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How Can a Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Plan be Renewed Online?

By Juhi Walia
03 August 2022, 12:45 PM

Bharti AXA is renowned for providing hassle-free bike insurance claim processing at its approved facilities. In addition, policyholders may always contact the customer support team, which is accessible around the clock. The Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policies are considered comprehensive, safe, and affordable to most. Bharti AXA bike insurance policy has a time frame after which it must be renewed to continue insurance coverage for their bikes. Bharti AXA bike insurance policy renewal is crucial since it will enable you to claim damages under challenging circumstances. You can get a grace period of 90 days to renew your Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policy if you can't do it on the due date. 

Refer to the details mentioned below to learn about the renewal process of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance.  

Renewal of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Policies - Online Procedure

Follow these instructions for a simple online renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy from Bharti AXA:

Step 1: Go to the Official Website of Bharti AXA

The first step in renewing a policy is to go to the Bharti AXA General Insurance official website and choose the 'renew' option on the main page. Then, click 'two-wheeler insurance' from the list after selecting 'motor'.

Step 2: Enter the Details

You must provide the policy, the two-wheeler registration number, and the insurance expiration date. After entering the information, you must choose the 'terms and conditions' checkbox. Then, to continue, use the "renew now" option.

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Step 3: Carefully Review the Policy Specifics

Review your policy quotes on renewal before going ahead. If you want to extend the same plan, you must acknowledge and carefully review your policy. When ready, press the 'confirm' button to continue and pay for Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policy renewal.

Step 4: Renewal Payment

You have alternatives for making the renewal payment, including net banking, NEFT, UPI, credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. Pay the renewal amount using the preferred payment method.

Renewal of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Policies - Offline Procedure

Some individuals choose to do their insurance policy-related business offline. You may also renew your Bharti AXA motor insurance offline. You won't have issues renewing the Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policy, as you can call the company's toll-free number to learn about the insurance renewal requirements. 

Then, you can visit the nearest Bharti AXA branch to renew your bike insurance policy. To renew your Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance offline, follow these instructions:

  • Meet with the customer service agent at the Bharti AXA insurance office closest to you.
  • Take the customer service representative's renewal form, and fill it out with all the relevant details about your current policy.
  • In certain situations, you must additionally provide your personal information.
  • The customer service agent would then offer you your options for renewal quotes.
  • Pick the quotation you like the best.
  • Depending on the current bike insurance policy you have in place, you may also purchase add-ons to boost your level of protection.
  • Confirm your payments.
  • Acquire renewal information in the form of documentation.

Advantages of Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Renewal

The advantages of appropriately renewing your Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance policy are as follows:

Instant Policy Renewal

Bharti AXA General Insurance instantly allows a two-wheeler insurance policy renewal. In addition, you may renew your insurance by contacting Bharti AXA via its website or toll-free number or by going to its branch office closest to you.

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24x7 Customer Assistance

Emergency help is available to Bharti AXA General Insurance clients around the clock. For any form of support, you may call the toll-free hotline number if you have any questions regarding your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Financial Assistance

Cashless Garages, facilitated by Bharti AXA, allow repairs of your damaged vehicle without paying upfront. Bharti AXA has more than 5200 cashless garages that provide two-wheeler maintenance while you are travelling. So while driving, you don't need to worry about maintenance costs.

Continue to Earn No-claim Bonus

If you do not submit Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance claim until the day of the policy renewal, no-claim bonus accumulates. But you risk losing the bonus if you can't renew your two-wheeler insurance.


Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance protects the biker owner against third-party claims and liabilities to the owner/rider and their bike. In addition, Bharati AXA two-wheeler insurance policies also provide financial security against losses brought on by accidents, theft, and natural catastrophes. 

Bharti AXA bike insurance must be renewed within the required timeframe. If not completed promptly, the insurance would terminate, and the policyholder would be responsible for future problems. If the vehicle is in an accident when the insurance is expired, they would not be able to file a bike insurance claim for damages.


1. What is the cut-off date for Bharti AXA bike insurance renewal?

When you get bike insurance coverage, the document will state when it expires. When the insurance is about to expire is the optimum time to renew. Else the policy will expire. However, the cut-off date to renew your bike insurance policy is within 90 days of its expiration date. But you risk being fined if caught riding a bike without a legitimate insurance policy.

2. What happens if I decide to renew my Bharti AXA bike insurance after the first 90 days have passed?

You will be subject to the following penalties if you renew your Bharti AXA bike insurance after 90 days.

  • Your no-claim bonus from the prior policy would not be redeemable.
  • You must consent to an examination by the insurance provider.
  • You will be fined when riding a bike with a lapsed policy.

3. Is it possible to modify my Bharti AXA policy document at the time of renewal?

While renewing Bharti AXA bike insurance, you may modify the policy and its provisions.

4. What documentation do I need to renew my Bharti AXA bike insurance policy?

To begin the renewal process, all you need is your policy number and the date your policy expires. Your Bharti AXA bike insurance coverage may be renewed without any extra paperwork.

5. Can I expand the things covered by the plan while renewing my Bharti AXA bike insurance?

Yes, by adding the add-on covers provided under the bike insurance policy, you can expand your protection on renewal. However, using these add-ons will raise your premium. So, choose the add-ons that matter to you.

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