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A zero depreciation add-on is one of the safest car insurance additions, which allows the insured to collect the total insured value even after the vehicle has run for years and has depreciated enough. In simpler terms, the insurance policy does not consider actual depreciation, and whenever a claim is made, the insurance company assumes the car's current market value. The United India zero depreciation car insurance cover will help the insured get the full claim amount for his/her damaged car without bearing depreciation.

How does United India Car Insurance Zero Depreciation Work?

Comprehensive policies do not cover the four-wheelers' usual wear and tear. Therefore, when your car gets damaged in an accident, United India car insurance will deduct the depreciation amount while providing the compensation. But, if you purchase the United India zero depreciation cover with your base policy, you will get the full claim amount free of any depreciation. 

Benefits of United Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance covers everything, so the owner will not have to pay anything out of pocket, making it essentially cost-free for the owners. It's the safest insurance, and the coverage stays the same. 

  • Value for Money

Having a zero depreciation policy ensures you do not have to pay towards depreciation, which remains the case without it. 

  • High claim compensation

Securing your car with zero depreciation insurance ensures a higher settlement by United India against your claim.

  • Mental Peace

Choosing a United India zero depreciation add-on guarantees that you don't spend money during claims. To be honest, knowing that someone would be there for you during your difficult moments may be really satisfying and give you that mental peace you require during such times.

Depreciation Rate Applicable on Car  with and without Zero Depreciation Add-on

The rate of depreciation will apply based on the car’s age as well as its parts. Let’s check the table below for clarity. 

Age of Car
Rate of Depreciation with Zero Depreciation CoverRate of Depreciation without Zero Depreciation Cover (in %)
Up to 6 months 0Nil
6 months to 1 year 05
1 year to 2 years 010
2 years to 3 years015
3 years to 4 years025
4 years to 5 years035
5 years to 10 years040
More than 10 years050

Paint Work, Plastic Parts,


Fiberglass PartsNil30

To understand the importance of the United India zero depreciation add-on cover, let's consider you own a car of value INR  8 lakh. For this, you will have to bear the following costs:

Car’s partsDamage CostDepreciation %Depreciation cost
Plastic part1000050%5,000
Metal part10,0005%500
Fiberglass part2,00030% 600
Total amount of expenses29,000-6100

It means, with a United India four-wheeler zero depreciation insurance online, you need to pay INR 6100 while filing a car insurance claim.

Following are the expenses you will bear if you don’t have a United India 0 dep car insurance:

Car Insurance Cost and Claim AmountCost without Zero Depreciation Cost with Zero Depreciation
Original premium (I)1400014000
Zero dep add-on (II)Nil3000
Total policy cost (I+II)1400017,000
Deductible due to claim raised30003000
Cost of repair (IV)29,00029,000
Cost of depreciation to be allowed by insurance company6100NIL
Total expenses (policyholder + Insurance company)2310020000
Total savings of Policyholder59009,000

Both these tables signify that a car owner with United India zero depreciation car insurance online can save a good amount.

What is Included Under the United India Four-Wheeler Insurance Policy with Zero Depreciation Cover?

  1. Provides coverage for the damage without factoring in depreciation.
  2. It covers the financial loss and out-of-the-pocket expenses if the car parts are expensive.
  3. It covers the loss if you drive in accident-prone areas.

What is Not Included Under United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance?

  • A United India zero depreciation insurance policy does not cover cars exceeding five years of age. Hence, the buyers need to carefully read the terms and conditions to avoid further inconvenience.
  • The zero depreciation cover does not come to use when your vehicle gets immobilized due to electrical and mechanical faults.
  • If the owner doesn't hold a legal driver's license and has an accident, United India will deny your zero depreciation claim.
  • If the driver has consumed alcohol or another intoxicating substance while driving, the claim for the repair bill for the damages to your car will be denied.
  • Expenses for parts such as nuts and bolts, screws, gearbox oil, brake oil, lubricants, and other consumables are not covered under the zero depreciation car insurance plan.

Factors Affecting United India Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Car's Age

Only cars under the age of five years are eligible for the United India zero depreciation car insurance policy. However, top insurance providers like United India provide coverage for vehicles older than five years. Before choosing the add-on, read your policy document carefully..

  • Premium amount

The premium will go up with the zero depreciation add-on. Before you choose an add-on cover, research the price rise.

  • Limit of Claim

You can only file a certain number of claims during the active policy period. 

How to Buy United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover?

  • Step 1 

Visit the policy section of United India and proceed to register a policy for your car.

  • Step 2

Explore the discount, schemes and other perks, and fill in the required details with mandatory documents. 

  • Step 3

Continue to enhance the protection of your car by adding United India car insurance zero depreciation add-on.

  • Step 4

Please pay for the policy's total cost using any of the online payment modes - net banking/debit card/credit card/UPI. That's done!

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover Review

As you could see the benefits of United India zero depreciation car insurance cover outweighing the costs attached to it, you could consider buying it. What you need to do though is compare the premium chargeable for zero depreciation by United India and the others. If United India zero depreciation cover premium comes less than its competitors, you could go ahead with the said insurance company.

United India Zero Depreciation Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What does United India zero depreciation car insurance mean?

    Zero depreciation car insurance, often known as a zero dep cover, provides coverage without considering the vehicle's depreciation value. This ensures that United India will cover the entire cost if your car is damaged in an accident.

  • 2. How does United India zero depreciation car insurance differ from its basic insurance policy?

    United India zero depreciation car insurance provides you the whole claim amount without accounting for depreciation , whereas a standard policy factors in depreciation.

  • 3. Can I transfer zero depreciation to another policyholder in United India?

    Transfer of a basic policy or add-on to another person can be done while selling the vehicle to him/her. 

  • 4. Is zero depreciation car insurance mentioned in the United India insurance policy document?

    If you chose Zero Depreciation as an add-on to your comprehensive or standalone own damage, the policy statement would mention the complete information about the insurance type.

  • 5. Is United India zero depreciation coverage only available for new vehicles?

    United India zero depreciation is suitable for a car aged less than five years.

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