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Renewal of IFFCO-Tokio Two-wheeler Insurance Online: A Comprehensive Guide

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 November 2022, 3:22 PM

Do you have a bike and are seeking to buy insurance? You can trust IFFCO-Tokio for all your coverage needs. Can you imagine getting a full-year financial shield for as low as INR 588? You need bike insurance, which saves you the cost of damages and other maintenance expenses.

IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance protects you from legal liabilities. You can be arrested and pay a fine when riding without valid two-wheeler insurance. But why risk INR 2000 to pay for a fine when you can get bike insurance from IFFCO-Tokio at the most affordable cost? You only need to visit the company's website and buy or renew your policy.

You'll save cost and time buying or renewing your insurance policy online since you do it in the comfort of your couch. In addition, the online two-wheeler insurance renewal process doesn't require papers. Just use your email, log in to the company's website, and give your policy number and other information to renew your IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance. Below are two-wheeler insurance policies you can renew online from IFFCO-Tokio.

Different Bike Insurance Plans Offered Online by IFFCO-Tokio

IFFCO-Tokio offers different bike insurance policies. The main goal of all their policies is to protect you from all sorts of first-party and third-party damages caused to your vehicle due to accidents, theft, natural calamities, vandalism, etc.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance

The law doesn't allow you to ride without insurance. You should have third-party bike insurance as the least coverage. IFFCO-Tokio has a third-party insurance policy you can consider. The premiums you pay for a third-party plan depend on your bike's value, model, age and purpose.

But remember, third-party bike insurance offers limited coverage than a comprehensive policy. The policy shields you against third-party damages or injury costs alone. When riding, you could injure or destroy other people's property if an accident occurs. So, third-party two-wheeler insurance helps to cover any cost arising from third-party expenses.

For example, you may collide with another motorist, who might be hospitalized due to the accident. That means you take care of the hospitalization cost of that person. If you have third-party insurance, it can save you the cost of hospitalization.

IFFCO-Tokio Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is the best for your vehicle. This policy shields you against your own-damage costs and all third-party liabilities. When your bike sustains damages and requires repair after an accident, IFFCO-Tokio pays the expenses. But your comprehensive cover should be active to enjoy protection.

The company can also compensate you for the total loss of your motorbike. You could lose your bike due to human-made accidents or natural calamities. When that happens, IFFCO-Tokio's comprehensive bike insurance can replace your bike.

Own-injury expenses or death are other losses your comprehensive bike insurance covers. When you buy a comprehensive plan from IFFCO-Tokio, you are allowed to get other add-ons. However, you pay some extra but affordable premiums for add-ons.

What are the Steps to Renew Bike Insurance Policy?

Step 1 – Visit Iffko-Tokio and Login to their site.

Step 2 – From the drop-down bar, tap ‘renewal.’ Tap on two-wheeler insurance.

Step 3 – Next, type in your vehicle registration and policy number meticulously and hit proceed.

Step 4 – Your details will be found in the system.

Step 5 – Pay the bike insurance renewal amount through UPI or any other mentioned payment method.

Once you have completed all these steps, your new policy will be sent over mail and WhatsApp.

What are the Benefits of Renewing Your IFFCO-Tokio Bike Insurance Online?

Insurance is a perennial process of asset protection. Renewing the document in advance or at the expiry will ensure continuity. Beware that delaying your insurance renewals may cause fines.

Renewing your IFFCO-Tokio's bike insurance online is secure and transparent. In most cases, your bike mechanic station will provide this feature at an added cost. Hop in to understand the benefits of two-wheeler insurance renewal online compared to flipping papers.

Zero Involvement of Middlemen

When you are renewing your IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance online, you rule out all the interceptions by the insurance agent. You form your opinion on the renewal policy and avoid the mis-selling radar of the insurance agents or middlemen.

100% Transparent 

One of the most satisfying feelings is when we see no hidden costs. Renewing bike insurance online allows you the freedom to have access to every piece of information. You might not get a holistic picture if you renew your insurance on the ground.

One-stop Access Point

Online insurance websites are designed and developed to suit all your needs under one roof. Tasks like comparing two or more insurance policies can be done within the website or mobile application.

Direct Communication with the Insurance Company

For easy DIY tasks, there are chatbots to navigate you. For complex queries, you will feel the need of direct communication with the company. This channel ensures to erase all communication gaps, which builds customer lifetime value (CLV) on the macro.

Zero Paperwork

Are you tired of signing a bunch of papers alongside your insurance agent? Say goodbye to the paperwork hassles and go online for your bike insurance renewal policy. 

Instant Policy

The days of instant gratification are on the rise, owing to the convenience of immediate results with minimal effort. Get the benefit of a renewed policy document within seconds. You do not have to wait to receive your document by post.

You can buy or renew an insurance policy online in the comfort of your home. So why miss out on a convenient, seamless renewal process? Join the bandwagon of growing the bike insurance online tribe. 


1. Do I need documents to renew my bike insurance online from IFFCO-Tokio?

 No, you won't be required to have any documents to get new insurance online 

2. What happens to my IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance policy if I shift to another city?

Your policy will still be under coverage, but it is advisable to change your address online. 

3. What happens when I wish to renew my expired IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance policy?

You can easily renew your expired bike insurance policy online. 

4. What documents do I need to renew my IFFCO-Tokio bike insurance?

You will need your driver's licence details, banking details like your credit card, debit card, and net banking details, and the vehicle registration certificate along with the RC number.

5. What does the IFFCO-Tokio comprehensive policy cover?

The comprehensive policy covers both damages to your bike and third-party liabilities.

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