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4 Important Things to Do After You Bring a New Bike Home

13 July 2022, 10:39 PM

Bikes are the most common mode of transportation in India since they are affordable and can be used by almost everyone to get around their neighbourhood or town. If you’re the proud owner of a new bike, there are four important things you should do to ensure that your two-wheeler stays in good shape and lasts for many years to come.

1) Buy an Insurance Policy

While you don’t have to spend much on your bike insurance policy, it is worth looking into. Insurance is meant to be a safety net. Though it may not pay out every time you need it, having some coverage can save you enormously if you have an accident. It can also protect you from lawsuits and other potential issues.

When you purchase your bike, the dealer may offer an insurance policy for the two-wheeler that you can avail of. However, it is always better to compare policies before opting for one. 

For example, Paytm Insurance is one of the popular choices for vehicle owners in India. By thoroughly evaluating the plans, you can choose the policy that works best for you and ensure protection for your bike no matter what happens.

Why Is It Important to Insure a Bike?

Since bike ownership is required by the law, you could be penalised for driving without it. And if you get into an accident, the cover is important to avoid massive out-of-pocket expenses. Weigh in all your options and pick a policy that fits your needs and budget.

2) Verify Your Warranty

The first thing you should do after purchasing a new bike is to call your manufacturer to verify your warranty or at least check out what’s covered by it. Most bikes come with some coverage against defects, but it’s important to note that warranty terms are null and void if you don’t use specific parts or maintenance processes specified by the manufacturer. It can also be helpful to take pictures before heading back home, so you have evidence if anything goes wrong.

Follow these instructions when putting together your bike, especially for drivetrain components like derailleurs and cranksets. Finally, register your purchase with the manufacturer as soon as possible— many offer discounts on replacement parts based on years of ownership (usually three). 

3) Accessorise Your Bike

Investing in proper accessories is key to getting more out of your bike. Check your brakes, tire pressure, chain and derailleur to ensure they operate properly. If they’re not, get them fixed immediately— you don’t want to be off-roading with a faulty braking system or flying down hills with a bad derailleur!

Once you’ve taken care of these essentials, it’s time to look at the add-ons that will improve your riding experience: helmet, shoes, water bottle cage...the list goes on. And if you plan on riding long distances regularly, invest in an aftermarket seat for added comfort. Finally, consider adding reflectors or lights for night riding; these are easy ways to keep yourself safe while having fun!

4) Routine Maintenance Checkup

Routine bike checkup is not just important, it is necessary to keep your motorcycle well-maintained too. It will help you understand how your bike is running and where it requires maintenance. Failure to get a bike checkup done can result in huge repair costs that could have been avoided easily.

Make sure you’re familiar with your bike’s maintenance schedule and set a reminder on your phone to check things, like tire pressure and brake fluid, regularly after a few weeks. Be sure to regularly check your spokes, gears, brakes, and anything else that might need some TLC. Doing so will keep you safe on the road and ensure you get many years of enjoyment out of your new motorcycle. It also doesn’t hurt to pick up a basic toolkit— you can find one at any big-box retailer for under INR 1000.


Just after you get your new bike, it’s tempting to hop on and ride— but before that, you need to follow the pointers mentioned above. Once you check out everything and feel comfortable riding around town, it’s time to start enjoying your new toy! Also, don't forget to insure your bike with Paytm Insurance before taking it on a ride. Choose from the several affordable options and give your bike the care and love it deserves. 

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1. What happens if my bike gets stolen after I bought it?

If you have insured your bike against theft of a vehicle, you can claim the cost of your bike via your insurance and can get a new bike having the same make and model. However, getting it depends on the no-trace report submitted by the police based on the FIR you file at the time of theft.

2. Is it compulsory to insure my bike?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the Government of India has made it mandatory for every vehicle owner to have third-party bike insurance. 

3. Why are routine checkups important for bikes?

As your bike ages with time, it is bound to go through some mechanical issues. It is important to catch these issues early to avoid a hefty bill.

4. Which insurance plan should I consider for my bike?

You can either choose third-party bike insurance cover or comprehensive bike insurance for your two-wheeler. Third-party insurance only covers damage to the other vehicle or property in case of an accident. In contrast, comprehensive insurance not only protects you against third-party claims but also your injuries, or theft of your motorcycle.

5. Can I protect my bike accessories too in case of an accident?

Yes, you can buy either a standalone or comprehensive policy for your two-wheeler and then have add-on covers to protect your bike accessories. 

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