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Buying a Bike Insurance Policy? Learn Why Tata AIG Should be Your Choice

By Vikas Chandra Das
15 September 2022, 3:53 PM

When choosing a motor insurance, the top things to keep in mind are its premium, coverage, high claim settlement ratio, and tie-up with garages among others. Even though it is a competitive arena, there are some names that offer better features and are extremely proficient in all aspects. With 22 years of rich experience in general insurance, Tata AIG bike insurance figures right on top. Find out how the company delivers when it comes to bike insurance. 

Cost-effective and User-friendly

A collaboration of two giants, India’s Tata Group and America’s AIG, makes Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd a reliable conglomerate. The motorcycle insurance company is hailed for its user-friendly services and processes, which is of prime importance as you’re already dealing with a distressing situation. Its different brackets of premiums make the insurance company cost-efficient and it also offers up to a whopping 75% off on premium payments and various other discounts if you buy bike insurance online. As a reputed name, it’s also transparent in nature.

Policies for Different Needs

While Tata AIG’s comprehensive bike insurance policy offers complete protection against third-party liabilities, theft and damages by accident or man-made and natural calamities, policyholders have the flexibility to opt for standalone own damage or standalone third-party cover as well. The former does not handle third-party liabilities but provides financial protection against theft or damages to the bike. Standalone 3rd party bike insurance policy covers damages to the third-party vehicle or injuries to a person but the own bike is not protected under it. 

8 Unique Add-ons

Tata AIG comprehensive two wheeler insurance policies are highly customisable with a choice of as many as 8 unique add-ons further enhancing the coverage and protecting the bike and its owner under specific circumstances. Some of its add-ons are:

  • Return-to-Invoice Cover – In case of theft or complete damage, the add-on reimburses the invoice cost of the vehicle. If there’s total damage, constructive total damage or theft, the policyholder gets the bike’s current market value or the Insured Declared Value (IDV). It provides the purchase cost, that is, the on-road price including road taxes and registration.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses – In case of an accident, the add-on of this policy reimburses emergency medical expenses and ambulance costs and if the rider or the pillion rider sustains injuries, it reimburses treatment expenses at any hospital or nursing home.
  • Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Rider – This add-on safeguards you and your family in case of serious injuries or fatality. As bikes are more prone to accidents, Tata AIG pays a predetermined amount to the policyholder’s family in case of a fatality. The amount disbursed is over and above the sum assured.
  • Additional Third-party Property Damage Cover – Even though third-party liabilities are included in the two wheeler insurance policy, one can buy this add-on to get an additional cover for the third party liabilities.
  • Consumables Expenses – If an accident results in the loss of any bike consumables, the add-on reimburses the costs to replace or repair the same. These include nuts and bolts, screws, clip, engine oil, grease, lubricants, distilled water and so on, excluding fuel.
  • Roadside AssistanceThe bike breaking down when you’re still on the way to your destination can be frustrating. If you have a Tata AIG two wheeler insurance policy, you wouldn’t have to ask locals if there’s a garage nearby. The company’s roadside assistance will be there for your rescue if you have this add-on. They will send assistance to your location immediately no matter what your problem is — punctured tyre, dead battery, need for fuel, mechanical or electrical snag and more. There are certain circumstances under which the insurer provides on-the-spot repairs to get you on your way sooner than you know it
  • Depreciation allowanceZero depreciation two wheeler insurance add-on or nil depreciation cover helps you beat depreciation. Deduction of replacement or repair of the insured bike’s parts from the claim amount will be reimbursed under the first two claims.

Other Special Facilities that Tata AIG Offers

One of the leading insurance companies, TATA AIG offers special facilities to its policyholders. A team of 650 highly-trained claim experts are involved to provide seamless services each time and they take care of the entire process so that your settlement is stress-free. Tata AIG also has a high claim settlement ratio (CSR) at 98%, and you needn’t even worry about evaluation and estimation as they directly connect with their network of cashless garages to do the needful. Furthermore, they have a facility to make direct payment to the garage. All these services are available not only for new bike owners but also second-hand bikes. 

If you choose to take an insurance policy with Tata AIG, you will be a part of their strong 5-crore customers. And you can easily buy bike insurance online in three easy steps through a pain-free claim process. All you need to do is visit ‘Tata AIG’s Claim Process Page’, fill in the necessary information and documents and submit the application. The bike insurance company will begin the verification and payout process before you know it.


While you protect yourself and your bike with two wheeler insurance, choose the best bike insurance company and Tata AIG is one of these. The multinational conglomerate provides 8 unique add-ons to meet your individual needs. The policies are as good as tailor-made for their premium customers. And you can avail all their facilities by applying for the policy online in three easy steps, and let their claim experts do the rest from evaluation, estimation to the settlement. 

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1. How do I find out the insurance premium amount for my bike?

You can make use of Tata AIG’s online premium calculator. Whether comprehensive bike insurance or third-party liability for a new or used bike, the calculator can give you an estimate.

2. How can one renew Tata AIG insurance policy?

Your bike insurance renewal can be done by opting for one of the 3 simple ways — online with your debit or credit card or even net banking. There’s also a free cheque pick-up facility by calling on their toll free number – 1800-266-7780 and through IVR on the same number. 

3. What are some of the exclusions in the policy?

The insurance plan has generic exclusion similar to other bike insurance providers such as driving without a valid licence, not wearing a helmet, riding under the influence of intoxication and outside permitted geographical boundaries. 

4. Is it possible to cancel the policy? What’s the procedure?

Yes, you can cancel your policy easily. Submit the policy with a cancellation form at the nearest branch. The company will credit the amount directly in your account when the documents are successful. 

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