involving your bike and causing injuries or damages to others.
  • It covers expenses incurred for repairing or replacing the bike in case of damages.
  • The policy can be tailor-made with add-ons to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Third-party Bike Insurance Plan

Third-party bike insurance is a mandatory insurance plan that offers financial protection to the policyholder in case of damages caused to a third-party individual, vehicle or property in an accident. The insurance company will pay for these expenses up to the limit of the policy.

Some of the features of third-party bike insurance include the following:

  • A 3rd party bike insurance covers the legal liability of insured against third-party injuries, vehicle and property damage.

However, please note that this insurance does not cover your vehicle due to theft, natural/man-made calamities, or riot.

Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Plan

A standalone own damage, two-wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against damages caused due to accidents, natural and man-made calamities. It covers damages to your bike due to accidents, fire, theft, and vandalism. However, this policy does not protect against third-party liabilities arising from accidents involving your bike.

Some of the features of this two-wheeler vehicle insurance include:

  • A standalone own-damage bike insurance plan in India offers financial protection against damages caused to your bike due to an accident, theft, fire, natural or natural calamities.
  • It covers the repair or replacement cost of your bike without the deductible.
  • Most standalone bike insurance plans in India have a policy term of 1 or 2 years.
  • You can choose to insure your bike for its market value or its replacement value.
  • Some insurers offer add-on covers such as zero depreciation, return-to invoice, engine protection, etc with a standalone own-damage bike insurance plan.

Final Words

In India, there are multiple variants of bike insurance that you can choose from. However, you must first make a list of your requirements, which clearly assesses all that you require from the two-wheeler insurance policy. Once you are done listing your requirements, you can compare bike insurance policies available from the dealers, which would also vary according to the age and model of your bike. 

Additionally, you must be aware of your financial capabilities before buying two-wheeler insurance to ensure that it not only aligns with your requirements but is also affordable. The most important thing is to ensure that your bike is safeguarded as you choose the bike insurance policy best suited to you. 


1. Does the comprehensive bike insurance cover third-party liabilities?

Yes, comprehensive bike insurance provides 360-degree protection- it covers your insured vehicle as well as the third-party liabilities.

2. Does the standalone bike insurance cover the third-party liabilities?

No, the standalone policy does not cover any third-party liabilities. It covers the damages caused to the insured vehicle.

3. Is it mandatory to get standalone bike insurance in India?

No, getting standalone insurance or comprehensive insurance is not mandatory for riders in India.

4. Is third-party liability insurance mandatory for bike riders in India?

Yes, third-party insurance is mandatory for riders in India, as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act.

5. What is the major difference between comprehensive bike insurance and third party bike insurance?

A comprehensive bike insurance plan offers coverage against both, third-party liabilities as well as own damages. In contrast, a third-party bike insurance plan only covers the insured against third-party liabilities. Additionally, a comprehensive bike insurance plan usually has a higher premium than a third-party bike insurance plan.

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