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Benefits of Purchasing Long-term Digit Bike Insurance Plan

By Juhi Walia
20 July 2022, 5:57 PM

Digit is one of the newest general insurance service providers in the insurance market. It started out intending to make the process of buying insurance simple and frictionless.

Digit has launched a bike insurance plan that does away with all the complications attached to the traditional two-wheeler insurance purchase and brings a fresh perspective to the two-wheeler long-term insurance market.

If you're looking for the best coverage for your needs, let's see why Digit's long-term two-wheeler insurance might be right for you.

Benefits of a Long-term Bike Insurance Plan from Digit Insurance

There are several advantages to purchasing long-term Digit bike insurance. Some of the most important advantages are as follows:

  • A long-term bike insurance policy from Digit Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your bike against various risks such as damage or theft.
  • This insurance company offers discounts for buying the plan for a longer duration.
  • Digit bike insurance policy is much more convenient as it eliminates the need to renew your policy every year. Although the premium for a long-term motorcycle insurance policy may be higher than that of a short-term one, it is more cost-effective in the long run. This is because you only have to pay the premium once every three years, instead of annually with a short-term policy.
  • A long-term bike insurance policy from Digit Insurance offers peace of mind as you know that your bike is well-protected against various risks.
  • Digit Insurance helps you build a no-claim bonus (NCB), ensuring a discount on your premium in the future. By opting for long-term digit bike insurance, you will be accumulating a much higher NCB compared to short-term bike insurance. You can also avail the NCB protection cover to safeguard your accumulated bonus should you file a Digit bike insurance claim.
  •  The policy covers third-party liability arising from accidental damage or injuries caused by your bike to other people.
  • You can procure a personal accident cover for the insured rider in case of death or disability arising from an accident.
  • A long-term bike insurance policy from Digit Insurance provides pillion rider cover in case of accidental death or disability of the pillion rider.
  • Digit Insurance offers cover for accessories fitted to your bike against damage or theft.
  • You can avail of usage-based discounts based on the kilometres you ride your bike in a year.
  • Digit bike insurance policy comes with roadside assistance in case of a breakdown or bike accident.

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Digit Long-term Two-wheeler Insurance Plans

There are two plans that Digit offers on its site, comprehensive and third-party coverage. Two-wheeler insurance rates vary based on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the rider's age and driving record, the geographic location, and the level of coverage.

Digit Third-party bike insurance cover is limited to payments to be made towards damage caused by your two-wheeler vehicle to the opposite party. This plan covers the expenses arising from the accident with a third-party vehicle or injuries to a third person. If you have noticed, there is no mention of payments towards your vehicle. That is because this plan doesn't cover any expenses you make towards the repairs on your two-wheeler.

Digit Comprehensive bike insurance cover is similar to third-party coverage, just that it has another component added to the mix, making it very versatile among the two plans as it covers damage to your vehicle too. This plan comes as a bundle of third-party coverage and damage cover. In general, rates for comprehensive insurance are higher than rates for third-party bike insurance because the former provides more coverage than the latter.

Do note that these two long-term coverage plans have a maximum validity of three years, after which you will have to renew your insurance plan. There are even longer termed two-wheeler insurance plans for up to five years, but that is only limited to new two-wheeler purchases as mandated by the IRDAI.


A long-term bike insurance policy from Digit Insurance is the best option for bike owners as it offers comprehensive bike insurance coverage, is cost-effective, and is much more convenient than a short-term policy. Digit long-term bike insurance also offers peace of mind as you know that your bike is well-protected against various risks. Moreover, it builds a no-claim bonus (NCB) in bike insurance, yielding you a premium discount on renewal. Thus, a long-term bike insurance policy from Digit Insurance is the best option for bike owners.


1. Can the long-term Digit insurance be longer than three years?

You will get a five-year long-term Digit insurance while you purchase a new bike. However, the standard long-term insurance continues to be for three years for everyone, regardless of the time of vehicle purchase.

2. Does Digit facilitate cashless bike repair?

Yes, Digit Insurance has a network of garages spread across India. You can visit its website to know more. 

3. What are the benefits of Digit long-term two-wheeler insurance?

The benefits of Digit long term two-wheeler insurance include discounts on your premium, convenience, peace of mind, and the build-up of an NCB.

4. What does Digit long term two-wheeler insurance cover?

The coverage will depend on the type of insurance policy you purchase from Digit. For instance, Digit long-term two-wheeler comprehensive insurance covers various risks such as damage or theft of your bike. It also covers third-party liability arising from accidental damage or injuries caused by your bike to others. Whereas a long-term third-party liability-only policy only covers third-party claims arising from accidents. A standalone own damage plan will cover personal damages only.

5. How can I get Digit long-term two-wheeler insurance?

You may obtain Digit long-term two-wheeler insurance by visiting its website and picking the policy that best meets your needs.

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