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9 Pointers to Consider Before Going for a Long Bike Ride

By Vikas Chandra Das
27 July 2022, 3:27 PM

In today's fast-paced world, even our lifestyles have become stressful. We should indeed take a break whenever an opportunity presents itself. A long bike ride would be a refreshing option. And since no one wants to get trapped while doing so, here are some pointers to consider before heading on a long bike ride.

1. Carrying the Right Documents

Before you begin your adventure, ensure you have all the necessary bike-related documents. Carry your driver's license, bike insurance documents, registration documents, PUC certificate, and other required documents if travelling to another state while adhering to their rules and regulations.

2. Safety

We should never risk personal safety/bike safety. Given the impromptu traffic, it is recommended that riders put on adequate riding gear such as a helmet, motorcycle jacket, shoes, knee pads, and other accessories. Also, have a first-aid kit at all times to deal with possible injuries or help someone in need on the road.

Ensure that your bike is in a smooth working condition. Get it serviced at least a week before the ride and test it for at least 100 kilometres to see if any other issues need to be resolved.

3. Check the Lubrication

Always check the engine oil before departing on any long road trips. It is regarded as the lifeblood of a motorcycle. Before embarking on any journey, do consult a bike expert to check whether your bike is well-maintained. An adequate lubricant is essential for keeping your engine in good working order and extending the life of your bike.

4. Examine Brakes, Tyres and Batteries

It's pointless to speed if you can't stop your bike when it's most needed. Long-distance riding on motorcycles is potentially very dangerous. Therefore, it's critical to check that the brakes work well to protect you against any accidents.

Another important element to consider is wheel alignment. Correct alignment reduces tyre wear, thereby ensuring a safe journey. Furthermore, maintaining optimal wheel pressure results in improved fuel economy.

Just as we require energy to carry out our daily duties, the battery is the motorcycle's powerhouse. You must ensure that the battery is not in a worn-off condition. Check that the bike's electrical components, such as the headlights and side blinkers, are working properly. 

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5. Clean Air Filters Regularly

Before departing on a long trip, it is necessary to clean your bike's air filters. Dusty and dirty environments could impair your bike's performance on the road and result in excessive fuel consumption, hence increasing the cost of your trip. So, it’s always better to double-check the air filters before leaving for a long bike ride.

6. Know How to Fix a Bike and Keep Tools and Spares on Hand

Consult a mechanic on what necessary spare parts you'll need for the long bike trip. Each bike has its own set of requirements. Spare tubes, spark plugs, brake and accelerator cables, engine oil, and other items can be on a general list. So, during an unfortunate event, such as punctured tyres, you may save a lot of time by doing it yourself. Plus, the accessibility of the location to seek help can be a major hindrance in such situations. Prevention is always better than cure.

7. Know Your Route

It is important to understand your route during long bike rides. Take a snapshot of the map on your phone or use Google Maps to obtain an offline map of the location you're visiting. Don't hesitate to seek locals for directions along the road, and if you meet other riders, you may consult them as well; you never know, you might learn of a more exciting path.

8. Stay Hydrated

On a long bike trip, many overlook the importance of water. Invest in a decent hydration pack - a water bottle in a backpack with a tube you can hang over your shoulder and sip from without taking off your helmet or stopping. Maintaining a healthy level of hydration throughout your ride is important to counter any chance of dehydration. You can also add some energy drinks to your water. A two-litre pack will last you all day. If necessary, you can have more.

9. Never Overeat Before You Leave

Have a small breakfast and an early lunch, and don't overeat. Large meals require a lot of energy to digest and will cause you to feel sleepy. Furthermore, the lack of clean and accessible restrooms on roadways is another major concern for riders. Bring some snacks and energy bars with you if you suffer from hunger pangs.


Although long bike rides are fun, there are certain major bike maintenance and long-distance travel guidelines to remember. Follow this guide, and you will have fewer chances of getting stranded on the road. Have a pleasant riding experience! But nothing gets better than having bike insurance. It ensures protection against financial losses resulting from accidental and other covered damages under the insurance policy.

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1. Is it possible to take a new bike on a long trip?

Yes, but it is strongly advised that brand new bikes should not be taken on extended rides, at least for the first 3000 kilometres. Don't be concerned about the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle. After the first two services, it will progressively calm down.

2. At what optimum speed should the new bikes be driven?

Riding a new bike at a speed of 60-80 kmph before the first service is ideal because the new engine needs to get used to your driving style and conditions. This pace keeps the vehicle in good shape and allows it to perform well for longer periods.

3. How often can I go on long bike rides?

You can go as many times as you want. Ensure your bike is serviced routinely and is in good working condition.

4. What are the basic vehicle checks to prepare for long bike rides?

These are some basic vehicle checks: lubrication, air filters, engine and transmission, battery and electricals, brakes, wheel alignment, and tyre pressure.

5. What important documents should I carry while venturing out for a long bike ride?

Always carry the following documents:


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