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Steps to Claim Reliance Bike Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 3:19 PM

Reliance General Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies in India, with 128+ branches across India. The policy registration, renewal, and claim settlement are paperless and provide a hassle-free experience. 

This Reliance bike insurance policy covers multiple kinds of damages and losses. Some of them are damages due to natural calamities, theft, fire, man-made disasters beyond policyholders' control. The claim settlement ratio is also increasing year by year, which is building trust among the policyholders. 

Reliance bike insurance provides 24*7 contact facility with zero wait time. You can also use Reliance Self-i App for instant claim intimation. The support system of Reliance General Insurance is very efficient in providing emergency help to policyholders. 

Your claim might be rejected sometimes by your negligence and unawareness. In this article, we will get to know everything about Reliance bike insurance claims in a simple way. 

Key Highlights of Reliance Bike Insurance

Below are some key highlights of Reliance bike insurance that make it different and best among other insurance alternatives:

1. Exclusive discounts on two-wheeler insurance policies

2. 8,200 network garages providing cashless service. 

3. Bike insurance renewal with no inspection facility.  

4. Multiple add-on covers options available. 

5. Policy terms can be extended at the insurer's convenience. 

How to Claim Reliance Bike Insurance?

Follow these below-mentioned steps for placing a claim for insurance coverage with Reliance bike insurance:

Step 1: Inform the Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the incident as soon as possible. You don't need to visit there to inform them personally; you can either use the customer care number 22 48903009 to contact, visit the website, or email them. Inform the insurance company of your policy number or the number of your bike. 

Step 2: Appointment for Inspection

The next step is to arrange a surveyor inspection, and you have to submit the required documents to the surveyor. Reliance bike insurance has garages all over India, where you can repair your bikes directly by availing of cashless benefits. Provide a copy of DL, RC book after self-attestation, and claim form to the authorized garage of Reliance. 

You can also repair the vehicle at any garage of your choice and claim the reimbursement of expenses incurred by submitting the original bills or payment receipts with the insurance company. 

Step 3: Claim Confirmation

Under this step, Reliance company will confirm your claim liability. 

Step 4: Vehicle Delivery

After completing all formalities, your vehicle will be delivered to you after repair. 

Details Required to File a Claim

You have to give the below-mentioned documents to file your claim with Reliance general bike insurance:

  • Policy number and contact number
  • Name of policyholder, date, and time of the accident
  • Vehicle number and model of bike
  • Estimate of loss
  • Information about how the accident happened
  • Garage details

Documents Required to Claim Accidental Damages

In case of damages due to accidents following documents are needed:

  • Policy number as proof of bike insurance
  • RC copy and tax receipt
  • DL of the person driving
  • In case of property damage of third-party or death or injury, an FIR copy is to be given
  • Estimates of expenses from the repairer
  • Original repair bills and receipts of payment made

In case of losses due to theft following additional documents are required:

  • Concerned RTO theft endorsement
  • Keys set, warranty card with service booklets
  • FIR with reports of final investigation or reports of JMFC
  • Copy of theft intimation letter to RTO

In case of admission of liability following documents are required:

  • Forms 28, 29, and 30 (Must be signed by the insurer)
  • Form 35 (Must be signed by the financer)
  • Subrogation letter
  • Consent from both the insurer and financer on the claim settlement value
  • NOC from financer
  • Claim discharge voucher in specified format with revenue stamp


Reliance bike insurance is indeed one of the best insurance providers with its lucrative insurance options and facilities- it covers both the comprehensive insurance policy and the third-party insurance. In case of need, the insurance company may ask for additional information and documents from the insurer for claim settlement. Ensure you have all the required documents prepared before applying for Reliance bike insurance. Also, compare it with other insurance policies to determine which one fulfils your requirements properly.


1. What are the discounts that can be availed with Reliance bike insurance?

You can avail of two types of discounts, one is a no-claim bonus(NCB), and another one is a voluntary discount. NCB is a kind of discount provided on insurance premiums for the next year onwards if the policyholder does not claim the insurance in any year. When the policyholder pays a pre-decided amount, they get a voluntary discount in that case.  

2. What losses or damages are not covered under Reliance bike insurance?

Reliance bike insurance will not cover depreciation, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, or damages due to war or nuclear attacks. No damages will be covered if you don't have a valid driving license (DL). It will also not cover damages if you have used a personal bike for commercial purposes. 

3. What is the case where Reliance bike insurance company will re-inspect bills for reimbursement?

The policyholder who does not opt for the cashless garage facility will have to repair their bikes at any garage of their choice. After that, they have to submit all the bills to the insurance company to get reimbursement for expenses they have incurred. If the bill exceeds INR 20,000, the insurance company will conduct a re-inspection. 

4. What are the mistakes that may lead to no claim approval by Reliance bike insurance?

You should never leave your bike unlocked because theft, due to this reason, will not be covered. If you repair your bike before completing the survey or inspection by Reliance insurance officials, no claim will be allowed to you by the company. 

5. How to claim bike insurance on Reliance?

In order to claim Reliance bike insurance, you will need to inform the insurer, submit the claim form, and submit a copy of the police FIR. You will also be required to submit a copy of your driving license, RC book, and policy document.

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