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All You Need to Know About Navi Bike Insurance

29 September 2022, 1:44 PM

The freedom of owning one's two-wheeler is quite rewarding for many. At the same time, riding on an insured two-wheeler will bring an unparalleled sense of security. At Navi Bike Insurance, one can get bike insurance that provides complete protection through two-wheeler vehicle insurance against an array of damages to the vehicle.

It is not unknown that getting a damaged bike repaired without a bike insurance policy might amount to a hefty sum. Navi Insurance is one of the best bike insurance companies that keep you financially protected against such stress. Let us learn about the types of two-wheeler insurance options available at Navi Insurance.

Types of Navi Two-wheeler Insurance Policies

One can select from two types of bike insurance options available at Navi Insurance. Both plans offer different levels of insurance protection, and bike insurance premiums for the two are also different.

Third-party Liability Insurance

In India, no vehicle can ply the roads without 3rd party bike insurance. Getting third-party bike insurance from Navi protects the insured against all types of legal liabilities arising from third-party injuries, damage to property or death resulting from an accident. Navi third party bike insurance is among the most basic types of insurance. The IRDAI decides the premium of third-party policies.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Comprehensive bike insurance is quite extensive when compared to third-party insurance. When you buy this Navi comprehensive bike insurance, it covers you against third-party liabilities and covers you and your insured vehicle.

Most insurance experts recommend that you seek this type of insurance from bike insurance companies. At Navi insurance, you will also get several bike insurance add-ons that can be clubbed with the basic policy. This will eventually enhance the coverage of the policy.

Features of Navi Two-wheeler Insurance

Navi Two-wheeler insurance online is designed to provide better protection for the insured and the insured vehicle. It is easy and convenient to buy bike insurance online and get it customized to meet the budgetary needs of the insured. Here are some of the key features of Navi Insurance.

  • You can get very affordable options for your vehicle when getting it insured.
  • You can buy and renew bike insurance on the official website of Navi Insurance.
  • The online process rescinds the need for any paperwork.
  • Instantly avail self-inspection of insurance online.
  • Get the option to avail of more than 12 add-on covers which ensure full protection.
  • At the time of claim settlement, get hassle-free bike repair services at more than 900 cashless garages. At these garages, you don't need to make any upfront payment up to the coverage limit. Navi pays your bill to any of these garages you go to for vehicle repairs.
  • Option to avail full protection of NCB in bike insurance at the time of renewing the policy.

Add-ons Available with Navi Insurance

Depending on your insurance needs, you can avail of a two-wheeler insurance renewal online customized to meet your needs. The insured can access additional coverage options by paying the additional premium. Here are some add-on options you can get with your comprehensive policy.

Consumable Expenses

Without a consumable bike insurance add on cover, several small repair costs such as bolts, fuel filters, grease, etc, can make bike repair very expensive. A two-wheeler insurance policy usually does not cover expenses for such repairs or replacements. However, an add-on such as this will cover these expenses.

Roadside Assistance

In this type of motor insurance add-on, one can get immediate assistance if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the journey. Roadside Assistance bike insurance add-on provides coverage for expenses such as towing of the vehicle, battery jump-start, spare key arrangement, fuel load and more. Sometimes, this add-on also covers the cost of accommodation in case you are stuck outside your city.

Zero Depreciation Cover

With zero dep insurance for the bike, you can seek a claim for the full value of your bike. Normal wear and tear, which are common with every vehicle, depreciate its value. With zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance, it is possible to claim the complete value of the vehicle without the fall in its value owing to depreciation. New bike owners and those owning a high-end bike should opt for such cover as many parts can fall over 50% in value over time owing to depreciation.

Accidental Hospitalization

Accidents on a two-wheeler can often lead to hospitalization, which will cost the insured a huge chunk of money. With this add-on, one can get coverage against such types of expenses. This add-on provides coverage not only for the hospitalization expenses of the occupants but also for the driver.


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1. What is the type of coverage provided by Navi Insurance?

With Navi Insurance, one can get coverage for losses or damage to the vehicle. It also includes any liability that may arise out of third-party or own damage that may result due to natural and artificial calamities.

2. What type of documents are needed to purchase Navi Insurance online?

To buy two-wheeler insurance from Navi Insurance, one will need to furnish various documents, including registration documents, driving license, identity proof, and address proof.

3. Is it possible to get Navi bike insurance without inspection?

Yes, it is possible to buy Navi bike insurance without going through the inspection formalities.

4. Is it possible to cancel a Navi bike insurance during the policy tenure?

Yes, if the policy proves insufficient to meet the insured's needs, you can cancel it within 15 days of getting the policy by providing a valid reason to Navi Insurance. However, the insured will still need to intimate the provider about the same and complete the formalities associated with policy cancellation. 

5. Is it possible to make changes to the Navi insurance policy once taken?

Yes, in case you require any changes to your policy, send your queries to insurance.help@navi.com. Navi will entertain the change requests and get it done if the same is allowed as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

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