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A Quick Guide to Shriram General Insurance Bike Claims Settlement Process

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 September 2022, 10:26 AM

Shriram General Insurance is one of the most awarded general insurers in India. It received the Best Claim Settlement Non-Life Insurance Award in 2022 and the Best General Insurance Company of the Year Award in 2019. Besides offering affordable car and two-wheeler insurance policies, Shriram General Insurance offers quick claims settlement, making it a preferred choice for bike insurance policy buyers.

Shriram General Insurance's claim philosophy is based on promptness, ethics, and equitability. The company has a trained insurance professional team that understands customers' stress and provides thoughtful resolutions. It believes in superior service, teamwork, communication, and efficiency. No wonder Shriram General Insurance's claim settlement ratio is a whopping 77.26%. 

The following sections elaborate on the bike insurance policy claim settlement process at Shriram General Insurance and list the documents needed to process your claim.    

Shriram General Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Claims Process - Unique Features

Here are the features that make Shriram bike insurance policy claim process unique:

  • Digital Claims Process - The company offers a 100% digital claims process to ensure quick claim filing and faster approvals.
  • Responsive Telephonic Support - The company offers telephonic support to customers filing claims. You can call the customer support executive between 4 AM and 12 midnight to lodge your claim.
  • Email Support - Shriram General Insurance also allows email claim submission. So, you can conveniently send your claim application form to the company's email address to lodge your claim.
  • Fast Processing - The company starts processing your claim application as soon as you submit a claim. After a few rounds of approval, the claim amount gets credited to your bank account.
  • Minimal Details Required - To file a claim for your bike insurance policy, you need to enter only two details - the policy number and the registration number, chassis number, or engine number.

Shriram General Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Claim Process - Documents Required

To process your Shriram General two-wheeler insurance policy claim, you must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your comprehensive, third-party, own damage, or personal accident bike insurance policy
  • The accurately-filled and signed claim application form
  • A photocopy of your bike's Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Original copy of repair bill(s) or invoice(s)
  • The injured person's driving licence
  • Original copy of the repair estimate, invoice and bill, and payment receipt in the case of non-cashless claims

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Shriram General Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Claims Process - Step-by-Step Guide

The best feature of the Shriram General two-wheeler insurance policy is its seamless claim process. Here are the steps you must follow to register your claim and get the amount:

Step-1: Contact Shriram General Insurance

Before registering a claim to seek the compensation amount, you must initiate your claim. You can do it by visiting the claim intimation page of Shriram General Insurance. To initiate the claim, you must enter your policy number, registration number, engine number, or chassis number. Alternatively, you may contact the insurer's customer support numbers (1800-300-30000 or 1800-103-3009) or send an email to chd@shriramgi.com. Customers can also locate the nearest branch by visiting the 'Branch Locator' page and visiting the branch to intimate the claim. 

After submitting the claim intimation application, the insurer will provide you with a Claim Registration Number. Keep this number in a safe place since you have to mention it in all official communications. 

Step-2: Damage Survey

After submitting the claim intimation form, the company will send an Assessor or Surveyor to assess the damage's nature and extent. They will visit the bike's location, such as a garage or your registered address. However, this applies only to a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, not a third-party bike insurance policy.

For third-party claims, the policyholder needs to provide their vehicle registration number. You can provide the contact number and address of two witnesses along with the claim application form. The assessor or surveyor calculates the repair cost and collects the accurately filled and signed claim form, photocopy of the policy documents, and other pertinent documents.   

Step-3: Claim Settlement

After claim intimation, damage assessment, and document collection, the insurance company sends a confirmation letter stating the insurance amount they will approve. For cashless claims, the policyholder needs to send their bike to a partner garage to enable the insurer to settle the claim amount with the garage directly. However, for non-cashless claims, the policyholder can repair their bikes at any registered garage and submit the bill(s) and invoice(s) to claim the compensation amount. It is worth noting that the claim amount gets calculated after factoring in the deductibles and depreciation of the insured bike.   

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Shriram General Two-wheeler Insurance Policy Claims Process - Reasons for Claim Rejection

While Shriram General Insurance has an impeccable track record of claims settlement, some claims get rejected due to any or all of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Negligent driving
  • Hiding or misrepresenting facts
  • Driving without a valid Driving Licence (DL)
  • Registering a fake, incorrect, or fraudulent claim
  • Seeking a higher compensation amount than the policy permits
  • Failure to intimate the claim before the deadline
  • Driving in an intoxicated state


The Shriram General Insurance bike insurance policy claims process is seamless, quick, and easy. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article to lodge your claim and get compensation from your comprehensive, third-party, personal accident, or own damage two-wheeler insurance policy. 

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1. How to claim your Shriram General Insurance bike insurance policy?

Almost immediately after your bike suffers damage, you must lodge an FIR with the police in case of theft or bodily injury and inform the insurer. The insurer will ask for the necessary documents and approve the claim.  

2. How can I initiate a bike insurance policy claim with Shriram General Insurance?

To initiate the claim, you can call Shriram General Insurance's toll-free numbers 1800-300-30000 or 1800-103-3009. 

3. What information should you submit to claim a Shriram General Insurance bike insurance policy?

The information you should submit to claim your bike insurance policy includes the policy number, the description of the loss, accident date and time, vehicle surveying location, and contact details. 

4. What happens after initiating a claim for the Shriram General Insurance bike insurance policy?

After submitting the claim for your two-wheeler insurance policy, Shriram General Insurance sends an assessor or surveyor to assess the damage caused to the vehicle or property and finalise the claim amount. 

5. How long does it take to settle a claim with Shriram General Insurance?

It may take up to seven days from the time of submission of all required documents to settle the claim amount. 


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