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All You Need to Know About Cashless Claim Facility in Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

By Vikas Chandra Das
22 July 2022, 12:20 PM

Upon damage to your bike, you do not have to pay for the services and repairs as the respective bike insurance companies pay for that. Your bike insurance policy allows you to shift the load of the repairs and any subsequent payment to the bike insurance company. When you claim the right to go cashless and ask it to pay the repair cost, this is called the cashless claim facility provided by the bike insurance companies. 

The transaction occurs directly between the service centre or garage and the bike insurance company. The concept behind cashless claims starts with strong ties created between various garages and insurance companies. These garages are often called network garages. This tie-up is mutually beneficial to the company and the network garage making it very convenient for the policyholders to claim it.

Upon incurring damage, it is best to contact the insurance company and then visit the nearest network garage. The repairing process begins after a thorough inspection and the approval of a cashless claim from the insurance company.  

What are the Benefits of a Cashless Claim Facility?

A bike insurance policy enables a smooth cashless claim when most needed. Below are the benefits of a cashless claim facility.

  1. A cashless claim facility eliminates the hassles and bottlenecks involved in claim processing, thus making it easier for policyholders to receive claims.
  2. The two-wheeler is the most convenient vehicle and having an insurance policy takes a load away from a policyholder's salary to get them repaired.
  3. Policyholders can also reach out to any nearest network garage provided in the list from the bike insurance policy online for all necessary repairs.
  4. Once you have contacted the bike insurance company and reached a network garage for a survey, these two will handle the matter for you. After the repairs are done, the bill is sent to the insurance company for a direct claim without involving the policyholder.
  5. The direct interaction at the time of claims saves your effort and time.
  6. The cashless claim for the bike insurance policy online can be accessed easily. You can intimate cashless claims on the official website of the insurer and visit the network garage of the insurer.
  7. The ease of accessibility of the network garages stems from a strong and expanded connectivity of the policy.

How to Raise a Cashless Claim with the Best Bike Insurance Company?

Look for the best bike insurance company a rewarding two-wheeler insurance policy. In case of a sticky situation like accident damage or theft, you can follow a step-by-step process to raise the motor insurance claim.  

  1. In case of an accident, it is best to find the nearest network garage and inform the insurer about any relevant details of the parties involved in the accident and eyewitnesses.
  2. In case of theft or after the accident, file a complaint and get an FIR registered with all the registered details and the bike's looks.
  3. If stolen, the FIR registered must be passed on to the bike insurance company.
  4. Any details collected till this point must be submitted for a cashless claim to be assessed with a bike insurance calculator. The insurer will evaluate the amount at this point.
  5. Whatever amount is incurred, the bike insurance company provides the relative cashless claim after the details of theft and submission of documents and, on the other hand, after the repair of the bike in the case of an accident.

What are the Two-wheeler Insurance Policies to Look for?

When looking to enter into the cashless claiming facility in the possibilities of the future, you need to find the best bike insurance company. At the same time, it is essential to know which insurance policy gives you the most benefit.

There are two main types of insurance policies:

Third-party Bike Insurance Policy

Third-party bike insurance covers the third-party claims that arise in the case of an unforeseen accident. So, this policy covers, the injutry, death and disability of the third party. Besides, it comes in handy in case of third-party property damage.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

This is a comprehensive bike insurance policy that can be claimed to cover more than that in the third-party bike insurance policy. It covers any physical damage to a vehicle, whether manufactured or natural. The first-party bike insurance is also available for the claim in this case.


There are many best bike insurance companies where you can compare many options and buy the most suitable two-wheeler insurance policy. Many companies provide the best options for a two-wheeler insurance policy, two-wheeler insurance renewal, and zero depreciation insurance for bikes

After having an idea of your requirements, you can go for the best bike insurance company.

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1. Is it possible to avail cashless claims for accidental damages to a two-wheeler?

Yes, with bike insurance, it is possible to do so. Comprehensive and standalone own damage policies allow you the same.

2. What is a cashless claim in bike insurance?

A cashless claim is a type of automatic operation which takes place between an insurer and a network garage partner, where the former settles your bike repairs with the latter. 

3. Which are the important documents needed to claim bike insurance?

Among the most important documents needed for claiming bike insurance are the claim form, copy of RC, driving license and insurance policy document. 

4. Does insurance for two-wheelers cover damages to the engine?

Most two-wheeler insurance policies include the repair cost of the engine if damages occur due to an accident, but regular wear and tear or mechanical failures are not included in such policy. 

5. Which type of insurance is best for a two-wheeler?

Getting a comprehensive insurance policy for your two-wheeler is usually best. The reason - it covers the mandatory third-party claims as well as own damage expenses. 



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