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All About Navi Car Insurance Self-inspection Process

By Juhi Walia
12 August 2022, 12:06 PM

With the advancement of technology in every sector, insurance companies, too, have moved their operations to an internet platform, one of them being self-inspection. As part of the various System Operating Procedures (SOPs) of car renewal, a car inspection is an important formality that needs to be conducted. 

Earlier, this formality of car inspection before the car insurance renewal used to be conducted by designated officials appointed by the car insurance companies. Still, the car owner can self-inspect the car with the latest technological advancements in this sector. It is a simple process that enables a quick survey without the surveyor having to visit your home for inspection and approval of the same. This process is known as self-inspection. 

To know more details regarding the same, let us read further. 

Self-inspection Processes

Car insurance companies use two ways to enable self-inspection by their policyholders. This may vary from company to company.

At Navi General car insurance, clients can opt for the following two processes:

Third-party Inspection- 

Under this process, the insurance company enlists the services of the third party to help the concerned individual with the technical aspects while carrying out the procedures. Here, the third party is involved with the procedure.

Self Inspection- 

There is another way by which car insurance companies allow their customers to self-inspect their vehicles. This does not require any assistance from any third party. To begin with self-inspection of the car, the customers can either download the app on their mobile gadgets or log on to the company’s website to do the needful.

Procedure to Perform Self-inspection at Navi General Insurance

Navi car insurance self-inspection is a straightforward and straightforward process. It has a record of granting 76.2% of its claims within 24 hours. Here is the procedure to self-inspect your car if you are a Navi General car insurance client. 

  • If you meet with an accident, the first formality is to inform Navi General car insurance. If it is for a new policy or a renewal of an existing one, call the insurer on its toll-free number, 1800 123 0004, to get all details regarding the performance of the self-inspection process.
  • After collecting all the required documents, you need to go to your Navi General Insurance app and click on the self-inspection option.
  • Next, you will have to switch on the camera and shoot a video of your car's four sides, with special attention and emphasis on the affected and damaged parts.
  • The next step is to upload the video and wait for the approval.
  • Since the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect and evaluate the video, the approval for a new policy or a claim would be executed within minutes.

Navi General car insurance is quite a reputed and trusted brand in the insurance sector. It has a CSR of 76.2%, as recorded in the financial year 2020, and has a network of approximately 1100 garages. It promises a low-cost car insurance premium and the leverage to personalise your policy by adding-on other benefits as per your requirements and premium-paying capacity. With the latest technological facilities, like car insurance online, self-inspection, instant approval, etc., Navi General car insurance is a recommended choice when it comes to choosing car insurance for a new car or car insurance policy renewal of an existing one. 

When Do You Require a Car Inspection?

Car inspection is required under various circumstances by car insurance companies. Taking a step ahead from traditional surveying to a web-based self-inspection process, the various reasons for which you may require an inspection of your vehicle are as follows:

  • Purchasing own damage cover- when purchasing an own-damage car insurance policy, a thorough inspection is required to ascertain the policy cost.
  • Renewing an expired car insurance policy- when renewing an existing car insurance policy, a self-inspection is required during the break-in time to ascertain your car's present state.
  • Buying a zero-depreciation cover- When buying zero depreciation car insurance cover, you are expected to conduct a self-inspection to assess your car's state before approving the request. This add-on facility enables a full refund of claim value by deducting the depreciation cost of the car from its IDV value.
  • Claiming settlement for your car insurance - It is mandatory to inspect the car before a claim is approved. This is done to ascertain the damage caused and calculate the car insurance claim value accordingly. With self-inspection, the entire process becomes painless, fast and smooth.


Final Take

The entire process of self-inspection with Navi General car insurance is smooth and can be carried out without any additional assistance required. However, the approval of the same rests on the company’s decision. If not fully satisfied, they may ask you to repeat the procedure and even reject the same if specific points have not been adhered to. Hence, you need to be careful enough to follow all required steps and guidelines for a hassle-free experience.


1. Can I carry out the self-inspection process with my smartphone?

A self-inspection car insurance procedure does not require any special photography or gadgets. You can use your smartphone to download the app, shoot the video and send the same to your car insurance provider for approval. 

2. Why should I choose Navi General car insurance?

Navi General Insurance provides many benefits for car insurance and other policies. They have easy processes, quick policy issuance, swift and high claim settlement rates, prompt customer assistance, and no paperwork for their various car insurance policies and others. 

3. Is it possible to get car insurance without inspection?

Yes, it is possible to get car insurance without an inspection if your car insurance policy has lapsed, and before renewal, your car insurance provider needs to inspect for liabilities.

However, sometimes it is not possible. That is when you renew your car insurance policy within the stated due date.

4. Can I renew my car insurance online with Navi General insurance?

Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy online with Navi General Insurance. All you need to do is either download its app or visit its website and follow the steps listed therein, or dial its toll-free number for assistance.

5. Is there a way in which I can avoid a pre-policy car inspection?

Yes, it is possible only if you keep renewing your car insurance policy before it expires. 


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