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Benefits of NCB Protection Add-on Cover to Your Bike Insurance

By Juhi Walia
20 July 2022, 3:53 PM

NCB stands for no-claim bonus (NCB). It is a discount given to the policyholder on their premium amount for not claiming any damages during their policy duration. The aim behind such a bonus is to ensure the maximum safety of the policyholder. 

This will be applicable only if you do not raise a claim. If you file a claim against your bike insurance policy, this no-claim bonus will not provide you with any discount on your premium. 

However, having an NCB protection cover will protect your accumulated bonus even if you file a claim. The insurer may restrict the number of claims for getting this NCB protection add-on cover in bike insurance.

What is NCB Protection Useful for?

Those who drive at an average speed of 30-40 km/hour ensure that they follow all traffic norms and hence should be awarded for their diligence. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the other drivers on the road would also follow the given norms. The no-claim bonus is useful for people living in cities who are not haphazard drivers. 

Hence, to protect themselves from rash drivers and any possible damage, these people should opt for an NCB protection add-on cover so that they don't lose out on their accumulated bonus due to someone else's negligence. 

Cost of the NCB Protection Cover

The NCB protection cover is an add-on to your comprehensive bike insurance policy that will increase the cost of your base plan by 5-10%.

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Specifications of the NCB Protection Add-on

Before buying this bike insurance add-on, understand first the features of the NCB protection cover:

Extra Cushioning

The NCB gives rebates and discounts as an incentive to drivers who drive safely and do not claim any damages. An NCB protection cover is an added buffer that will prevent you from losing your bonus should you file a bike insurance claim.

Renewal Discounts

An NCB protection cover allows you to benefit from the renewal discount irrespective of the claims made during the policy tenure.

Easy Transfer

If you decide to sell your bike and get a new one, you can get the accumulated NCB transferred in that case. You do not need to go through any more hassle than just making the changes to the name and other details.

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High Security

Having the NCB protection cover does raise your premium but, in turn, keeps your renewal bonus intact. This is true, even when you raise any claim for damage or loss.

Charges with and without NCB

With NCBWithout NCB
20-50% discounts on two-wheeler premiums.No such discounts.

Example: Depending upon the number of consecutive years you have not raised any claim, you get a discount.

Suppose you purchased a bike in 2013 and sold it in 2018 on or after the fifth policy date. Now let's say you bought a new bike in 2019, and the premium is Rs 18,000, out of which Rs 15,000 is for personal damages. So, the discount on this premium price would be 50% (discount rate for five consecutive years). This will bring your amount to Rs. 7500.

The final amount you pay in such a situation will be 7500+3000=10,500

The rates for each year are different. 

Example: Let's say you don't have an NCB.

So, the same bike that was purchased in 2013 and sold in 2018 on or after the fifth policy date will be exempted from any discounts.

Thus, if you bought a new bike in 2019, and the premium amount is Rs 18,000, out of which Rs 15,000 is for personal damages, you end up paying Rs 15,000 in full, without any discounts on your premium.

The final amount you pay in such a situation will be 15,000+3000=18,000

Discount Coverages under NCB Protection Plan

NCB discount is based upon the number of years that you have spent without claiming. Check below the grid for the discount percentage against the claim-free years.

NCB Discount Grid

After 1 claim-free year20%
After 2 consecutive claim-free years25%
After 3 consecutive claim-free years35%
After 4 consecutive claim-free years45%
After 5 consecutive claim-free years50%

The Bottom Line

The NCB add-on cover in bike insurance helps you in more ways than one. You can add this add-on to your comprehensive or standalone bike insurance. It protects the discount given as an incentive for being a safe driver. Check the specifications needed for the add-on and ensure that you fall within the criteria. 

If you're looking for an impressive no-claim bonus protection add-on, visit Paytm Insurance. Here you can find covers offered by different bike insurance companies at the best prices, so you get the maximum benefit. 


1. Is it mandatory to get a no-claim bonus protection cover?

No. It is not mandatory to get an NCB protection cover. This is an add-on you can add to your comprehensive or standalone own damage bike insurance.

2. Does an NCB protection cover mean I get hefty discounts on my claims?

Having NCB protection does not mean getting discounts on your claims. An NCB protection add-on covers and protects the discounts that have been given on your premium under the NCB. This discount comes as an incentive to drive safely on the road. 

3. Can I get more discount if I don't claim for damages throughout the year?

No, the discount amount remains the same. The discount amount is contingent upon your claim record. If there are none, you will get the discounts. The rate of deduction on your premium increases with each claim-free year. Your NCB protection cover will help take care of the NCB.

4. Can I get this add-on for multiple bikes?

Yes. You can get this add-on for multiple bikes, but you will have to pay a separate price for each cover. 

5. Is the NCB protection add-on cover beneficial for a sports bike?

This cover might not be very beneficial for a sports bike. The chances of damage in the case of a sports bike are higher, so the probability of getting discounts and the full use of NCB cover are low. So, the additional premium payable here would only feel like a burden to you.

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