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How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in India?

By Juhi Walia
20 October 2022, 11:48 AM

Getting a driving licence has become much easier and more convenient thanks to the Transport Department, Government of India. The online application process for driving licences now makes it possible for you to choose the date and time of your appointment with the designated Road Transport Office (RTO).

Make sure you have car insurance before going to an RTO. An overview of how a driving licence can be obtained will be provided in this article.

Drivers must have valid driving licences under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. As a result, a driving licence indicates that an individual is a competent driver on Indian roads.

Over 1000 RTOs across the country have been computerized by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

It has resulted in the same standards for documentation being set on a pan-India basis, making the collection of registration and driving licence data more accessible and convenient. It would help to get a car insurance policy for your vehicle.

Based on the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and the State Motor Vehicle Rules, two software applications have been deployed, VAHAN for vehicle registration and SARATHI for driving licences.

What is the Process of Applying for a Driving Licence Online?

All ages enjoy travelling in motor vehicles because they are convenient and easy. Buying a car is now easier since people no longer depend on public transport because car loans have become readily available.

However, driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence is illegal, so obtaining a licence before taking the car on the road is extremely important. Please ensure you also have a car insurance policy, as it is an essential document.

Driving on Indian roads without a valid driving licence is prohibited under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You must first obtain a learning licence before obtaining your driving licence.

An applicant can request an online driving appointment if they have an auto insurance policy once they have received the learning licence. Online driving licence applications are available at many state and city RTO offices today.

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 mandates third-party four-wheeler insurance for every vehicle.

Driving License Types 

According to the type of vehicle you wish to drive, there are several types of driving licences:

Learner's Licence

After six months, the holder of a temporary driving licence must reapply or apply for a new licence if they do not reapply before six months. The learner's licence must first be applied online before the driver's licence can be obtained.

Private/Commercial Driver's Licence

The driver's licence can be obtained either for driving a private or a commercial vehicle after one has completed the driving training. Vehicles operated by business owners cannot be used by the holder of a private driving licence.

It isn't easy to obtain a commercial driver's licence. A commercial vehicle driver must hold a fitness certificate and a car insurance policy since the age eligibility is 21 years instead of 18 years for a private driving licence.

Online Driving License Application in India: What Are the Steps?

  • Parivahan.gov.in is the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  • You can access driving licence-related services by clicking on online services.
  • Once you have selected stateSelection.do, you will be redirected to parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice13/stateSelection.do.
  • Choose a state from the drop-down list.
  • Select a new driving licence from the list of options after clicking on apply online.
  • Continue by clicking the next button.
  • The application details should be filled out.
  • Documents such as car insurance policy need to be uploaded.
  • In case your photo and signature are required, please upload them
  • Schedule your DL test.
  • Fees for DL applications must be paid.
  • To give the DL test, visit the RTO once you have booked an appointment.
  • Applicants receive their DL after passing the test.

Online uploading documents, photographs, and signatures depend on your state and city RTO. The online service may not be available in your RTO, so you must visit the RTO.

Four-Wheeler Test

There are many similarities between the 2-wheeler and the 4-wheeler driving licence tests. The applicants driving four-wheelers must follow the "H" pattern and avoid obstacles and columns.

If they pass this stage, applicants must drive a certain distance while adhering to the road's rules and regulations. If they pass, the inspector approves the road test. The inspector approves the driving licence if the applicant also passes this stage.

Driving licence tests can be retaken after seven days if the applicant doesn't pass. Retests are subject to a nominal fee one needs to pay at the RTO.

Wrapping Up

The information in this article is aimed at providing you with an overview of the topic. With our comprehensive driver's licence online application guide in India, we've tried to keep you informed about everything you need to know.

Getting a driver's licence online along with car insurance is possible without wasting valuable time, which we wanted to inform our readers about.

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1. Can I take a driving licence anywhere in India?

Driving in any state of India with a driving licence is valid. In India, you can go anywhere by presenting your original driving licence on demand. You need to possess a 3rd party car insurance with you too.

2. How long does it take to get a driving license in India?

Applying for a permanent licence within 30 days after obtaining a learner's licence is possible. Within 180 days of receiving the learner's permit, an individual can apply for a permanent driving licence. Make sure you have an auto insurance policy with you too.

3. Can I apply for a driving licence Online in India?

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways offers online services for applying for driving licences. You can also download forms for obtaining driving licences, learner licences, and learner licences for mock tests. Ensure you get a bumper to bumper car insurance before driving.

4. What is the cost of a driving licence in India?

You will have to pay approximately INR 200 for a learner's licence. You will have to pay INR 300 for your driver's licence test. The cost of renewing a driving licence will be INR 200. A global driver's licence costs INR 1000.

5. Can I drive after passing the driving test?

In short, you may drive even before receiving your full licence if you have passed your test. After passing your test and receiving your full licence, you can drive if you possess car insurance, meaning no more lessons or supervision is required.

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