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What are the Benefits of Cashless Car Insurance?

By Juhi Walia
05 August 2022, 11:55 AM

Because of their comfort and affordability, cars are used by a huge percentage of the population in India to commute. Having a good insurance policy is critical whenever you drive your car.

People get car insurance to protect themselves from financial liability due to an accident or incident. In such situations, the insurer must reimburse your fees. However, as technology advances, several insurance companies have started providing a cashless vehicle insurance alternative. It eventually enables a quick and painless claim settlement. Before getting on the road, your car must always be in good working order and have comprehensive or third-party car insurance

What Exactly is a Cashless Claim?

In a cashless car insurance claim service, you may take your vehicle to your insurance company's network garage and have it repaired for free. You must notify your insurer of your visit to the network garage for repairs, and your insurer will take care of the rest. The network garage forwards the repair cost to your insurance carrier, who deposits the payment directly with the garage after verifying the details. In this situation, you may just be required to pay the applicable deductible.

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How does Cashless Car Insurance Work?

When buying car insurance, you should choose an insurance provider that provides cashless car insurance. When you get such coverage, you will be able to get your vehicle repaired at some of the most incredible service stations in India. You also do not have to pay for the repairs upfront, making it a win-win situation all around!

The following are the steps involved in obtaining services from a network garage:

  • The customer acquires car insurance from a firm with an extensive network of cashless garages.
  • If the insured car is involved in an accident, the policyholder has the option of having it fixed at a network garage.
  • Soon after an inspector inspects your vehicle damages, he prepares a list of estimation repairs.
  • The insurance company pays the service centre instantly after the repairs are completed.
  • The policyholder will only be responsible for the depreciation of replaced auto parts and the deductibles. In comparison to the entire cost of repair, this will be a paltry sum.

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What Advantages Do Cashless Car Claims Offer?

When you get your four-wheeler mended at a cashless garage, you benefit from the following:

Simple Experience

Because the garage is cashless, a part of the insurer's network, you may anticipate a straightforward claim process since the insurer will handle everything. Even the costs of repairs or replacements made at the cashless network garage are not the responsibility of policyholders.

Customer Service Priorities

Insurance firms' partner garages offer their policyholders precedence when it comes to service. As a result, these network garages provide timely maintenance. As a result of direct communication between the network garage and the insurer, the process from payment to repair is seamless.

Rapid Claim Settlement

The settlement of claims at cashless garages happens instantly in contrast to reimbursement claims, which may take 7–10 days to be resolved. The process will go quickly because the car insurance company will use the surveyor's report to verify the claim before the start of repair work.

Unquestionably High-quality Services

Every insurance company promises to provide high-quality service to its clients. Insurers collaborate with top-tier network garages or workshops that adhere to their high criteria for quality repair to deliver such high-quality service. This approach usually results in improved repair services and overall satisfaction for policyholders.


There is transparency in the settlement process as the insurance company's surveyor participates in the claim process by visiting the network garage. Overall, it can be claimed that cashless car insurance may make the claim-filing process relatively straightforward and speedy.

How to Raise a Cashless Claim?

  • Identification of the registered garage with the insurer.
  • Obtaining the registration no. of the party involved in an accident.
  • Witness providing his contact details.
  • Information of accident to the insurer.
  • Filing FIR and submitting its copy
  • After all the above-mentioned documents have been provided to the insurer, the damages will be inspected, and the amount evaluated will be paid to the insured after the repairs.

List of Documents Required for Cashless Car Insurance Claim

Generally, the following documents are required for claiming a cashless car insurance claim:-

  • Driving Licence
  • Policy Document
  • Registration Certificate of Vehicle
  • Repair Bill
  • FIR (if required)
  • Pictures of the Damaged Vehicles


A cashless vehicle insurance claim provides instant assistance and shields you from paying for any repair costs following an accident or other unfortunate event. Cashless claims will ensure you are not responsible for your vehicle's repair costs. To relieve you of having to shoulder such significant costs on your own, it assists you by paying your claim amount immediately to the garage.

A cashless claims service will ensure your experience is easy and hassle-free and enable you to get the best assistance for your vehicle. This article will give you a detailed analysis of the benefits of availing cashless claim facility for your car insurance.

You can obtain the best cashless car insurance policies on Paytm.

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1. What is the purpose of a cashless car insurance policy?

Anyone with cashless car insurance coverage can get their car fixed at any of the garages approved by the car insurance company without paying a single rupee. It is swift, simple, and hassle-free. 

2. What does a cashless claim in car insurance mean?

Cashless claims, commonly referred to as cashless car insurance, enable you to get your automobile fixed (when any insured incident occurs) without having to pay anything out of pocket.

3. What is the procedure for cashless car insurance?

Anyone with cashless car insurance can get their vehicle repaired at any of the garages authorised by their car insurance provider without having to pay a single rupee.

4. How many claims may I submit under my cashless vehicle insurance policy?

You may submit as many valid claims as possible during the insurance period. However, you should refrain from filing claims for minor damages if you want to benefit from the no- claim bonus (NCB) discount.

5. Mention the documents required for obtaining a cashless claim of your car

Driving licence, RC copy, policy document, repair bills, FIR(if any), etc. are the documents required to file a cashless claim. 


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