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Safety and Maintenance Tips for CNG Cars

By Juhi Walia
17 August 2022, 3:34 PM

Car safety and maintenance is a very important topic that can help avoid accidents, traffic jams, pollution, injuries and fatalities. This CNG car safety and maintenance guide is prepared to help you understand the basic principles of ensuring car safety. They need to be serviced at regular intervals, and the car should be seen by a professional if the engine is making unusual noises. It is also important that drivers keep the car’s tank at least ¾ full to avoid too much pressure while filling.

Gas tanks of CNGs are sealed, and there is no gas gauge, so drivers must calculate how much they need for their trip with an online calculator before leaving home. As you would in a gasoline-powered car, it is important that drivers never exceed speed limits or red light limits as this may lead to engine damage.

Few Tips to Stay Safe

Never Use Unauthorised CNG Kits

It is very important for you to ensure that you have the correct CNG kit for your car. Many of the kits can be a waste of money and truly unhelpful. Getting an official CNG conversion kit from a reputable source will ensure all safety features are in place and not cause any side effects or damage to your CNG system. 

Perform Regular Servicing

You must get your car serviced at least once every six months. This will ensure that all parts are working properly and not creating any potential hazards to your life or that of others. It is also important for the car to be serviced after the CNG kit has been installed and then once again after a few thousand kilometres.

Have Your CNG Cylinder Test Certificates

It is of utmost importance that you get the CNG cylinder gas analysis performed for your vehicle. This will ensure that you do not have an illegal or defective cylinder. You can only use cylinders produced by authorised dealers to keep your vehicle safe from hazardous gases.

Take Care of Parking Spaces

It is very important to take care when parking in congested areas. Ensure that there are no cars parked behind you and that you can easily make a swift exit should there be a problem with your car. Always monitor your surroundings and make sure there is enough room for a quick escape if necessary.

Keep Your Documents at Hand

It is necessary that you store your CNG car insurance and registration along with the CNG identification certificate in a safe place. If you have to go to the police station or court, you will be in a much better position if all these documents are easily accessible.

Perform Regular Leak Tests

It is important for you to perform regular leak tests of your CNG system. This leak test will ensure that there are no small leaks in the system. Do take note that this leak test should not be conducted while the car engine is turned on or during refueling as it will cause gas leakage. 

Have a Good Insurance Policy

Having a good car insurance policy will ensure you are compensated in case of accidents and any other unforeseen situations that may arise. If you go with comprehensive car insurance, this policy allows you to install a CNG kit and do modifications.  

Keep Your Car Away from Water

Your car should never be kept in or around water. It can lead to leakage and other accidents, resulting in unnecessary damage. If the vehicle has been submerged, you will have to get it checked by the authorities to ensure there are no leaks before using it again. 

Do Not Mix CNG with LPG

Do not ever mix CNG with LPG in an attempt to make up for the gas shortage, as this can be fatal or cause serious injuries during an accident.

Always Carry Emergency Kits

Always carry an emergency kit in your car. An emergency kit should contain a spare tyre, warning triangles, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, cables to secure items on top of the car, and blankets or warm clothes.

Other Safety Tips

Ensure There is Sufficient Lighting

If you are driving when dark, make sure you always have sufficient lights. Front and back headlights must be in working condition and combined with fog lights for better visibility. Licence plate lights should also be working properly. Make sure that all the bulbs are not tinted yellow or burnt out to avoid traffic violations because of improper lighting.

Keep Your Pets and Children Secure

All pets and children should be secured properly in the car. Children should be seated in car seats, and animals should also be kept in place.

Never Drive Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Drinking and driving is a serious crime that can cause accidents and lead to jail time and heavy fines. The blood alcohol level must not be above .05% at all times. If you are driving a commercial vehicle, the alcohol limit is .02%.


Nowadays, many car owners are converting their vehicles to CNG. The number of cars running on natural gas is increasing daily, and this trend is expected to be maintained.

There are so many reasons why you need to convert your vehicle to run on natural gas. Going green and saving money at the same time has never been this easy.

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1. What is a CNG car?

A CNG car is a car that runs on compressible natural gas.

2. Can a CNG car be insured?

Yes, all vehicles can be insured by any car insurance company.

3. Can CNG vehicles run on petrol?

Yes, they can also run on petrol.

4. Is CNG good for a long drive?

CNG is suitable for long drives and can be easily switched with petrol if it gets exhausted. 

5. Can you park a CNG car in sunlight?

It is always advisable to park your CNG cars out of the sun to prevent an increase in temperature, which could lead to an explosion.

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