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Bike Insurance Premium for 125cc Engine

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 12:17 PM

If you are driving on Indian roads, purchasing bike insurance is inevitable. Not only inevitable, but the Government of India also made it compulsory for two-wheelers to buy two-wheeler insurance. 

Bike insurance is often overlooked, but it is essential to have coverage if you are riding a 125cc bike. Regardless of the size or type of bike, every rider needs a bike insurance policy. A 125cc bike is a comparatively small-sized bike with a 125cc engine that is ideal for both long and short journeys. 125cc bikes are relatively economical to run, which is why it has gained popularity among the youth.

Different bike types have different insurance requirements, so it is significant to research your options based on factors, especially engine capacity, before buying bike insurance. It is challenging to quote your bike insurance premium without knowing your bike engine capacity, age, and driving record. Bike 'cc' represents the cubic capacity of a bike. Cubic capacity is a prime factor in understanding your engine power produced in the horsepower. 

Hence, a larger engine will result in a greater premium. For instance, if all other determining factors remain the same, you will pay less for a 50cc bike than a 125cc bike. 

Protect Your Bike with Insurance Policies

As you know, in India, riders have two insurance policies—a third-party insurance policy and a comprehensive insurance policy. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, a third-party insurance policy is mandatory.

Third-party Insurance Policy Price List of 125cc Bikes

The third-party bike insurance policy can protect you against the costs arising from damages/injuries to the third-party person, bike or property. Without a third-party bike insurance policy, you can attract up to INR 2000 as a fine. 

Different insurance companies in India charge distinct costs for a third-party insurance policy. An insurance company calculates the third-party insurance policy cost or premium based on factoring in the engine capacity, which the IRDAI decides based on the engine condition. 

Here’s a breakdown of how much the insurance policy premium rate is for different engine capacities:

Engine Capacity Range

Third-party Insurance Premium Rates

Up to 75 ccINR 538
Between 75 to 150 ccINR 714
Between 150 to 350 ccINR 1366
Above 350 ccINR 2804

(Source: IRDAI)

Comprehensive Insurance Policy Price List for 125cc Bikes

Unlike third-party bike insurance, a comprehensive bike insurance policy is not mandatory to be purchased by the riders. The comprehensive bike insurance premium covers own damages and third-party damage. In other words, the comprehensive bike insurance policy covers the cost of damages/injuries to a third-party person, bike or property along with the bike of the insured person. 

The premiums for comprehensive bike insurance policy vary from insurer to insurer and are not decided by the IRDAI. Unlike third-party, a comprehensive insurance policy comes with different coverages, add-ons and can be customised hence its premium differs. 

Factors Included in the Calculation of Comprehensive Policy

  • Model, make and variant of your bike
  • Manufacturer year of the bike
  • The engine capacity 
  • Owner age, gender, and riding experience
  • No claim bonus (NCB)
  • Add-ons opted for

Since the above factors include add-ons for this cover, we cannot calculate the premium or cost solely based on engine capacity. There are no set premium rates for different engine capacity rates. The higher the engine capacity, the higher the premium is.

Get A Quote for Your 125cc Bike

When in doubt, get a quote from different policy aggregators to finalize the bike insurance cost among the best insurance companies. All you have to do is provide the details of your bike’s brand, model, city, and purchase year and submit to know your quote.


A good amount of research will keep you away from paying higher rates for two-wheeler insurance policies. In India, various insurance companies offer a variety of insurance premium rates. A bike insurance calculator will assist you in reaching out for the right insurance rates.


1. Is it possible to ride a 125cc bike if I have a provisional license?

No, you cannot ride a 125cc bike if you have a provisional license. You can only ride vehicles which are below 50cc (without gear). 

2. Which bike insurance policy type is best for 125cc bikes in India?

A comprehensive bike insurance policy is best for 125cc bikes in India because of its wide coverage policy. It covers both third-party insurance and a comprehensive insurance policy. Besides it, you can also opt for additional add-on covers.

3. How many years of two-wheeler insurance is required for new 125cc bikes?

According to the Supreme Court ruling in September 2018, IRDAI has made it mandatory for all the new two-wheeler owners to purchase a mandatory five years insurance policy. 

4. Is it allowed to take a passenger with me while riding my 125cc bike?

Yes, you can ride with a pillion rider.

5. Is comprehensive bike insurance mandatory in India?

No, comprehensive bike insurance is not mandatory in India, but third-party insurance is mandatory in India.

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