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Anti-theft Tips for Two-wheelers When Leaving for a Vacation

19 July 2022, 3:41 PM

While caught in life's day-to-day responsibilities, you may desire to go on a much-needed vacation break. When it comes to vacation, you will leave no stone unturned to make it the most enjoyable and memorable trip. From choosing the best outfits to staying in the best hotels, a lot of planning is done. While you’re away, you may lock your house to ensure safety to a certain level. Very often, the safety of the things outside the house goes for a toss. Your two-wheeler is one such valuable possession that can be stolen. 

Your Two-wheeler is at a Higher Risk of Being Stolen than You Think  

Do not assume that it will never happen if it has not yet occurred to your bike. Of late, two-wheeler thefts have increased at an alarming ratewith all types of bikes being stolen regularly from anywhere. These thefts are very random irrespective of the model or location. It is challenging to draw a pattern or logic behind them. Therefore, there is no sure-shot solution to prevent them.

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Owners' negligence and inadequate bike precautions are the primary reasons leading to theft. Even well-locked bikes are towed away into the back of a van. Such thefts are frequent in urban areas where there is a high population. As people don’t recognize each other, the chances of thieves getting caught while riding a bike are very slight.

What Can be Done to Protect Your Two-wheeler?

It is a well-known fact that bikes require regular maintenance to ensure high bike performance. As per The Motor Vehicles Act, a 3rd party bike insurance is mandatory for every two-wheeler in India. As your two-wheeler can meet with a road accident, a 3rd party bike insurance comes to your rescue. It covers any 3rd party injury or property damage in the event of an accident.

Comprehensive bike insurance is recommended for the overall protection of your bike. It protects your bike against artificial and natural calamities and offers coverage for theft, personal accident, 3rd party liability, and much more. Considering the increasing number of two-wheeler thefts, spending on comprehensive bike insurance is worth every penny. In the event of bike theft, the bike insurance company will compensate you depending on the IDV of the bike.

Buying 3rd party or comprehensive bike insurance is good, but you need to do more to ensure complete security. Let’s have a look at them:

Ways to Ensure Two-wheeler Security

Use a Bike Cover

Covering your bike, irrespective of the place of parking is always wise. It may be parked at dedicated parking or outside. The lesser the sight of your bike, the more secure it is. Using a standard cover for your expensive bike can significantly reduce the possibility of theft.

Use a Steer Lock

To provide extra security to your bike, use a steering lock in addition to the ignition lock. It is always challenging to break two locks instead of one. This way, you can avoid a potential bike theft.

Use an Alarm System

Imagine if someone is trying to steal your bike, and you could save it due to a timely alert. A good alarm system rightly serves the purpose of gaining your attention whenever required. To distinguish it from your regular alarm voice, look to install an uncommon alarm with a high sound. 

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Use a Disc Lock

Don’t underestimate the power of disc locks. They may be small but powerful enough to prevent your bike from getting stolen. Using a high-quality disc lock, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your bike. It will provide your bike with an added level of protection.

Park in Bright Areas

Avoid parking your bike in the dark areas or in shadows. No thief would want his face to be recorded in CCTV footage from a nearby camera. Parking your vehicle in bright areas would prevent thieves from attempting a steal.

Anchor Your Two-wheeler

Sometimes, even multiple locks cannot save your bike from getting stolen as it can be taken away in a truck. To strengthen the security of your bike, it is best to use a cable and anchor it to something heavy. It will eliminate the risk of your bike getting towed away. You can also lock your bike with another vehicle belonging to a known person.

Use Multiple locks

There are many advanced locking systems available that offer top-class protection. In addition to your bike’s built-in lock, use one or more additional locks. It will make it difficult for the thieves, who are often trained on how to break through inbuilt locks.

Purchase High-quality Locks and Chains

How can you settle for anything less regarding security tools for your bikes? Buy a lock made of hardened steel with a 5/8 inch or greater size. A lock with an alarm system can scare the thieves away. 

Stay Alert

Bikes parked at the exact location daily get quickly noticed by the thieves. It is easy for them to make a plan by noting the timings. Therefore, you should be alert and smart enough to park your bike at different locations around your home or office.

Higher the Lock, Better the Protection

Even if locks are added, it will be helpful if they are close to the ground. Lower locks offer additional leverage to the thieves. They can easily break the lock. Therefore, the higher it is, the better it is. Instead of using it on the wheels or spokes, it is better to attach the lock to the frame. 

Purchase Bike Insurance Online

Opting for online bike insurance is a good option. You can also do bike insurance renewal online to continue insurance benefits. With the help of bike insurance online you can beef up the overall security of your bike, in addition to the physical security.


1. What is the best way to lock a two-wheeler?

A disc lock is best to prevent roll-away theft. To prevent lift-away theft, it is best to use a chain or u-lock fixed to an immovable object.

2. Is it easy to steal a two-wheeler?

Any person can walk up to a two-wheeler, disable anti-theft devices and locks, jump-start the engine, and hit the road. It can happen anywhere.

3. Does a two-wheeler tracking device help?

Yes, it can be of great help in finding the stolen bike. 

4. What happens to the stolen bikes?

Anything can happen. But most likely, thieves will sell them to get some money.

5. Do two-wheeler covers help prevent theft?

Thieves are less likely to target a bike that is not visible. Putting a cover on a two-wheeler can deter thieves. 

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