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According to the Road Traffic Act of 1988, a person can only drive on Indian roads if he has a valid driver's licence in his name. A driving licence is a document issued by Regional Transport Departments via RTOs. Hence, if you want to drive in Vadodara, you must first obtain a driver’s licence. A state and city RTO has a lot of other functions apart from issuing driving licences. It is also responsible for the proper adherence of the traffic rules in the area. Below, we will be learning more about the various functions performed by Vadodara RTO.

Different Types of Driving Licence in Vadodara

There are several types of driving licence facilities offered to the applicant. Some of them are mentioned below

  • LMVL (light motor vehicle licence)

This type of licence is issued to people who drive lighter vehicles like cars, bikes, etc.

  • MMVL (medium motor vehicle licence)

This type of licence is issued to people who want to drive medium/commercial vehicles like minivans, delivery and pickup trucks, tempo, etc.

  • HMVL (heavy motor vehicle licence)

Heavy motor vehicles include vehicles like commercial trucks and tractors. HMVL is issued to people who want to drive such vehicles.

  • Motor without gear licence

A without gear motor vehicle does not exceed the limit of 50cc like scooty, mopeds, etc.

  • Commercial motor vehicle licence

Commercial motor vehicles include taxis, trailers, pickup trucks, etc.

  • Motorcycle with gear licence

It is given to persons who want to ride any motorcycle with gear, as the name implies.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Avail Driving Licence in Vadodara?

The eligibility criteria depend on the type of licence you are applying for and your age.

  • A learner’s licence is the first step in obtaining a driving licence. Without producing this first, you won’t be able to get a permanent driving licence issued only after three months of obtaining the learner’s licence.
  • You will also be subjected to and required to have cleared a small test based on traffic rules and regulations before the issuance of your licence.
  • To obtain a learner’s licence, you must be at least 16 years of age.
  • To obtain a permanent driving licence in Vadodara, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If the applicant wishes to drive a transport vehicle, he must have attained the age of 20 years.

Documents Required to Apply for a Driver's Licence in Vadodara?

To obtain a driving licence in Vadodara, you must produce the following documents:

  • Address proof and age proof like adhaar card or voter ID or passport etc.
  • Valid learner’s licence issued before 3 months of the present date of application
  • Application form 4/form 5
  • Passport size photographs

How to Apply for a Driver's Licence in Vadodara?

  • The application process is entirely online. Fill out the form online. To receive a date for the driving test, submit the relevant documentation and pay the registration fees.
  • Sit for the test and qualify it. A driver's licence will be issued in your name by the RTO.

How to Avail a Duplicate Driving Licence in Vadodara?

A duplicate driving licence can be obtained offline via Vadodara RTO and can also be obtained online via digilocker or applied on the official website. Some of the necessary documents for obtaining a duplicate driving licence are mentioned below:

  • Copy of original DL
  • Copy of FIR in case of theft
  • Duly filled application form 1
  • Challan clearance report in case of commercial DL

How to Renew Driver's Licence in Vadodara?

Renewal of a driving licence in Vadodara requires the applicant to submit the following:

  • Age and address proof like aadhaar with DOB
  • Duly filled out application form 9
  • Form 1A for drivers above 50 years of age
  • Copy of the expired driving licence

How to Avail an International Driving Licence in Vadodara?

Most of the documents required to obtain an international driving licence are the same as those needed for a domestic licence. An international driving permit can be applied online on the official Saarthi portal.

  • Copy of your permanent DL
  • Proof of nationality
  • Copy of visa
  • Address proof and passport size photographs

How to Avail a Commercial Driving Licence in Vadodara?

  • Visit the Saarthi website.
  • Fill out the application form required for a commercial driving licence (form 2 or form 5)
  • Attach documents like address proof, identity proof, and passport size photographs and submit. You will be notified of the other processes via SMS or mail.

How to Check Your Driving Licence Status in Vadodara?

Go through the following steps to check your driving licence status in Vadodara:

  • Look for “online services” at parivahan’s official website
  • Click on “driving licence-related services”
  • Choose your state and click on “application status under “apply online”
  • Enter the required details and submit to get the status and details of your driving licence

Driving Licence Test Procedure in Vadodara

The driving test is first conducted online, requiring the applicant to know the basic traffic rules and regulations. The second offline driving test is shown in the presence of a motor vehicle inspector who will judge your practical skills based on how you deal with the vehicle on the roads.

FAQs on Driving Licence in Vadodara

  • 1. What is form 1A? Is it necessary?

    Form 1A is the medical certificate that must be submitted along with the registration form. This form has to be submitted only if you apply for a non-transport vehicle and your age is above 50.

  • 2. What is the difference between VAHAN and SAARTHI portals?

    VAHAN portal is for the registration of vehicles, while the SAARTHI portal is for driver’s licence services.

  • 3. How to download my driving licence online?

    Online driving licence can be downloaded from the official portal (parivahan saarthi) and via digilocker.

    At Parivahan saarthi

    1. Visit the website and select online services.
    2. Click on driving licence related services and enter your application number.
    3. Submit and get the printout.


    1. Download and sign up to the digilocker app (verify your contact and aadhaar)
    2. Click on browse documents and then the driving licence.
    3. Select the transport department of your state.
    4. Enter driving licence number and click on “get document.”
  • 4. Can I track my speed post of Driving Licence?

    Yes, you can track your speed post of driving licence in Vadodara through SMS or website. SMS POST TRACK (post article numberand send it to 166 or 51969. 

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