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Tips to Reduce Car Pollution Level During Smog Season

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

The deadly combination of smoke and fog, commonly known as smog, is a phenomenon that is hazardous to motorists on the road. It has become rather common to see this, in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore where pollution levels are high and it is not long before other cities start facing this hazard.

One cannot stress more on the importance of reducing industrial and car pollution to reduce the incidence of smog, and this article offers some tips that you can follow in order to do your bit towards getting rid of this.

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Top Tips that You Need to Follow to Reduce Car Pollution Levels During Smog Season

  • Warm-up your car to start it smoothly especially during winter as it takes longer to start on such days. This can also be the case if the car is slightly old or if the fuel used is diesel. Doing this before you undertake your journey is advisable as it will help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Check the tyre pressure to be accurate as this will help the car run smoothly and consume less fuel. The tyre pressure requirements will differ for different models and make of car, so be mindful of that.
  • Turn off the air condition whenever possible as this will reduce the extra load on the engine of the car causing more fuel to burn up. Allow natural air to flow in, to cool down the temperatures inside instead of switching on the air conditioning system. Also, ensure that the air conditioner is turned off when the car is halted at the traffic signal or in the parking lot to save on fuel.
  • Ensure regular servicing of your car to ensure that it not only increases the life of your car but also reduces the pollutants that come out of it. A regular change of engine oil, lubricants, filters, etc. will ramp up the car’s efficiency and will help you save up on fuel.
  • Using unadulterated fuel and filling it up in a reputed fueling station for good fuel will keep the car engine’s health in good condition.
  • Cut down the load on the car as a lighter car will be more fuel-efficient and less likely to pollute the environment. Unburden the car of unnecessary items that you have just hoarded in for you are too lazy to remove them from the boot.
  • Keep the tank at 60% if you drive regularly in cities as a lighter fuel tank will decrease the overall weight of the vehicle and burn less fuel while climbing flyovers or pickups.
  • Using strict pedal control for it is said that having an efficient acceleration technique can result in saving nearly 10% of the fuel. Do not be jerky and erratic in the manner that you accelerate and apply the brakes.
  • Check for pollution levels of cars regularly as it is not just a mandate of law to get an emission certificate but also helps you find out if there are any problems with the car. It is recommended that this exercise is done every three to six months once.
  • Try using public transport as often as possible for there are several viable modes of transportation out there especially in the bigger cities that suffer most from the problem of pollution and smog. Reduction in the number of vehicles on the road will significantly contribute to lowering pollution levels – the COVID lockdown period was testimony to that.
  • If not public transport, try carpooling as any effort made in the direction of reducing the number of vehicles on the road is a good start towards saving the environment.

Indulge in these Practices as Socially Responsible Citizens

The lungs of the city have been destroyed due to the abuse of the environment. We have mindlessly used up our resources unsustainably in the name of comfort and progress. But this modus operandi is no longer going to work as we are soon reaching a point of no return.

There is no use in blaming the government, the previous generations, or even our neighbours, friends, and family. It is best that we as socially responsible citizens correct our actions NOW before it is too late, for we are as much to blame for the state of affairs as anyone else.

Every small step counts and a conscious effort on everyone’s part will go a long way in changing the status quo. 


It is imperative that we are mindful of the environment and the repercussions that our actions have at every step of the way and reducing the kind of pollution that our car emits definitely falls on the priority list. Follow the tips mentioned above and do your bit to save the environment and your children’s future.

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