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Basic Bike Maintenance Tips for First-time Bikers

By Vikas Chandra Das
28 July 2022, 5:31 PM

A bike is one of the most convenient vehicles that you can own. It is also quite low maintenance and more affordable than a car. However, for your bike to serve you in the best way possible, you must take care of it in the right way. This also increases its longevity. As a first-time biker, it might be difficult knowing about good maintenance tips. To help out, here is a compilation of some basic bike maintenance tips for first-time bikers.

Basic Bike Maintenance Tips For First-time Bikers

The following are some basic but crucial bike maintenance tips. These are especially helpful if you are a first-time biker.

1. Ride Smoothly and Do not Cross 40-50 Kmph For the First 1,000 Km 

Although you might feel like speeding with your bike at once, it is best if you refrain from doing so. This is advisable at least for the first 1000 km as this is the minimum mileage for which you must let your new bike set in. Speeding too much from the very beginning can harm your engine and reduce its longevity. Make sure to let your bike set in as well as get used to all its handling before you speed above 50 kmph.

2. Always Ride in the Appropriate Gear

Make sure you know about the right gear and how to change gears as a first-time biker. Although changing gears and getting to the right one, can be a little confusing at first, you must get used to it. Not only does it help you get a smooth riding experience but also keeps your bike in a good condition. If you ride in the wrong gear, especially on uneven roads, your bike can get severely damaged. 

3. Clean Your Bike Regularly

The simplest but most essential tip for maintaining your bike is cleaning it regularly. Clean all external parts thoroughly, from time to time. Make sure no dust and grime gets accumulated on your bike as they can harm the bearings of your bike. Once in a while, go for a professional cleaning and servicing session.

Mr. Ayush had recently purchased a bike because commuting via public transport was getting too hectic for him. Since he used his bike almost daily, he made up his mind that he will make sure to clean his bike every weekend. On one such weekend, while cleaning his bike, he found that one of the tyres seemed deflated than the other. He immediately decided to take it to the nearest garage.

Upon inspection, it was found that the tyre had a small leak. The mechanic at the garage commended him on discovering the leak early on as it prevented the tyre from getting more damage and also for avoiding potential accidents. Ayush’s regular cleaning sessions helped him take better care of his new bike.

4. Get Repairs Done Only From Authorised Garages

It is always best to get your repairs done from authorised garages. Although your local repair shop might seem convenient, it is best to limit your visit to them. This is because authorised garages carry the right parts and tools required for your particular bike model. It might even seem expensive compared to other local garages, but they usually have better service.

5. Maintain Brakes

Maintain your brakes by cleaning and oiling them regularly. Besides helping your bike stay in the best shape, smooth brakes also help you drive easily and smoothly. It is especially helpful on uneven and rough roads. A harsh brake can do much harm to your engine as well. If your brake screeches too much, it is a sign that it requires oiling. However, if the brakes are too loose, it can create a problem. Make sure you tighten your brakes according to your preference.

6. Regularly Check Bike Tyres

Bike tyres are very susceptible to damage. Even if they do not get punctured completely, they can get small damages that can lead to leaks later on. Tyres also lose their grip after a while and become more prone to skids. This can be unsafe and dangerous and that is why it is important to regularly check your bike tyres.

7. Check Sprockets

Always make sure to check your sprockets on a regular basis. If the sprocket teeth have become curled or look sharper than usual, it is your cue that they have become damaged. Sprocket teeth should be dome-shaped or flat at the tip to work best. It is also advisable to change your sprocket when you change your chains.

8. Maintain Battery

Keep an eye on your bike battery. The battery must work smoothly for your bike to show its best performance. Also, it is always best to get your battery checked and maintained from an authorised workshop or garage.

9. Check Engine, Engine Oil and Clutch Adjustment

These are crucial components to your bike and must be regularly kept at their best. You can check your user manual to check how often you would require to change your engine oil. Change and clean your oil filter once in a while to keep your bike working smoothly for a long time. 

10. Keep Air Filter Clean

If your bike's air filter is not clean, your bike will not be working well. It is a must that you clean your air filter once in a while and even change it. However, it is best if you seek professional help for this as changing an air filter can be difficult and time-consuming.

Take Away

Maintaining a bike is easy and affordable, if only you remember to do it regularly. The above-mentioned tips are some of the most essential ones that can help you take care of your bike in the best way possible. Also, Learn more about two wheeler insurance.

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