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10 Tips to Look After Your Car in Summers

By Vikas Chandra Das
04 August 2022, 1:10 PM

Summers in India are annoyingly hot. Your car cannot be protected from the humidity in the weather. It would be best to give your car a summer curated service. Also, summers are the vacation season. People visit their families; the trips are always around the corner.

These occasional trips are also why you should keep your car in full check when summer is in full swing. This way, the car won't succumb to the extreme temperature outside whenever you plan a road trip with your friends or family. There are a few ways to look after your car in summer so that it will take care of you in return.

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Tips to Take Care of Your Car in Summers

Let us talk about a few tricks to help ensure your car’s health in the summer months.

1. Coolant System

There is no wit that the first thing you need to keep in check for your car is its coolant system. The car's coolant system prevents the heat caused by the engine and the carburetor from within the system. Depending on how old your coolant system is, you can either entirely change it or add the coolant mixture.

Also, check any leakages or impending issues between the points and the joints. Occasionally check the hoses and the reservoirs with the coolant system. Keeping a check on the hoses will ensure tightness.

2. Air Conditioning System

The second thing of priority is to check the air conditioning system. Surviving the summers without air conditioning is tough. Before taking your car out on a trip, check your automobile's air conditioning system. If it has gone faulty and is not throwing as cool air as it should, make sure to change it or repair it.

Be reminded to check the outer flaps of the air conditioning. See if they swing rightly. This will be necessary for the passengers in the back.

3. Air Filter

This is another thing that should be checked before taking the car on summer roads. The air filter requires changing at frequent intervals. Ideally, it makes sense to change the filter every 2 years or at 20000 kilometres, whichever is shorter. But the most precise way to gauge the air filter is to see the dirt that is on it. Sometimes even with less time and kilometres, the air filter needs to change quickly because of the roads travelled.

Ironically, the air filters work better with slightly added dust to them.

4. Wipers

The summertime is also known for notorious storms. This is prone to cover your windshield with other parts of the glass in the sand and sometimes moisture because of the humidity. This would cause decreased visibility, and you need your wipers to work in such times. So, make sure your windshield wipers function perfectly, or you can replace them. Also, check if your car insurance policy covers the replacement.

5. Change Oil and Oil Filter

Oil is the blood of your car and needs changing every three months. If you have exceeded this timeline, be sure to change the oil, summer or not.

Check the colour of your oil with the oil stick. If it is highly brown, it has accumulated a lot of dirt and should be changed quickly.

If the filter has been damaged or dirtied, it is advisable to change the oil filter after a few years of usage.

6. Battery

We have almost heard that batteries cause the maximum inconvenience on a trip. The car’s battery died in the middle; without it, you cannot move anywhere. This stops your car in the middle of nowhere, and nothing can be done until you have your hands on another battery. Check your car insurance to see if the battery replacement is covered in it.

Summer heat can speed up the chemicals inside the battery, and the battery can get overcharged. Get it checked before using the car for long trips.

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7. Tyres

Always make sure to check the tyres and their air pressure before leaving. Also, before you take your car out in the summer, consider the damage rubber tyres can take from the temperature. If they are too old, make sure to replace them.

Also, get the car alignment checked with the tyres.

8. Belt Engine

If the engine belt is loose, it will start making noise. This may cause damage to other connected spare parts. This belt must be in perfect shape and have the best quality.

9. Dashboard and Sunshade

It is also imperative to check the place where you park your car. Try to find a place for your car least exposed to the sun. Get a windshield cover if your car is exposed to the sun regularly. This will help the seats and dashboard from heating.

10. Regular Checking

Finally, one thing that you should always continue to do is get your car checked at regular intervals. This would help you to get an accurate picture of your car’s condition and will help to foresee any damages and solutions required.

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Protecting your car in summer would require thoroughly checking your car’s system. Changing some of the spare parts can be very expensive. Check with your insurance provider to see if it is covered under your car’s insurance policy.

Keep your car in check. Take care of the spare parts and hardware, and make sure to enjoy the summers with your family in your cars.

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1. What to check about the fluid levels?

Fluids are essential for the car. Check the amount of fuel and other fluids in your car for smooth functioning.

2. Is car cleaning necessary for summer?

Yes. Summers are spent with families and kids. Having your car dirty inside or outside is not ideal. Make sure to get a cleaning service before long trips.

3. What about the water in the wipers?

The windshield fluid requires to be filled at regular intervals. Check the water pressure and add fluids accordingly. 

4. What to do if I don’t find a shade?

You can get a cover for your car. Keep your cabin cool by rolling down the windows for a bit when you turn on the car. 

5. Will my insurance cover the spare parts of cars that need changing?

This depends on the car insurance policy. Check with your insurance provider to know precisely what your insurance covers. 


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