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Bike Insurance Add-on Covers for a Road Trip

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Road trips are always fun but they can be quite strenuous on your bike. From mountainous roads to beach-sides, your bike can accompany you anywhere. Thus, it is best to have proper protective measures for it so that nothing during your trip becomes a spoilt spot. The best way to ensure that is through the purchase of a bike insurance plan and the right bike insurance add-ons.

Bike insurance add-ons offer comprehensive protection for your bike against all contingencies. There are a number of two wheeler insurance add-ons, targeted to provide protection against specific problems. You can buy bike insurance add-ons that are specifically important for a road trip to enjoy your get-away to the fullest. 

What are Bike Insurance Add-ons? 

Bike Insurance Add-ons are extra insurance coverages, These are available with comprehensive bike insurance plans and standalone own-damage insurance plans. They are a way of providing additional and more comprehensive insurance coverage to your two wheeler besides what is provided by a base insurance plan. These can be purchased separately according to the needs of the policyholder and their bike. 

Bike Insurance Add-ons are available in many varieties and cover a wide range of concerns. The policyholder is free to choose among them and need to pay a separate premium for availing them. The premium for add-ons comes at an added expense but the add-on provides significant protection against complications that may result in significant and hefty expenses.

List of Must-have Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons for a Road Trip

There are a wide array of two wheeler insurance add-ons, targeted to cover specific problems and situations. Following are some specific add-ons that are important to provide enhanced protection to your bike during a road trip:

1. Roadside Assistance Cover: Long journeys on the road can lead to various problems that require assistance at the moment. This add-on provides cover for the assistance required in case your bike breaks down, has a flat tyre, lack of fuel and other extengencies. Such assistance can be costly, especially in remote areas, which is why this add-on is one of the most crucial bike insurance add-ons for a road trip.

In 2019, Mr. Sen had gone on a road trip to Ladakh. As a result of the distance from his place in Kolkata and the rough terrains, his bike broke down on his way to Kargil. Since his two wheeler insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz had a Roadside Assistance cover, he promptly contacted the insurance provider for assistance. Upon providing some basic information about himself and his policy, like his full name, the type of policy, etc, he was immediately sent help at his location for the repair of his two wheeler.

2. Engine Cover: Under an Engine Cover two wheeler insurance add-on, all costs incurred due to damage to the bike engine or its parts, are covered. Road trips may include tough roads that are difficult to manoeuvre and require a significant effort of the engine. As a road trip can be quite hectic and even damaging on a bike, such a cover is essential.

3. Tyre Cover: Tyre damage is a common occurrence on road trips. Long hours on the road can lead to sudden flat tyres, bursting or burning out of tyres and much more. This add-on covers expenses regarding all kinds of tyre damage. It is an expansive add-on that is quite essential.

4. Return to Invoice Cover: The Return to Invoice Cover is a highly beneficial add-on as it covers high-cost contingencies. Under this cover, you get the total price stated in an invoice in case the bike is stolen or suffers from a Total Constructive Loss.

5. Daily Allowance Cover: Since road trips can be quite taxing on your bike, regular maintenance is required for its smooth functioning. This add-on provides a daily allowance during the time your bike is out for repairs or has been lost or stolen.

6. Consumables Cover: The consumables of a bike include its bearings, nuts, bolts and screws, fuel filter and more. Under this add-on, the cover is provided for damage and costs regarding these parts. This is not usually covered in an own-damage insurance policy which is why it must be availed through an add-on.

Tips for Safe Bike Road Trips

Take a look at the following tips to take better care of your bike during a road trip and therefore, to ensure the safety of yourself as well as your bike - 

  • Regularly clean your engine and take it for servicing whenever possible. Avoid speeding on rough roads or putting too much strain on the engine.
  • Keep an eye on your fuel tank and fill it beforehand instead of right at the last moment.
  • Not all roads on a road trip will be smooth and hence, it is important to be careful on rough terrains to avoid damage to the engine and tyres.
  • Make sure to park your bike in a clean and safe spot. Your bike should be protected against theft as well as unnecessary dust and dirt.


Bike road trips are enjoyable and adventurous, but only when your bike is smoothly cooperating every step of the way. It can be difficult to cover expenses of repairs when on a road trip which is why it is important to keep handy add-ons along with your bike insurance policy.

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