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Bike Insurance Misconceptions You Must Be Aware of

14 July 2022, 3:26 PM

Riding a bike is surely an experience in itself. Riding a bike, as much as it has a functional advantage, this activity also comes with its side effects. Sure, there is nothing to worry about every day, but road mishaps and accidents are not very uncommon.

Some people have a haphazard way of driving their bikes, leading to accidents and other road injuries. So even after having functional usage and leisure experience, a bike doesn’t ensure your safety every day. But bike insurance does! It covers you not only against accidents involving your insured two-wheeler but also the damage inflicted to your bike due to man-made and natural calamities. Despite numerous benefits, people either refrain from buying bike insurance or are not able to make the most of it due to misconceptions around them. In this article, we'll discuss the misconceptions and urge you to stay away from those.

Bike Insurance Misconceptions

Several companies are offering different bike insurances online and even offline. People make their choices based on what best suits them. However, over the years, certain myths have come into existence about bike insurance.

These are mere misconceptions and have nothing to do with the ground reality. We will discuss some of the commonly heard misconceptions that float around regarding buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance.

Buying 2-wheeler Insurance is a Complex Process

This has been one of the most common misunderstandings about bike insurance. This has to do with the fact that buying comprehensive bike insurance seems like a very complicated task in itself. You are not very aware of what your vehicle might need. This lack of appropriate information leads many people to think that the entire buy is a very complicated process.

This is not true as much as this dwells on the fear of the unknown. Buying a two-wheeler vehicle insurance is not a complicated process. All you need is basic insurance for your bike, which is a start. From there, you can take it to the add-ons, which by some information, you can add to your base plan and get the best out of your insurance.

Third-party Bike Insurance Liability Coverage is Enough

This is another common misconception that people have. The general rule of thumb is to have a 3rd party bike insurance, and that would be enough to protect you against all forms of liabilities that arise in any unfortunate case of accident or physical injury. This is not at all true.

A 3rd party bike insurance provides coverage only for the very basic things like physical injury to the 3rd party or any property damage to the 3rd party. There is no protection for you and your vehicle in such a scenario. You would have to bear all the expenses in this regard by yourself.

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Buying Insurance Online is not Secure

This is again a misconception that people have built over the years. People think that the security factor of buying bike insurance online is less than buying bike insurance from an agent. This is not true at all. People have been buying insurance policies online for years.

Insurance companies provide the same services online as they provide offline. Buying 2-wheeler vehicle insurance online would not deter your security, no matter where you buy it from. It is a secure process both ways.

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Old Bikes Do not Need Insurance

This is a misconception that has been proved wrong several times. If you are still using an old bike, you must get it insured.

The government of India has made it mandatory for all the owners of two-wheelers to have a bike insurance policy. So, in any circumstances, you need bike insurance for your old vehicle too.

Electric Bikes Do not Need Insurance

This, again, is a false statement. Electric bikes need 2-wheeler vehicle insurance as well. This is because they carry the general accident risk that all other 2-wheelers carry, but they also carry the risk of blasting and malfunctioning electric spare parts.

Suppose you are the owner of an electric bike. In that case, it is advisable for you to own a bike insurance plan that could prevent you from all the liabilities arising due to unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances.

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Take Away

To buy or renew your bike insurance policy, you must be very well aware of the misconceptions. Knowing the insurance policy in detail can help you make the smartest choice for yourself. Buying 2-wheeler insurance is not complicated.

Make sure to check and compare the safety standards set by all different insurance providers. Buying and renewing the policy can also be done online without worrying about security issues. Make sure to address all the factors righteously before making the call.

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1. Does 2-wheeler insurance provide personal and commercial coverage?

Bike insurance, in general, provides only personal coverage. If you are using the bike for commercial purposes, you must buy an insurance policy covering your commercial liabilities.

2. Does my bike insurance premium amount depend on my credit score?

This is a misconception. The premium on your vehicle depends upon the age of your vehicle, the usage, model, engine capacity, etc.

3. Do I need to have add-ons on my comprehensive bike insurance?

There is no compulsion to have add-ons to your comprehensive bike plan, but it is advisable to buy them based on your usage. This will protect you from unforeseen liabilities that arise.  

4. Is the claim process complex at the time of the accident?

The process of getting your bonafide claim amount is not a complex process. The claim gets reimbursed based on the authenticity of your claim, documents, etc. So, the general misconception of having a complicated claim process in a time of need is not true.

5. Can I buy third-party bike insurance online?

You can buy all types of bike insurance online. This also includes buying 3rd party bike insurance.

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