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Everything About Roadside Assistance Cover By Edelweiss General Insurance

By Juhi Walia
23 September 2022, 11:48 AM

Car insurance companies not only allow financial support to the policyholder, but you can also get immediate roadside assistance during an emergency. But all types of car insurance do not have roadside assistance coverage. It is usually available with comprehensive car insurance or standalone own damage insurance. If you want to buy this additional cover with your insurance policy, you should opt for Edelweiss General Insurance for its extensive benefits. 

Roadside assistance or RSA in Edelweiss car insurance is an add-on cover offered by the insurance company. It is an essential cover in the event of a roadside crisis. You can buy this add-on alongside your comprehensive car insurance policy by paying an extra premium. However, the vehicle's age determines the amount of RSA.

Edelweiss General Insurance offers the policyholder this add-on cover as an optional benefit. It is good to note that this cover only protects the vehicle from sudden road damage, such as electrical or mechanical breakdown, dead battery, low fuel, etc. 

What are the Characteristics of a Roadside Assistance Cover in Edelweiss Car Insurance? 

Roadside assistance car insurance cover is beneficial for a policyholder for its various characteristics, which are as follows: 

  • Transport Facility: If a car suffers a major breakdown and cannot get repaired on the spot, the insurer provides an alternate transport to tow the vehicle to the garage.
  • Accommodation: If a major breakdown takes an extended time to repair, the insurance company may allow hotel accommodation for the policyholder.
  • Not considered as a Claim: RSA and its benefits are not considered a claim. So, your NCB will remain unclaimed even if you use RSA for repairs. 
  • Offer Guidance: In case of minor faults, you can contact the car insurance company, which will guide you on the phone for maintenance.

Advantages of Having an RSA Cover

If you buy roadside assistance coverage with your Edelweiss car insurance policy, you can get the following benefits: 

  • Edelweiss provides emergency fuel to the vehicle owner if the car runs out, so they do not need to look for fuel stations.
  • When a vehicle meets any accident or mechanical/electrical breakdown and cannot reach the garage, roadside assistance helps tow the car from the incident spot to the closest garage.
  • RSA in Edelweiss car insurance helps the policyholder get mechanical team support to replace the flat tyre on the spot.
  • Roadside assistance can help you by offering the backup key if you lost or misplaced it or accidentally closed the vehicle doors while the key was inside the car.
  • Roadside assistance coverage helps the policyholder with alternate transportation to reach a safe place after a breakdown. The insurer hires a cab for the policyholder to reach the closest hotel and offers accommodation for the owner and their family/friends until the car gets repaired.

Services Edelweiss Provides with Roadside Assistance Cover 

Here are some services a policyholder gets with RSA in car insurance by Edelweiss General Insurance.

Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown

If the vehicle encounters mechanical or electrical failure on the road, the company will arrange for a technician to repair it on the spot in case of a minor breakdown. On the other hand, if it's a major breakdown, the insurer arranges transportation and accommodation for the driver and tows the vehicle to the nearest garage. 

Dead Battery

The company will arrange a technician to help jump-start the car so you can drive the vehicle on its power to reach the nearest garage. 

Flat Tyres

Edelweiss provides a tyre repair and replacement team to repair the tyre puncture. 

Key Locked-in

 In the case of a misplaced/lost/left key inside the locked car, the company provides a spare key to resolve the issue.

Low Fuel

Edelweiss General Insurance also provides gasoline if a car runs out and the fuel station is miles away from the spot. 

Exclusions of Edelweiss Roadside Assistance Cover 

Besides offering various benefits, Edelweiss General Insurance does not cover some damages under its roadside assistance cover add-on. So here are some of the exclusions or limitations you must know: 

  • Roadside assistance acts as a last resort, meaning you can only use this car insurance add-on if you do not have any other option.
  • You cannot use this add-on various times as it is not a claim.
  • The company will not cover the mishap under RSA if the driver/policyholder is found drunk during the breakdown on the road.
  • The company will not cover the repairs if the policyholder is found without a licence at the breakdown site.
  • Edelweiss does not pay for towing the vehicle beyond 30 kilometres from the breakdown spot of the insured vehicle.


To get immediate help on the road, buying roadside assistance cover from Edelweiss General Insurance is a sensible decision. 

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1. What is RSA in car insurance?

RSA or roadside assistance cover is available with comprehensive car insurance, which allows immediate aid to the car owner during mechanical failure or breakdown on the road.   

2. Why does Edelweiss General Insurance offer RSA as an optional benefit?

RSA by Edelweiss General Insurance is a crucial add-on cover; it is still optional because policyholders need to pay an extra premium to get the roadside assistance facility during a crisis. 

3. Why does Edelweiss General Insurance arrange accommodation and transport for policyholders?

 When an insured car meets with any undesirable event or a major breakdown, there are no options left other than using the RSA cover. The car insurance company assists the policyholder. However, some major defects require more time to repair; thus, the insurer arranges transportation for the policyholder and their family/friend to reach the nearest hotel until their car gets repaired.  

4. How to use the RSA cover by Edelweiss General Insurance when your car has a minor breakdown?

Roadside assistance coverage by Edelweiss General Insurance allows guidance services on the phone to help the policyholder during minor breakdowns. You can contact Edelweiss General Insurance customer service if you cannot wait for technicians and ask them for the solution.

5. In which condition can I use roadside assistance by Edelweiss General Insurance?

If you ever encounter any mishap or breakdown while driving or have not found any garage or mechanic near you, then you can use your RSA cover by Edelweiss General Insurance. You can use this cover if your vehicle suffers any electrical or mechanical failure, flat tyre, low fuel, lost key, etc. 

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