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Beginners Guide to Buy Bike Insurance Online

19 July 2022, 7:07 PM

If you live in a place with massive traffic congestion, you would understand the benefits of riding a bike. It gives you style, pomp, and ease of commuting from one place to another. It is mandatory as per law to have motorcycle insurance which is imperative for your safety. Still, several people avoid motorcycle insurance because they think it has no benefits or finds it very expensive.

However, motor insurance is extremely helpful. Insurance also helps protect you financially in the event of theft. As the demand for motorcycle insurance grows today, many Indian insurers offer various plans to meet their customers' specific needs. If you are going to buy bike insurance online for the first time, you can consider the following tips:

Get to Know the Insurance Company

Choosing the best bike insurance company is important. If you search online, you will find several bike insurance companies that offer different plans. All you need to do is investigate them. Check the credibility and reputation of your insurance company before proceeding with your purchase. Be sure to read customer reviews and customer feedback.

Know the Type of Coverage Provided

There are three types of bike insurance in India:

Third-party bike insurance is mandatory, while the other two are optional. Third-party insurance covers liabilities such as property damage, death, or personal injury that may result from an accident. However, it does not pay for any loss you may incur. Comprehensive bike insurance, on the other hand, covers both liability insurance and personal damages caused by artificial or natural disasters. Standalone own damage insurance covers you and your bike against accidents, natural or man-made disasters, theft, etc.

Additional Cover

After deciding what type of insurance you need, you must select supplementary coverage for your bike. Select from the list of bike insurance add-ons for additional protection. These add-ons help cover scenarios that general policies don't do. However, remember that adding these coverages to your bike insurance may increase your insurance premiums. Therefore, choose the best bike insurance company that fulfills your needs. What's more, you can have these add-ons for comprehensive or standalone bike insurance only. Third-party insurance does not allow any add-ons.

No Claim Bonus Option

You will appreciate premium discounts on your two-wheeler insurance. All Indian insurance companies offer no claim bonuses. It is for policyholders who don't claim in the policy year. NCB ranges from 20-50%, and premium discounts are available when updating policies. You can use the premium bike insurance calculator to determine the changed premium amount after the discount. 

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Consider the Insured Declared Value of the Vehicle

IDV is the present market value of the two-wheeler and the value you receive as the amount of damage. You must choose a plan that offers the right IDV. Insurers charge lower premiums for lower IDVs, but if you choose a lower IDV for lower premiums, you may not receive higher claims. So, after comparing the IDVs of different bike insurance companies online, choose a policy with an IDV in bike insurance that suits your budget and needs. 

Analyse Deductibles

Some bike insurance companies offer mandatory deductible plans that require you to pay the required deduction amount when reporting a claim. Some offer voluntary deductions. These options are selected to reduce monthly premiums. Premium rates depend on various criteria like the age of the bicycle, declared insurance amount, location, and supplemental insurance selected. When you want to buy two-wheeler insurance online or go for a two-wheeler insurance renewal, you can use an online bike insurance calculator to find the cost of your motor insurance

Prepare the Details

After choosing your insurer, prepare various details about you and your bike. Insurance premiums are calculated based on the displacement of the motorcycle engine, date of manufacture, manufacturer, and model. You can get this information on your motorcycle bill. You must show a copy of your two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy while registering your bike with the Regional Transport Office (RTO)


Owning a bike is a great experience and getting it insured against unexpected damages is a wise decision. Investigate, query, and compare various two-wheeler insurance quotes to get the best bike insurance.



1. What level of bike insurance coverage do you need?

It will depend on your needs and budget. If you want the mandatory third-party cover alongside the protection for your own damage, look no beyond a comprehensive bike insurance policy with optimum IDV and reasonable premiums.

2. Do bike insurance policies cover engine damages?

A regular bike insurance policy does not cover the same. However, if you choose the engine protection add-on, the insurance company will compensate you for the engine damages.

3. Do I need accident insurance for the co-rider?

You can take advantage of the co-rider personal accident insurance. Life is unpredictable, and you should get additional insurance for yourself as well as your co-rider. 

4. Is there any insurance coverage for roadside assistance?

Yes, you can get roadside assistance cover. While some insurers offer it under a regular comprehensive or standalone bike insurance policy, others keep it as an add-on benefit for policyholders. If you get it as an add-on, you will then need to pay an extra premium.

5. What kind of two-wheeler vehicle insurance discounts can I get?

Discounts largely depend on insurers. Most people are eligible for a no-claim bonus if they don't claim in a policy year. In addition, long-term bike insurance policies can attract discounts. If you install anti-theft devices on your bike, that will also help you get discounts on your premium.


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