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Avoid These Mistakes When Renewing Your Bike Insurance Policy Online

19 July 2022, 3:53 PM

Simply owning a bike is not enough, you will need to buy a bike insurance policy too to prevent yourself from unforeseen circumstances you may face with your vehicle. To continue policy benefits, make sure to renew insurance on time. Renewing bike insurance has become very easy thanks to the internet. However, you will need to be certain about various things when renewing your bike insurance online.

When you mistakenly add the wrong details to the bike insurance renewal form, they will be saved in the system which can cause issues during the claim settlement. To help you avoid any mistakes, we have listed down some of the common mistakes that most people make and things you should avoid while purchasing a bike insurance policy online.

Common Two-wheeler Insurance Renewal Mistakes to Avoid

Wrong Details

When you buy two-wheeler insurance, make sure that you provide accurate information. If you have recently shifted to another place or another state, updating your address and phone number is essential. 

Do not forget to add, if you previously raised a bike insurance claim, the two-wheeler's age and other information. You should provide accurate details because wrong information can get your renewal request denied. The insurer will also recheck the details to ensure everything is in shape.

If you have inserted inaccurate details, the chances of you getting a fine or cancellation of the policy are high. Hence, double-check all information you have entered in the renewal form before hitting the submit button.

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Ignoring Terms and Conditions

When you are filling up the two-wheeler vehicle insurance form, make sure that you pay attention to the document. Give the document a good read before renewing the bike insurance. 

Pay attention to details like the features, claims, process, inclusions and exclusions. These are crucial information and come in handy when you want to claim in the future. The document contents are significant because your insurer follows it thoroughly. 

Not Informing the Insurer About Bike Modifications

There may come a time when you want to get some modifications on your vehicle or add some extra devices. Do not forget to let your bike insurance company know about these changes when you happen to do so.

Modification refers to changing bike features that you add after buying the policy. Doing any alterations without informing can make it difficult to get the claim when the need arises. For instance, changing the paint scheme or mirror looks can significantly affect the premium and increase it. When you add anti-theft features, the insurer can allow you less premium.

Not Adding the Add-on Requirements

Buy the bike insurance add-on covers according to your affordability and needs. You can get various covers offered by the insurers. The inclusion of add-ons will help enhance your coverage against unforeseen circumstances. You will need to pay an additional premium to receive add-ons and their benefits. The add-on cover pays for the damages that are not accessible with the regular comprehensive or standalone own damage bike insurance  policy. Please note that you cannot have add-ons with your third-party bike insurance. Add-ons may not be mandatory, but having them at an affordable price secures you in the truest sense.

Waiting for Renewal Till the Last Date

You should apply for the two-wheeler insurance renewal online well before your current bike insurance policy expires. When renewing your policy suddenly, you will be left with no time to assess the actual needs and make appropriate changes to the policy.

When you renew your bike insurance policy in a hurry, you may agree to the terms that do not suffice your requirements. Hence, try renewing much before the policy expiry date to make informed decisions.

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It is critical to research the bike insurance policy and not forget to check inclusions and exclusions. Paying for the insurance and checking the vehicle details thereafter can be a risky move; for this reason, make sure that all the details you have put are correct and avoid making any of the mentioned mistakes.

Paytm Insurance brings to you the best bike insurance policy features on renewal. Enter your two-wheeler registration number in the box provided and hit on 'proceed.'  Ensure to read the terms and conditions carefully and purchase the best insurance policy at discounted prices. More so when you don't claim in a policy year. The reason is that you get a no-claim bonus (NCB) in that case, helping you reduce your premium by 20% after the first claim-free policy year. If you don't continue for another four straight years, the premium discount rate would go up to 50%. But the same could vanish if you don't renew even within 90 days of the policy expiration date.


1. Can we renew bike insurance online?

Paytm Insurance offers a quick online platform to compare the best rates and renew your bike insurance policy online.

2. Is it good to take bike insurance online?

Online platforms generally provide the best bike insurance discounts and facilities. Moreover, most insurance providers keep in place the strongest safety mechanism to protect customers' data.

3. What happens if I renew my bike insurance after the policy expiration date?

If you renew within 90 days of the policy expiration date, you can retain your policy and the benefits you may have accumulated. If not, your vehicle may have to undergo an inspection. In that case, the previous policy will lapse and you will need to buy a new policy by paying a greater premium.

4. When should I renew my bike insurance?

The ideal time to renew a bike insurance policy is some 10-15 days before the policy expiration date.

5. Which type of insurance is the best for bikes?

A comprehensive bike insurance policy generally provides more benefits than third-party and standalone own damage policies. This is why most people prefer comprehensive insurance policies. A comprehensive policy provides third-party cover and own damage cover. While a third-party liability policy only covers third-party claims, standalone own damage plans cover you and your vehicle but do not entertain third-party claims. The third-party cover available in both comprehensive and third-party policies covers bodily injuries caused to the third party and damage to his/her vehicle or property due to an accident. Whereas own damage cover includes coverage for loss or damages faced by you and your vehicle due to accidents, man-made and natural calamities, theft, etc.

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