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Intro to Zuno Car Insurance 

Zuno General Insurance Company caters to general insurance needs of the customers.  The company offers a wide range of general insurance products to the customers ranging from Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Two-Wheeler Insurance, Switch – Pay-as-you-drive insurance under its belt. 

Zuno Car Insurance Company is one of the leading general insurance companies in India. The reason for the popularity of Zuno General Insurance Company is because they offer top-notch products that satisfy all the insurance needs of the customers along with hassle-free customer service. 

Types of Car Insurance that Zuno General Insurance Company Offers

Zuno General Insurance Company offers 4 types of car insurance policies as under:

  1. Third-Party Only: 
    Third-Party Car Insurance Policy is the basic car insurance. This car insurance policy is compulsory for every car owner to avail. Without this basic car insurance, no car owner is allowed to drive a vehicle on the road. A third-Party car insurance policy covers for the damages caused to third-party vehicle, property or life in the event of damage caused because of an insured vehicle. Under the third-party only car insurance policy, no damages caused to the insured vehicle or life is covered.
  2. Third-Party + Own Damage Car Insurance Policy: 
    This car insurance policy is also known as a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is an all-inclusive car insurance cover that secures the damages or losses caused to vehicles due to theft or accident to property or life of third-party or insured. 
  3. Zuno Switch: 
    This is a usage-based car insurance policy. Under this car insurance policy, the insured has to pay for the distance based on the usage. Under this cover, the insured will pay only for the days the car was used thereby saving on the premium amount. This is an Zuno app-based policy that allows switching the cover based on the usage. This cover offers protection against accidents while driving, loss or theft, fire or explosion, Natural Disasters, and Terrorism.
  4. Own Damage Only:
    If you have a valid third-party insurance policy, you can opt for a standalone own-damage only car insurance policy as well. It covers all damages of your own vehicle due to accidents, theft, etc.

Benefits of Zuno Car Insurance Plan

Zuno General Insurance company is one of the leading general insurance product offering companies in India. The company offers products with unique features and benefits. The following are the benefits offered by Zuno Car Insurance Policy:

  • Cashless Servicing: 
    The company offers the benefit of availing cashless servicing for the insured vehicle across a wide network of authorized garages.
  • Customer Service: 
    The company offers exceptional customer support and 24*7 assistance to resolve all the queries of the customers. The customers can call the toll-free number to avail help for service related queries. They can also intimate claim to the insurance company through customer service toll-free numbers.
  • Prompt services
    Be it fast claim settlement or time-bound visit of the surveyors at the incident site, Zuno is known for providing prompt services.
  • Fast Claim Settlement: 
    Upon receipt of all the required and relevant documents, Zuno General Insurance Company undertakes fast claim settlement. The claim approval and settlement is done within 7 working days.
  • Add-on Covers: 
    A wide range of add-on covers can be opted from Zuno Car Insurance Company. These add-ons can be added to the base policy at a minimum premium amount. The following are various add-ons that can be availed:
    • Depreciation protect
    • NCB Protect
    • Invoice Value Protect
    • Engine Protect
    • Key & Locks Protect
    • Consumables Expense Protect
    • Mandatory Deduction Protect
    • Personal Belongings Protect
    • Roadside Assistance

What is Covered in the Zuno Car Insurance Plan?

We have seen that the Zuno general insurance company offers four types of  car insurance policy. Now let us understand the inclusions of all four types of insurance policies. Inclusion is the causes that are covered under the car insurance policy. The following are various inclusions under the zuno car insurance policy:

  • Loss or Damage to the vehicle insured: Loss or damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories due to:
    • Fire and Explosion due to self-ignition or lightning
    • Burglary or housebreaking or theft
    • Riot and strike
    • Earthquake
    • Flood or typhoon, hurricane or storm
    • Hailstorm or frost
    • Accidental external means
    • Malicious act
    • Terrorist activity
    • Damage caused in transit by road, rail, water, air
    • Landslide or Rockslide
  • Liability to third-party: it covers the following:
    • Death or Bodily Injury caused to person and or occupants of the vehicle and the legal liability arising due to it.
    • Damage caused to the property of the insured or third-party up to a limit of INR 7.5 Lakhs.

What is not Covered in Zuno Car Insurance Plan? 

The following are the exclusions under the zuno car insurance policy:

  • Any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle occurring out of the geographical area
  • Any claim arising due to contractual liability
  • Loss or Damage arising from consequential loss
  • Loss or Damage caused due to nuclear weapons, war, invasion, etc.
  • Any accidental damage caused due to vehicle used in otherwise than the ‘limitation as to use’

How to Apply for an Zuno Car Insurance Plan?

Any customer who wishes to purchase an Zuno car insurance plan can buy the car insurance policy in two days:

  • Offline Mode: Under the offline mode, a customer can purchase the car insurance policy either by visiting nearest Zuno General Insurance Company or get in touch with a registered Agent.
  • Online Mode: Visit the official website of Zuno General Insurance Company and get started by entering your car number and start the process of purchasing the car insurance policy from Zuno Car Insurance Company.

The Following are the Documents Required to Apply for Zuno Car Insurance Plan

  • Duly filled proposal form
  • KYC documents of the proposer
  • Provide all required details about the car like registration number, model type, make of the car, etc.
  • Depending on this receive a premium quote
  • Once you are satisfied with the quote and accept the terms and conditions of the policy then it's time to pay a premium
  • Payment of insurance premium signifies purchase of car insurance policy

Zuno Car Insurance Claim Process 

Car insurance is a great way to ease the burden of expenses in the event of loss, theft or damage to your vehicle. Filing a car insurance claim is however a tedious task as not many of us know the exact claim process for car insurance. Therefore, here is a little guide that will help to make your claim process hassle-free. In the event of a mishap, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Filing of FIR: 
    The first and the most important step in filing a car insurance claim process is to file an FIR with the police. In the event of significant mishaps like theft, accident, damage to your own car or damage to third-party property or injury you definitely need to file an FIR. However, in the event of minor or insignificant damages, you might directly inform the insurance providing company.
  • Accumulate evidence: 
    In case of significant damages or accidents, it is important to accumulate evidence by taking photographs of the damages caused to the vehicle and of the accident site. Taking photographs as putting forward them as evidence will help the insurer to inspect and settle the claim faster.
  • Notify the insurer: 
    One of the most important things is to notify the insurer about the mishap. Delay in reporting might decrease the chances of claim settlement.
  • Submission of documents: 
    Once you notify the insurer, it is important to submit all the required and relevant documents. The following is the list of documents that you need to submit to the insurer for faster claim settlement:
    • Insurance Claim Form
    • Copy of Vehicle RC
    • Copy of driver’s driving license
    • Copy of Policy document
    • Original Copy of FIR (if applicable)
  • Zuno Advantage: 
    All Zuno Customers have an advantage of Zuno BOLT App. Customers can file claims and all required documents on the app thereby eliminating the time taken for the claim settlement process. Using apps the need for surveyors will be eliminated.
  • Take the car to the garage: 
    In case of Cashless Claim, you need to shift the vehicle to the insurer's preferred garage. However, in case of a reimbursement claim, you can shift the vehicle to your preferred garage.

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired Zuno Car Insurance Policy Online 

Renewal of car insurance policy is utmost important as it ensures continued protection of the car in events of mishaps like loss or damage in an unforeseen scenario. Zuno General Insurance Company offers a simple and hassle-free platform to renew a car insurance policy. However, if you forget to renew your car insurance within the specified timeframe, the cover will get discontinued and the policy shall expire. 

So, if you renew an expired car insurance policy then the most important aspect is that a survey shall be conducted by the insurance company’s surveyor to scrutinize the fitness of the car. If the car is deemed to be fit by the surveyor only then the renewal of lapsed policy can be done. The following are the documents required for renewal of a lapsed car insurance policy:

  • Completely filled proposal form
  • Copy of RC Book
  • Previous year’s car insurance policy copy
  • KYC documents of the proposer

Zuno Car Insurance Review

Zuno General Insurance Company is a trusted brand for general insurance policies in India. The company is known for providing a wide variety of general insurance products that take care of all the insurance needs of the customers. The Zuno car insurance policy takes care of the loss or damage caused to the vehicle and secures the car owner financially.

The car insurance policy not only takes care of the third-party liability arising due to damage or loss caused to the property, vehicle or life of a third-party by the insured vehicle but it also covers for the damage or loss caused to the insured vehicle or life. Additionally, Zuno General Insurance Company offers exceptional customer service, quick claim settlement process, and offers numerous benefits and discounts that make the base policy robust. Thus, all these factors contribute to the popularity of Zuno General Insurance Company.

Zuno Insurance Customer Care Number

Zuno General Insurance Company is well-known for its exceptional customer service support it offers to its customers. The company has created a digital platform that makes it easier for customers to seek help. Alternatively, customers can also reach the customer service department in the following manner:

Alternatively, customers can leave their phone number to have the customer support department of the Zuno Company Contact them.

Zuno Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is the incurred claim ratio of Zuno General Insurance Company?

    According to IRDAI Annual Reports 2018-19, the Incurred Claim Ratio of Zuno General Insurance Company for motor insurance is 145%. 

  • 2. How can I check my Zuno General Insurance Company’s Car Claim status online?

    Customers who wish to check their Zuno General Insurance Company’s Car Claim status need to contact the customer service toll-free number at 1800 12000 or send an email  at support@edelweissinsurance.com.

  • 3. How can I download my Zuno General Insurance Company’s Car Policy Document Online?

    Customers can download their car insurance policy document online at the time of purchasing the policy. The company shall send a soft copy of the policy document to your registered email ID. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service department and seek help.

  • 4. How long does Zuno General Insurance Company take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    Post completing all the documentation formalities, the Zuno General Insurance Company initiates the claim settlement process immediately. However, the maximum claim settlement turn-around-time taken by Zuno General Insurance Company is 7 working days to reimburse the claim amount.

  • 5. Does Zuno General Insurance Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    Yes, Zuno General Insurance Company offers usage-based car insurance policy also known as pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

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