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How Do I Check the Status of My Tata AIG General Insurance Claim?

By Juhi Walia
14 October 2022, 4:09 PM

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is one of India's best car insurance providers. The company is recognised for its prompt service and impeccable claim settlement records. 

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited came up due to the collaboration between the American International Group and Tata Group in 2001. The company has consistently invested in innovation and offers comprehensive, third-party, and standalone damage auto insurance policies besides health, home, travel, rural-agriculture insurance and alike. The insurer also provides various add-ons to increase the coverage scope of its car insurance policies.    

The time taken by Tata AIG car insurance to settle comprehensive or third-party car insurance claims is one of the fastest in the industry. The company's empowered claims team comprises over 400 experts in 90 offices across all major Indian cities. The company also has about 450 members in its customer support team to ensure all policyholders get preference in claim settlement. 

This article is for you if you have already submitted your comprehensive or third-party car insurance claim to Tata AIG. Read on to know more about how to check the claim status. But before delving deeper into the core theme of this article, let's understand how you can register your Tata AIG car insurance claim.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Car Insurance Claim Process

Tata AIG General Insurance allows policyholders to register their claims in multiple ways. For instance, you may call Tata AIG's centralised helpline at 1800-266-7780 to file a claim. Alternatively, you may register your claim by visiting Tata AIG's 'Claims Support' page. After informing or entering your comprehensive car insurance, third-party, or own damage car insurance policy details, the following things happen: 

Step-1: Tata AIG sends a link to the mobile number you entered when registering your claim. The link directs you to the self-inspection form. 

Step-2: After opening the self-inspection form, enter all details about the damages caused to your car. It is good to note that Tata AIG will also send a surveyor to assess the damages to your vehicle. 

Step-3: In this stage, Tata AIG will ask you to choose the repair mode. You may repair the car on your own and claim reimbursement. Conversely, you may take your vehicle to any of the 5400+ Tata AIG network garages to get it fixed. If you repair your car at a network garage, it will be treated as a cashless claim, and you don't have to pay anything from your pocket. 

Step-4: Tata AIG will ask you to submit documents like the claim form, policy document, FIR (if applicable), identity proof, and address proof. 

Step-5: The company will provide you with a tracking ID. You can follow the steps mentioned in the following section to track your claim application status. 

Step-6: Tata AIG will evaluate your claim application's merit and determine the amount you will get. Once the amount gets approved, it is immediately transferred to your bank account. 

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Car Insurance Claim Tracking Process

The previous section has elaborated on the steps you should follow to register your claim. However, it is natural to feel anxious about the status of your application after submitting it.

It is good to note that Tata AIG General Insurance has a 4-hour TAT (Turn Around Time) for claim inspection, and they do not deduct any salvage for repair claims. The company also provides 24x7 channels to facilitate claim registrations through the call centre and the QR Code. 

Here is how you can check the status of your Tata AIG comprehensive, third-party, or own damage car insurance claim application. 

Step-1: Visit Tata AIG General Insurance and click on 'claims'.

Step-2: A new page will open wherein you need to press 'track claim'.

Step-3: Click on 'car' icon.

Step-4: Enter your registered mobile number in the appropriate box and hit 'confirm'.

Step-5: The website will ask you to enter the policy number and other details on the next page. Enter the correct information and click on 'submit'

Step-6: Your Tata AIG comprehensive, third-party, or own damage car insurance claim application status will be displayed to you.

What Role Does The Surveyor Play in Car Insurance Claim Settlement?

Although Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited has a fast TAT, policyholders may have to wait a few days to receive the approval and the claim amount in their bank account.

The surveyor plays a prominent role in determining the claim amount and its approval. 

The surveyor needs to:

  • Manage
  • Investigate
  • Record
  • Validate the damages caused to an insured car due to an accident, collision, or theft

The surveyor is expected to remain neutral and maintain confidentiality.

Also, the surveyor must physically inspect the accident or theft spot and determine whether the insurance policy terms allow the claim settlement or not. The surveyor is also required to answer all queries of the insured and the insurer regarding the claim. 

After successful verification, the surveyor presents the report to the car insurance company, which settles the claim based on the same. 
Wrapping Up

Tata AIG has a smooth claim initiation and tracking process. This article has explained both methods elaborately so that you can get your claim amount as soon as possible. 

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1. Can I track Tata AIG's car insurance claim status through a telephone call?

Yes. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited has a responsive call centre to attend to customer queries. You can call their official number, 1800-266-7780, and follow the steps mentioned by the customer care officer to register your car insurance claim or track its status. 

2. Can I track Tata AIG car insurance claim status by visiting a branch office?

Yes. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited has over 90 branch offices in India, where 400 experts work to solve customer queries. You can provide them with the ID number obtained after the claim registration to track your car insurance claim. 

3. Can I track Tata AIG car insurance claim status by visiting the official website?

Yes. You can visit Tata AIG's official Claims Support Page to track your car insurance claim application status. You must provide your registered mobile number and policy details to get comprehensive information about your car insurance claim.

4. Can I track Tata AIG car insurance claim status soon after submitting the claim form?

Yes. You can check the claim registration status soon after submitting the application form if you choose the online mode. However, registering your claim through a customer care officer may take a couple of hours to get reflected. Hence, checking the application status after two hours of submitting the claim registration form is good. 

5. When can I track Tata AIG car insurance claim status?

Tata AIG offers 24x7 access to policyholders filing a claim. You can check your claim status 24x7x365 by visiting the right channel.



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