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Bike Insurance Calculator Online: An Important Tool

By Juhi Walia
25 August 2022, 5:36 PM

You can examine the insurance premium estimates for several two-wheeler insurance plans online by using a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator. In order to get the best two-wheeler insurance, the costs may be compared depending on the coverage options. You can modify the calculator to fit your own insurance needs and then use it to check the premium amounts.

To put it another way, a two-wheeler insurance calculator is an online tool that aids a bike owner in choosing an insurance plan that best meets his needs and is not too expensive.

Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance coverage is akin to building a financial safety net against potentially disastrous situations relating to your bike. If you have never taken advantage of tactics that might help you acquire two-wheeler insurance at a low cost, you may assume that you are overpaying. But, have you ever considered lowering the amount of money you pay on two-wheeler insurance? You may be wondering how to obtain a discount on bike insurance. However, this post will teach you how to save money on bike insurance without sacrificing the features, perks, and services provided by the policy by calculating them online.

Why is it advantageous to use a calculator for two-wheeler insurance premium?

A variety of things influence the cost of an insurance policy. These parameters are used by the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to determine how much you will have to spend to cover your bike. If you know how to adjust these elements, you can minimise the cost of your coverage to some level. A bike insurance premium calculator can be used to make the necessary changes. Here are some of the variables you may tweak:

1 .IDV

The IDV of a two-wheeler is its Insured Declared Value. You can make this sum about equivalent to the bike's current market worth. Because this is the foundation of your premium, you can adjust the amount to fit your budget. However, keep in mind that establishing an extremely low IDV will significantly limit the claim amount in the event of a total loss.

2. Deductibles

A deductible is an amount that the policyholder must pay when filing a bike insurance claim. Deductibles are classified into two types: mandatory and optional. To calculate a premium, use the two-wheeler insurance calculator and change the amount of optional deductible.

3. Policy Type

A third-party two-wheeler insurance policy is less expensive than a comprehensive policy. As a result, you have to choose the one that best meets your requirements. Remember that purchasing comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is usually more advantageous than purchasing a basic third-party bike insurance policy.

4. Choose the Ideal Plan Premium

A bike insurance premium calculator's primary use is to provide premium estimates for various two-wheeler plans. As a result, you can choose an insurance plan with a premium price that meets your budget.

5. Choose the Right Combination of Add-ons

Adding extra coverage to your two-wheeler insurance helps to increase its degree of protection. You can figure out how various add-ons affect your insurance prices by using a bike insurance calculator. So, it assists you in selecting the ideal combination of bike insurance add-ons to purchase without significantly raising your premium.

6. No Agent Needed

You can evaluate the various plans on the basis of cost and coverage on your own if you use a two-wheeler insurance calculator. As a result, there is no longer any need to consult an agent to choose which plan is most appropriate for your bike.

How Can You Use the Calculator?

A calculator for a two-wheeler insurance premium is quite simple to use. You just need to input the information about your two-wheeler and select the type of coverage you want. Check out the following example of how to use a bike insurance premium calculator to get a better understanding:

  • Put in information about your bike, like the brand, model, version, and engine displacement.
  • Enter the bike's purchase year, city of registration, and ex-showroom price.
  • Indicate whether you've ever filed a bike insurance claim and provide the necessary information.
  • Your motorcycle's Insured Declared Value (IDV) and premium estimates will be displayed.
  • The two-wheeler insurance policy that you choose to purchase is your choice.
  • Choose whether you want liability-only or comprehensive coverage.
  • Select any add-ons you wish to buy.
  • Your two-wheeler's premium amount will be shown on the screen.

The Importance of Using a Policy Calculator

It's crucial to compare premium estimates for various plans before purchasing a bike insurance policy. Here are some of the factors that make it essential to use a bike insurance calculator before purchasing insurance:

1. Makes it Possible for You to Make a Sound Decision

When purchasing insurance, a bike insurance calculator enables you to make a well-informed decision. It enables you to contrast the coverage provided with the insurance price for various plans. As a result, you can choose the plan that will provide you with the greatest value for the degree of protection you desire for your two-wheeler.

2. Cost-effective

A two-wheeler insurance premium calculator not only finds you a cheap plan but also assists you in making a selection that is both cost-effective and saves money. It enables you to determine how you may utilise the perfect mix of elements to get a plan that matches your budget and protects your bike in the best way possible, in addition to assisting you in understanding how various factors impact the price of a bike insurance policy.

3. Protects You from Fraudulent Activities

Utilizing an internet calculator to compare bike insurance prices can shield you from any scams or malpractice. You won't be duped into paying more since you'll be able to verify and compare the costs of different two-wheeler insurance policies.

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After analysing many parameters that determine the final rate, you may choose the best coverage by using a bike insurance premium calculator. It assists you in locating and purchasing the best bike insurance coverage. You can nearly instantly compare bike insurance costs on various motorcycles. The use of a bike insurance calculator is an important stage in the online bike insurance purchase procedure.

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1. What does a bike insurance voluntary excess or deductible mean? What are its advantages?

The portion of the claim amount that a bike owner voluntarily chooses to pay at the time of settling the claim is referred to as the voluntary deductible or excess. This sum is in addition to the mandatory deductible that you must pay as a condition of your two-wheeler insurance policy. Bike owners choose an optional excess or deductible to lower the cost of their bike insurance. If policy customers choose voluntary deductibles, the premium amount is reduced. However, it is advised against choosing a large optional deductible to lower the cost of the premium as you would be responsible for paying that sum in the event you make a claim.

2. Do I need to send in actual copies of the paperwork when ordering an online bike insurance policy?

Online two-wheeler insurance purchases do not necessitate the submission of any paper copies of supporting documentation. You must supply any documentation in electronic form if the insurance company requests it.

3. What happens if I switch two-wheeler insurance providers? What happens to my no- claim bonus?

Your no-claim bonus, or NCB, will be transferred to your new insurance policy if you switch bike insurance providers. This is so that the policyholder would receive NCB as an incentive for operating his bike sensibly and being claim-free. As a result, even if you switch insurance companies, it will continue to apply to your new insurance policy and follow you.

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