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A Mini Guide to Two Wheeler Insurance

14 July 2022, 4:37 PM

It is a new joy owning and riding a new bike. Investing in a bike is a brilliant choice, especially for daily commuters in a chaotic city where the traffic conditions are not ideal for riders. Two-wheeler insurance is the next best thing to have after a two-wheeler. It is important to purchase insurance if you own a two-wheeler. Not only important but also compulsory according to the law. 

Importance of Two-wheeler Insurance

Even though the two-wheeler automotive sector is prospering and many people are becoming two-wheeler owners, many areas of transportation & highways do not fulfill the standards for a safe ride every time. You cannot guarantee the protection of your two-wheeler vehicles because of road bumps, holes, and poorly implemented traffic rules and regulations. 

In the event of uncertainty or damage to your bikes, you can get coverage for the costs against the damages inflicted with the help of insurance. It is compulsory by law to drive two-wheelers on roads only with insurance. Investing in a bike insurance policy will give you long-term safety and benefit in the event of uncertainties.

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Insurance Policies for Two-wheelers in India

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Other than basic coverage, a comprehensive bike insurance policy covers your damage or damage caused to a third party (you are insured for both your vehicles). You can claim the insurance in the event of natural disasters, theft, terrorist activities, riots, and damage caused during travel. This policy does not cover any loss of personal things, accidental loss, or vehicle damage resulting from the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Third-party Liability Insurance Policy

The insurance provider (insurance company) is not liable for the vehicle's damage with third-party bike insurance coverage. This policy only covers the loss caused to another person's vehicle or property.

For example, If you hit another person's vehicle while driving on the road and cause damage to both of your vehicles. In this case, the insurance company will cover the cost to repair the other person's bike but not your vehicle repair cost.

Standalone Own Damage Insurance Policy

The standalone own damage bike insurance policy only covers the loss caused to you and your vehicle due to an accident, theft, or natural or man-made disasters. The third-party cover is not available under this policy.

There is no good or bad insurance provider (insurance company) when choosing an insurance policy. The only thing that differs between insurance companies is the features they offer. However, you should always look into the insurance plans, risks covered, and companies' terms and conditions before purchasing insurance.

While making a decision, consider the elements such as:

  • The number of garages.
  • The damage claim settlement ratio.
  • You can also choose based on whether add-on covers are available.
  • Another criterion to consider is the level of customer support.

Another thing to remember while getting a two-wheeler insurance policy is to never rely on hearsay. You must investigate the various plans, compare them, and evaluate the total covered, features, exclusions, premium amount, insurance provider's claim process, and other terms and conditions. Then you can make a call based on your requirements.

How to File a Claim for Insurance?

When Your Vehicle is Involved in Damage

If the issue is related to damage, you must first notify your bike insurance company that your bike was involved in an accident by calling the company or going to a nearby office and filing a claim with all necessary documents such as the RC card and driving license of the driver who was driving the vehicle at the time of an accident.

You can file a bike insurance claim if your vehicle is damaged because of fire, harsh weather, during transit, natural disasters, accidents, etc. Following is the process for claim filing when your vehicle is involved in the damage.

  • You should contact the insurance company via call, text, or video call to report the damage or accident.
  • You should have photographic and video evidence of the situation to support your claim.
  • You must submit a few verification documents, including your claim form, driver's license, RC book, personal ID evidence, FIR (if filed), and bank account information.
  • Also, you must provide the policy number, the date and time of the accident, the nature of the accident/damage, and the names of those involved.
  • After submitting them, you have to wait for them to be validated.
  • After that, the reimbursement process will start.

When Your Bike is Stolen

If the incident is related to theft, you must file a report with the police department and notify your bike insurance company as soon as possible.

Other Than the Above Two Cases

If the incident is related to a third-party claim, file a police report and notify the insurance company as soon as possible.

Note: You must always notify your company as soon as possible after filing a claim. It is quite important.

Bike Insurance Renewal

To make renewal easy, you should know beforehand when your two-wheeler insurance is due to be renewed. There is no harm in renewing it a few days before it expires, if possible.

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The two-wheeler insurance covers your vehicle for a set length of time. After a set duration, the insurance policy won't cover your vehicle anymore. As a result, you must renew your bike insurance policy before the expiry date. You would not only face a penalty with an expired insurance policy but could also become ineligible for filing a claim for any loss or damage to your vehicle or harm to a third party.

  • For bike insurance, you must either go to the company's website/app or fill in the required information such as policy number, engine number, etc.
  • Then you will receive bike insurance quotations from which you can proceed with payment.

If you don't remember the exact date, there are a few options for locating your bike insurance renewal date:

  • By looking at the policy documents.
  • By checking with the insurer (insurance company).
  • By consulting the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) for more information.


Apply for Two-wheeler Insurance via Paytm Insurance


Paytm Insurance is a digital insurance aggregator that offers two-wheeler insurance policies online where you can compare and buy the best alternative in terms of coverage, premium, and overall benefits. You can check all the required details (terms & conditions, expiry date, tenure, etc.) of existing insurance through Paytm Insurance online just by giving your bike details. 

The benefits of choosing the two-wheeler insurance policy via Paytm Insurance are shown below.

  • Paytm offers insurance in just 2 minutes.
  • 24/7 claim support.
  • It doesn't bother you with spam calls or texts.
  • Top insurance companies are listed on Paytm.
  • No paperwork or KYC is required.

You have to provide your basic details by creating an account on Paytm Insurance. It doesn't ask for any physical documents, and if any documents are required by the insurance company that you have chosen, such testimonials can be allowed to be sent digitally. 


1. Is it mandatory to have two-wheeler insurance?

Yes, according to Motor Vehicles Act, the Government of India had made it mandatory to have a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy.

2. Do you have to renew your bike insurance?

Yes, buying bike insurance is not a one-time job as you have to renew it on a timely basis too.

3. Which insurance is made compulsory by the Government of India?

The government of India made the third-party insurance policy compulsory for all vehicles.

4. What is the period for two-wheeler Insurance set by Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court has made it mandatory for policyholders to buy a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy for a minimum of five years. 

5. Which of the three two-wheeler insurance policies - comprehensive, standalone own damage or third-party liability cover only - should I buy?

All these policies are good. However, we recommend buying a comprehensive policy that covers the mandatory third-party liability cover as well as the damage to you and your vehicle in case of an accident, theft, natural or man-made disasters.

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