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Best Features and Benefits of Reliance Car Insurance

By Juhi Walia
18 August 2022, 2:56 PM

Reliance General Insurance Company is a pioneer in car insurance and one of India's most reputed insurance companies.

You can opt for Reliance car insurance for both private and commercial vehicles. It also offers customised plans at affordable prices and covers unforeseen occurrences like road accidents, theft, or damage due to natural calamities.

Furthermore, you can use the Reliance car insurance calculator to calculate the premiums of your cars before purchasing them. This tool will help you not only know the premium cost beforehand but also helps you customise the policy.  

This article provides insights into the various benefits of Reliance car insurance. 

What is Covered Under a Reliance Car Insurance Policy?

The scope of coverage will vary based on the type of Reliance car insurance policy you purchase. Reliance offers three types of car insurance policies - comprehensive car insurance, standalone own damage insurance, and third-party liability policy.

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers third-party claims and own damage.

A standalone own damage car insurance policy protects you against your own vehicle damage. However, the lack of mandatory third-party cover in a standalone cover makes the policy incomplete.

And there is third-party car insurance only that covers third-party claims. This policy frees you from third-party claims arising from an accident involving your insured four-wheeler.  But the lack of own damage coverage will prompt you to buy Reliance comprehensive car insurance.

As far as car insurance add-ons are concerned, you can add all that to a standalone own damage or comprehensive car insurance policy. A third-party liability policy only allows the addition of personal accident cover.

Let's check the Reliance car insurance policy coverage in detail.

Own Liability

Under this cover, you receive compensation for the damage caused to you or the policy owner in case of an accident and loss or damage caused to your car. This includes—

Personal Accident Cover

The cover protects you and your co-passenger in case of a road accident. This includes cases of accident, disability, or death of the policyholder.

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Manmade Calamities Cover

This includes coverage against damage caused to your vehicle due to incidents of explosions, fire, strikes, riots, burglary, theft, etc.

Natural Calamities Cover

This includes cover for expenses incurred due to natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, cyclones, etc.

In-transit Cover

This includes cover for your car against damage caused during transit by road, rail, air, elevator, etc.

Benefits of Add-on Covers

In addition to the above-mentioned coverage benefits, if you pay an additional premium, you can buy car insurance add-on covers to enhance your policy coverage. Some of them include:

No-claim Bonus Retention Cover

The no-claim bonus retention car insurance add-on cover allows you to retain your NCB discounts even after you car insurance claim.

Before opting for this add-on cover, you should, however, consider the following:

  • You can make a maximum of two claims during the policy term. If you do more, you will lose the accumulated NCB discounts.
  • Your car insurance policy renewal should be within 90 days of expiration.

Consumables Cover

The consumable car insurance add-on option allows you to cover the expense of consumables should your car suffer from any damage.

As per the Reliance car insurance plan, the company covers the expense of consumable items like engine and gearbox oil, brake oil, washers, fuel filters, bearings, screws, lubricants, AC gas, etc.

Engine Cover

As the title suggests, engine protection car insurance add on option compensates for the costs incurred towards repairing or fixing the damage caused to the vehicle’s engine.

This also includes compensation for different gearbox parts and the damage caused to them due to leakage of lubricating oil or water ingression.

However, make sure you claim ASAP.

Zero/Nil Depreciation Cover

Reliance car insurance policy provides zero or no deduction on the car’s parts, except for tubes and tyres. The zero depreciation car insurance protects you against depreciation or reduction in the car’s value caused due to wear and tear. Remember that within the policy year, you can only issue a maximum of two claims.

Key Protect Cover

This cover offers compensation for the expenses incurred for repairing or replacing car keys in case of loss or theft. You should, however, be aware that you can use the key protect cover only twice during the policy tenure. You may have to file an FIR report to car insurance claim for theft or burglary.

Daily Allowance Benefit

Reliance car insurance pays you a daily allowance of about INR 5000 for the time your car is under repair or if it is in the network garage. However, you can make only two claims on this cover, and your car should be under repair for over three days.

Return to Invoice Benefit

Based on return to invoice car insurance add on cover, if your car has suffered a complete loss, you receive the full amount equivalent to the final value of the invoice.

Cashless Garages

With a Reliance car insurance policy, you can also avail of cashless services at approximately 3700 certified garages.

You can benefit from these cashless garage services for on-site services, towing facilities, etc., in case of emergency or car breakdown.

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Voluntary Excess Benefit

Reliance new car insurance offers a lucrative discount if you agree to more voluntary excess.

Member of Automobile Association

You can avail of special services and discounts if you are a member of the Automobile Association.


Car insurance is a safety net you can fall back upon in case of uncertain events on and off-road. A four-wheeler insurance protects your hard-earned money in case of unforeseen events. It offers other benefits like instant car insurance policy renewal, towing services in case of breakdown, easy and quick claims settlement, etc.

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1. Why choose Reliance car insurance?

Reliance car insurance offers several benefits, including high coverage, high claim settlement ratio, add-ons, cashless garages, attractive discounts, etc.

2. Which plans are offered in Reliance car insurance?

Reliance car insurance offers comprehensive car insurance, own car damage insurance, and third-party car insurance.

3. Can I buy Reliance car insurance online?

Yes, Reliance car insurance offers some of the best digital services. You can buy or renew car insurance online from anywhere and at any time.

4. What discounts are offered under Reliance car insurance?

No-claim bonus, voluntary deductible, installation of an anti-theft system, etc., provides a discounted premium on your insurance policy.

5. How to file a claim under Reliance car insurance?

To file a claim under a Reliance car insurance policy, you need to inform the insurance company about the incident. The company then sends a surveyor to inspect the damages. You will need to submit certain documents as stated by the company to process the claim. Should it be a case of a cashless claim, Reliance will settle your claim by paying the amount.

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